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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Be Color Full, not Color Blind...

I wrote "Be Color Full not Color Blind" while going to an interfaith look @ the holocaust course. (It also was inspired by & coincided with Martin Luther King Jr. Day) It was a very powerful course bringing up strong emotions in me.

This extreme hate can not enter the world again, it can destroy us.

There is a common thread; a True Core, a common Essence of/in most people (and dare I say religions): It is Unity of Spirit, Love, Hope & Peace. There have been many Great Teachers of these Core values from all cultures, all faiths and beliefs, that have lived throughout the ages. They all have the common teaching of Unity, Love, Hope & Peace. Maybe this common thread can bind humankind together: If, instead of cutting at it with hate and greed; we embrace it and nurture it with, kindness, compassion and love for each other as individuals, brothers and sisters in the family of humankind; Then this thread can create a tapestry so intricate and beautiful... a tapestry of Faith, Hope and Love.....

It is the ego and greed of individual people (and again dare i say individuals in various religions ) that twist the core the essence of Faith and make it into a perverted mix of the Truth of the Core Beliefs, with the sick/twisted greed, ego and hate driven dogma that they teach. They gain "believers" through fear and teaching hate and intolerance.... they promise a brotherhood, a family to those looking for something just out of their reach. These "leaders" bring people into their fold first with promises, people want to believe, they want to belong, so they follow... the "leader" gains strength, and power and their followers hold them up as golden or great... this "leader" has the answer and can do no wrong...... This "leader", now has control of the followers...... and now can use force to keep people in line.... force to spread their hate... and people blindly follow and believe; they've lost themselves to this "greater force"..... At least that is what they are taught to believe.

It's easy to get caught up in all of this. Its even easier to look the other way.... but we can't, we must not let hate take hold... We must learn from the lessons of the ages, look deeper to the Truth, The Core in all of us.

Go inside your essence your core..... leave what outside ego's have taught.... leave hate, sorrow, regrets.....leave the negative emotions.. let them fall away, .... forget what's around you..... go deep within..... Sit in your favorite place..... a quiet place.......a place where you feel safe from the outside world, .... go without fear ...... deep into yourself... deep into your soul.... your very essence......your core........ I dare say what you will find is a Peace and Tranquility, a Love for Life, a Spirit of Unity and Belonging.... This is what we need to pass on, belong to.....

May we all find this inner Peace and pass along the Unity of Life....May we see through the storms of hate and destruction and find the True Rainbow of Hope and Peace that is waiting and wanting to come out, in, with and through all of us... Nina P. 3/20/09

Be Color Full not Color Blind

I hear over and over we need to be color blind in order to get along. I disagree. I think we need to be Color Full! We need to celebrate all the hues and colors of the world, by acknowledging our differences and accepting our similarities.
Our differences make us individuals; unique to ourselves with individual talents and knowledge. Our similarities unite us as people in this world called the human race. The air you breathe across the ocean is the air I breathe here. The sun that warms you is the same sun that warms me. The moon and stars that make your night sky magic are in my night sky too. We share the same things.
A child’s laughter makes me smile and cries of hunger and pain tear at my soul. I want clean water to drink and food to feed my family. I want to trust my neighbors and walk where ever I’d like without fear. If I were to ask you, would you want the same?
As children we fight because we don’t know how to express ourselves in any other way. So we pout, push, shove, hit and bite when we don’t get what we want. Once we get older, there are other ways of expressing our emotions. Actual fighting decreases as we learn to talk, communicate, and listen. Listening is just as important as talking. If we only talk and never listen, we may miss the answer we’re looking for. If we all talk and never listen, no one hears. If we only speak and there is no communication, there is only noise. Communication takes both talking and honest open listening to work. Honest and open communication can fix many problems without fighting. Haven’t we all had a friend or loved one we argued with, shut down our listening skills with, only to come back with a calmer more open mind to sit down and talk and listen (communicate) with the other person and come up with a mediated solution. Little children fight, as adults, we should talk and listen; communicate, find the common ground between us.
If you cut yourself, do you bleed red? So do I. When you fall do you get bruised or broken? So do I. When a loved one dies, do you cry? So do I. If we were color blind, I couldn’t see all the similarities between you and me. I would only see a segment, a slice, a spot of what there really is. I would be blind to reality. The reality of each similarity we share is part of being color full. Being color full unites us like the beauty of a rainbow. If there were only one color, one hue, the beauty would not be the same. It takes all colors, all the hues uniting to make the wondrous beauty of the rainbow.
Music is monotone with only one tone. A painting is monochromatic without many colors. What would our senses be with only one texture, one color, one flavor, and one scent, one thought? It’s the variety that makes up life and makes life interesting. Each grain of sand is different from its neighbor; yet together they form a great desert or beach. Each leaf is unique to itself, yet join together to form a tree, a plant, or a vine. A flower isn’t a flower with only one unique petal. Nature knows the value, the beauty of being color full, not color blind. Why can’t we?
Nature doesn’t care that some leaves turn yellow while others red or brown or even stay green. A mosaic of beauty is formed by each individual leaf when they stand together as a community of leaves. Why can’t we see the uniqueness of each individual coming together to form a glorious collage called humankind?
We are each individuals unique to ones self. Not your sister, brother, mother, father, no other person is exactly like you, like me. Should I then hate my family because they are different from me? No of course not. We need to put aside hate, put aside color blindness and look around with a new spirit, in a new way, with a new sense of belonging. We are all individual pieces in this One World. The puzzle isn’t complete unless each piece is placed in its own special space; that only that particular piece can fill.

Put down hate, put down fighting, put down killing, put down addictions; put down everything that makes us weak. Let us look at each other as individual strokes in this masterpiece called life. Each of us is beautiful, has a purpose and belongs to the world’s canvas. Without each stroke, (each and every one of us, here, living together), the painting would’t be. Stand back and see the grandeur of the canvas, the Unity of the Master Painter, the beauty of each of us together. The world is a Color Full place. Won’t you join me; put our individual selves in the painting of humankind, and be a part of the Master Peace?
Written to unite a Color Full World,
By Nina P. 1/18/09 with edits by Terri P.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

There is a Light in All of Us....

There is a Light in All of Us

There is a Light in all of us
If we but only look
So look inside it’s there you see
As written in The Book

When darkness comes as it will do
Rely on that Great Light
And soon the darkness fades away
As will that hard felt plight

Stresses come as life we live
It’s part of humankind
If all you see is dark and bleak
Desperation you will find

Pointing fingers all around
For isn’t that the cause?
“It’s him, it’s her; it can’t be me”
We say without a pause

It’s easier to look outside
Than to turn within
But when we look inside instead
The healing can begin

Self healing may be needed
But often we don’t see
Being part of us so long
It’s our only way to be

Let go of our complacency
Is hard but it’s a must
To lift that shroud of darkness
It’s the Light we must trust

Starting now we must look within
To heal us from the past
Cleaning out our closets
For healing that will last

Forgive yourself and others too
Feel changes come alive
For when our fear and pain collide
Only Hope and Love Survive

Remember after every storm
There is a rainbow of Hope
The Light beyond the clouds is there
Giving us ways to cope

So go on now and find the Light
It’s there inside of you
With Faith & Hope & Love you see
Grace and Light will see you through

By Nina P. Ploetz 3/19/09

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nina P's thoughts on : Generosity...

"Generosity: Do not hide the treasures in your heart in fear that they will be stolen - instead share them and find they multiply. " (Thought for Today

As I like to say: when I write, a Hand touches mine,
so here it goes.....

In these times of loosing jobs and declining economy, it's hard to think of generosity. We want to keep, hoard, guard what we have: to keep us safe for the future, right?..... Well not exactly.... What good is keeping, hoarding, guarding what we have if we do not enjoy the life we are given? We live in fear and depression rather than living in Faith, Hope and Love. I can keep all I have and not share it with anyone. If I do, I'm always worried about: "What's going to happen? Will I be OK? will there be enough? What will I do? How can I get more?...." I'm sure you can add even more "What if's" here too, the list could be endless. All of these fears seem all to real. They are aren't they? again I say not exactly....

Lets turn some of this around before the stress level gets too high. Instead of the "What if's" lets ,focus on the "What Have's". Tomorrow is not a promise to us, if it happens, it is a Gift. Yesterday is gone and no matter how hard we try, we can't get it back. That gives us today.... now....... this very moment.
So lets do an assessment of now, this very moment. Look, feel, smell, hear, taste what you have right now where ever you are. Let's focus on the time of year: it's Spring!......I can touch rain that falls bringing with it Hope of new beginnings, I know that in stillness there is motion, I can see the Son shine and the the first signs of spring poking through the ground all green, new and fragile. I can feel the cool breeze of an angle kiss across my cheek, I can smell the earth of spring, I can taste the water that sustains life.

What does Spring mean to you? It means growth, renewal, fresh, hope, awakening, new life.... There is such a spirit of generosity in spring and so, many lessons it gives. That little sprout of green struggling it's way through the dark, soil, small and fragile at first, not knowing what lies ahead. It reaches up from the darkness of despair awakening, reaching towards a new life. It doesn't know if there will be food or water enough to sustain its life tomorrow. Yet it is there Today, growing, awakening, unfolding, giving of itself...

Take a walk outdoors, if you can, and look around until you find a little green starting to grow. (Or even a plant you might have indoors) It has no way of sustaining itself yet it grows (Faith). It has no way of making sure it won't get hurt or broken or even die tomorrow yet today, it is here, living, surviving, believing it will make it ( Hope). It has no money, no way to give, no means of generosity, yet it is here today for us to look at (Love).... You see, like life, it's all in how you look at it, what perspective you take. Do you look at it with the doubts and fears of what you don't have, or might not have? or , do have a perspective of Faith, Hope and Love? Do you Believe? .What's inside you?

In this time of early spring, coming from the dark, cold, dreary days of winter; didn't that little tiny frail bit of green poking through the soil give you a little Hope? Didn't it give you Smile and didn't it lift your heart a little and make you realize "Ah yes Spring Really is coming"? This frail little green sprout with "nothing" gave of itself to you.....

This lesson is for all of us. We must learn to give freely: a smile, a hug, a kind word, a hand out to someone in need, etc... be generous today. Try it!!

Give Hope through a smile today. Have Faith and Love in your heart. Walk around with a Positive Attitude and Smile! Yep that's all: Be Generous with your Smile and Positive Attitude of Love, Hope, and Compassion. Now take a walk and be aware of the people around you, their reaction to you. See how many look at you and smile back!!! How did it make you feel to have someone smile back at you? Did it lift your spirits? Did it make your smile broader, your heart fuller? Your gift of generosity just came back to you and multiplied. For you gave your smile generously,freely, and it was returned to you!!!!!
And guess what?....., now that persons heart was lifted and their heart renewed a little..... and ....... they now might smile at someone.... and the gift is passed yet again, and again, and again.... Your seemingly small gift has now grown beyond expectation...

So give away a little today and gain allot!! Take that treasure in your heart, share it and watch it be passed forward.... All this without any human control.... watch it grow.... Like that small bit of green, watch it grow stronger every day, watch it keep giving Hope and Love back to its viewer and all that's around. It may just turn out to be the most beautiful flower you'll ever see; a gift grown from the seed in your heart given away selflessly ... to all that look...

What started as a seed in the darkness of fear has survived the storms and hardships; now Awakens and Grows strong. Growing deep roots of Faith with Grace and Courage....Through the gift of Hope, Love and Light: the once small frail seed,has come out of the darkness, growing stronger in the Light, a gift of generosity, freely given... Be generous with these gifts of your heart and see how they multiply not only in your life, but those around you.....

May you find a true Spirit of Generosity Living inside you. May your spirits be lifted by the rainbows of Hope after the storms in your life. May you find Strength in the Son above, shining down warming your soul, encouraging you to grow. May you find Faith to live today without fear of what might come, but live today in the Love that is freely given to you... the Love that is inside you, sustaining you, and nothing can take from.... the Love and Hope you can generously give away; knowing that if you give Love and Hope, it will Multiply uncontrollably, gracing the lives of others as well as your own. With the seed of Love and True Light in your heart, there is an Awakening of Spirit and all things are possible.....

May God Bless you today and always and may the seeds that are planted, grow and flourish, in you, through you, with you always.

Nina P.

Musings on Thought for Today.....

Thought for Today : Character: When you do not upset yourself thinking about how others must change and instead you concentrate on your own change, good things start to happen. First, you will feel better about yourself. Second, you will start to have positive feelings towards others and start to understand them. Third, others start having a more positive attitude towards you.
brought to you from:

... if my coworker only did this, than....... My boss needs an attitude adjustment, than..... if my spouse would pay more attention, than..... if, than,..... they need to, than.... See the pattern? As the Good Book says, we need to remove the log from our selves before we can look at the speck in our neighbor.... Not always an easy task. Its easier to blame someone else than to change ourselves; change our attitude. It's easier to look the other way than to look within and see our own shortcomings. The only problem is, Change is an inside job. If I change , than.....

I tell people all the time; "the only thing constant in life is change". I don't usually follow that with ..."you can't change another person, the only person you can change is you".. but maybe I should. It is so easy to look at someone, else for our shortcomings. It's easier because than we don't have to change, we can always point the finger elsewhere. How many times have you or I said, " I can't believe it, they did it again, they need to stop it, it drives me crazy,....". The same things bother me that bothered me yesterday about someone, why don't they realize they need to.... I dare say most of us have caught ourselves in those situations.

This is where the Thought of the day : Character comes in. If we look at those situations from a different perspective. Hmm ... Next time you catch yourself saying "there they go again and it bothers me", (here's the key...) stop and think why?, what is inside me that it bothers me so much? What do I need to change? There it is, the answer.... I need to be more accepting of, That person cleaning all the time....maybe I need to clear my clutter and don't want to look at it yet,....... That slob not cleaning anything.....maybe I'm too sterile inside and need to let in a little life.... I can't believe they haven't moved on from that situation yet......maybe I'm stuck in my own..... It is so easy to look outside, and so hard to look inside, but we must.

The merry-go-round will keep going in circles until we let go of ourselves and change our position. We must look at ourselves, what we're hanging on to and why. We get comfortable with ourselves and don't want to change or don't see the need to change. We get stuck on that merry-go-round and think we'll always have fun, get a-long, be OK. After all aren't we all reaching for that brass ring? Take a Look away from the brass ring and see what's outside. There are all kinds of possibilities. We need to slow the ride down, look at ourselves, change our attitudes, our thoughts, ourselves.... We need to get off the merry-go-round of complacency and start the walk of inner change.

When a behavior in someone else triggers a negative response from you, look inside, and ask why.... When a type of person walks by and you have hate or animosity towards them, look inside yourself and ask why..... when your frustrated because they keep doing that, look inside and ask yourself why.... If you can't look inside at that moment, instead of responding in a negative way, say a small prayer of love and acceptance for that person, situation etc... then go back when you have time, when it's quiet, and contemplate your inner response and look for the why..... I need to be more forgiving, I need to be more accepting, I need to be more helpful, I need to be less jealous, I need to be more loving, I need to clean out my own house,.... Find out the inner why, the inner fears,....

Once you start looking at it from the inside, and making those inner changes, your true character will come out. . .We all have shortcomings, we put ourselves, our ego's in the way of what we truly are meant to be.

Try it today, when you start with the if only they'd... stop yourself, look within, and make that change. Get off the merry-go-round of complacency and take that first step towards true and God given change inside. You will be truly amazed at how things change around you.... Not because of their change but because of yours..... yep.... it's an inside job.

And who's at the core living in, with and though us, deep inside our soul? Yep the Light of Lights, the Hope of Hopes, The Love of Loves, is waiting there for you to look within, ask for guidance, make that inner change...... become strong in inner character through Grace and Love.

May God Bless you today and always with Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace and Acceptance, and bring Peace and Joy into your soul.....
Love and Light,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Written for parents to be..... of a little girl...

God Has Blessed You

God’s Blessed you two as husband and wife
And now He’s granted the miracle of life.

For God so Loved he gave His Son
And with His Love we too have won

The Love you share has grown each day
Gods Love helps endure what may

Now raise your hands and praise the Lord.
Show Him how much He is adored

For soon you’ll have your hands both filled
With a bundle of Love that He has willed

Cries and laughter will replace the kicks
Walking and rocking will do the trick

Of course you’ll miss that Belly touch
The one we know you love so much

Your baby’s arrived with pride in your eyes
Now what to do when she cries and cries

As parents, back on your faith you will fall
Praying for quiet, sleep and that’s not all

Washing hands and face till they sheen
Teach her with Faith her soul to clean

Little fingers and toes how tender and small
How great a reminder God’s made us all

God has changed you with this bundle of Joys
Try to remember that when she annoys

For little ones to grow tall and strong
Our Lord and Savior must be along

May God Bless you and your family tree
Love each other and soon you will see

For this little sapling so tender to grow
Feed her with Love and Faith so she’ll know

Build a strong house by living in Love
Strength always comes from God Above.

So rejoice in today for you two are Blessed
Two became one and you know the rest

Written with Love and Prayers by Nina Ploetz 2/3/07

Written for a friend battling Cancer.....

The only words that came out were, "this really sucks..."
Sometimes thats all that can be said to describe situations
beyond our control. Below is a result of the overwhelming
feelings that come up/out when life doesn't seem fair.


There are those times when life really sucks
And you just want to say "What the Muck!!!!"

At those times when all seems lost
You just want out regardless the cost

It's at these times you must let in
Those you trust that make you grin

When life gets hard just grab a hand
And hang on tight to make a band

Walk with Faith and look above
For even in hardship, you'll find Love

So shed a tear and curse a bit
If it were me, I'd throw a fit

Let anger fuel you in your fight
Faith and friends will give you might

Whatever you think whatever you do
Let in a friend, we care for you

You need a punching bag or a hug?
Or just to holler, you’re never a bug

A kick in the pants, we're there as well
Maybe a laugh..., oh what the hell.

We'll listen and be there through it all
With friends and Faith you won't fall

So, on this road when life's really a suck
Find Faith and know it's not all luck

With friends and family and God above
Through this fight you'll find Peace and Love

You'll win this battle and come out strong
And you won't be alone be it short or long

Just one last thing I want to say
You'll be in my prayers everyday.

Written with Love and Prayers,
Nina Ploetz (1/7/09)

A Leaf falls....


Solar Refuse
Global warming
Natural disasters
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Toxic waist
World hunger
Resource shortages
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Nations Fight
Politicians lie
Hatred’s taught
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Borders close
Friendships challenged
Greed rules
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Religious conflicts
Forgotten people
Families’ dysfunction
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Addictive behaviors
Self destruction
Lost compassion
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Doors slam
Mothers weep
Fathers leave
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Babies cry
Anger’s spoken
Children withdraw
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Days end
Nights fall
Silence comes
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Moons rise
Awareness begins
Thoughts come
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Arms reach
Fingers touch
Hands held
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

People listen
Hearts open
Communication begins
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Apologies accepted
Forgiveness given
Healing starts
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Differences honored
Promises kept
Hope returns
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Laughter’s heard
Rainbows felt
Life breathes
A leaf falls, does anyone hear?

Love flows
Light shines
Peace reigns
A leaf falls, someone heard

By Nina P. 2/2/08

Written a while ago for those that are ill and in need......

Gods’ Love

God is always closest
When we feel He’s not.

He sees us through the darkness
When we think that He forgot

His light it shines forever
Our hope in Him you see

Our thoughts and prayers unspoken
He hears from you and me

He answers with a whisper
To his frightened little one:

“I’m here for you forever
As promised by My Son.

My arms to you I open
My child, come and cry

I hear your prayers and answer
Though, you understand not why.

I have a plan for each of you
While you’re here on earth

I also have a place for you,
When its time for your rebirth.”

Family and friends all gather
We pray for health with love

We pray for you Gods’ Wisdom
His answer, from Above.

Written with Faith, Hope and Love

by Nina P

Monday, March 16, 2009

Anniversary Rose... One of my first musings....

This was originally written for 2 dear friends of mine for their 10th anniversary! L & V I hope you don't mind my sharing......

The Anniversary Rose

Love is like a rose garden
Adventurous beauty to behold

Each petal differs’ us apart
Soft beauty and imperfection

Focusing on the single
Some see all that’s wrong

Negatively they have focused
On the blemishes we have

Same petals viewed with different eyes
The positive is seen

The silk, the hue, the glory shine
Gentle beauty all within

We see you both as beautiful
Soft petals that you are

Distinct is each, and yet together
More precious than a rose

Many years you have in common
To compliment each other

To share life’s gifts of love and joy
And all its many laughter’s

As roses do, we too have thorns
Sorrows, anger and resentments

Together you have grown through these
And focused on life’s best

You are roses with such color
Your growth forever shines

Your garden it has flourished
You’ve nurtured it with care

So tenderly you cultivate
To forgive with thoughtfulness

Each of you so wonderful
Individuals you are

May your love continue growing
With all the joy you have found

Written for 2 dear friends
by Nina P. Ploetz 1995

Moonlight Glow

The Moon is high
Lighting the sky
With mystical mist surround

Full moon’s bright
And gives off light
Illuminating all around

Moonlight glow
Falling snow
A nighttime wonderland

Rabbits play
Tree branches sway
A deer stands oh so grand

Snow, it glistens
Animals listen
A fairyland of play

Owls hoot
As chipmunks scoot
Without the light of day

Another world
Is unfurled
In this nighttime splendor

Passing time
Life’s sublime
As daylight starts to render

Peaceful night
Turns to light
While moonbeams meet the sun

Moonlight snow
Starts to glow
Good day to nighttime fun

Bye moonbeams
To owl dreams
The birds begin their song

We’ll meet again
At daylights end
‘Til then…it won’t be long

By Nina P. Ploetz 1/12/09

Nina P's musings over :Thought for today....

"The BestThe best ornament is Humility; The richest wealth is Wisdom; The strongest weapon is Patience; The best security is Faith; The best tonic is Laughter " (3/1/09 Thought for Today/

How true this thought for today is:
All these things are found deep inside ourselves, our soul. It is said we are born in Gods image. For me that means that deep inside, if we listen to that inner voice from above, we have a connection. A connection to Gods Light, and all the gifts that are freely given. We must go to the quiet place inside, Talk to God, Listen to the Light; that is where Peace will be found, that is where answers lie. It is the outside influences that create fear, doubt, uncertainty, things that test and challenge our faith. When we are down, troubled, hurting, etc... we can look outside for the answers; for guidance. That is also good if we are careful in choosing the "who" and "where" we go for the answers. Not every church is holy, not every person is pure of heart: too many are influenced by the human need for power, control and money. If you can look beyond the human additives, you will find at the core, most, at their core, are holy and pure of heart. When you listen, read, hear messages and advice given in Gods name, deep inside you will know, if it truly a message of Gods Love and Guidance for you, a Message of Hope for the future, a message of the Light of the Son freely given to all that ask and believe.

If we are uncertain, how then do we know where to turn? Find a quiet place, a place that is peaceful and comforting to you. For me it's sitting on a fallen tree in the woods looking over the valley with the sun shinning down twinkling through the leaves, the wind gently blowing across my face, the Son warms my soul there. I can ether go there physically or if I'm unable to travel there, I can go there in my mind. I can sit in the Light, feel the warmth of the Son in my soul. This is where I find Peace, this is where I find Unconditional Love, this is where I find Hope, this is where I find Truth. I believe God talks to us in many ways, we just have to listen. That warm, soothing feeling inside is Gods arm around you. That tear on your cheek is God saying "I know you are hurting/sad/overwhelmed, but I am here for you, come find me." The lightness of laughter is God letting you know life is wonderful and joyful. When God shows us the hungry, the poor, the diseased, the hurt, the angry, that's God saying: "Share my Light, my gifts. Show them your kindness. Give them my Hope and Love. Reach out and show them there is a better way." God gives us challenges, things that test our faith every day. We must then go inside for the answers from above. Humble ourselves before God and listen to Light from the Son. Change happens in Gods time not ours; we must have patience. Wisdom lives, in us, with us, through us we must only listen, believe and follow with Light and Love.

May you find Peace, Love, Joy and Hope today and always.
Love and Light,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ripples on a Pond....

Ripples on a Pond

We go to water our soul to feed
Seeking it out when we're in need

A stone is thrown and circles form
From calmness now we have a storm

These ripples how they mesmerize
Each circle spreading before our eyes

The stone once thrown now is still
Yet its effects will test your will

The ripples move us on instead
We do not know what lies ahead

So as we move on towards the shore
Please anticipate so much more

Our ripples spread until they touch
Then we seem to change so much

With added strength, our path is new
God has plans for us to do.

Our circles spread and move us on
Connecting with others we come upon

As with the water, we can't stay still
Stones move us on against our will

We can sink below the surface
Or sail each wave with a new purpose

Look at the horizon and see the Son;
Brightly Rising; life's just begun

So travel each and every wave
It started a ripple just yesterday

We never know our journeys length
But God will always give us strength

So go beyond what you feel you can
His guidance for every woman and man

Travel in Light and live Gods way
Your circle grows stronger everyday.

By Nina Ploetz (10/26/05)

Life and Rainbows (inspired by an e-mail)

The rainbow pictures are the only ones I took. The others were in the e-mail that was sent around a few years ago.... I hope you enjoy!

I had to write this poem below; a Hand touched mine, so here it goes:

Life and Rainbows:

When you look at life with hateful eyes
all you see is fear and lies
If you look at life with eyes of fear
bleak and hopeless are always near
So look at life with Faithful Love
the Son shines on you from above
Your fear will fade and so will hate
look around and you'll see your fate

For on the bleakest of your days
you'll find something to be amazed

With one special moment or maybe event
like a family of ducks is what He meant

To look at life with Forgiving Grace
the wave you missed, the dolphins raced

When angered over catastrophic things
you survived because of Angels wings

So turn your stresses inside out
helping others is what it's all about

Look around when you're lost and alone
many new friends are near your home

Luck comes from love and those you touch
your life will change I know that much

When some look on and laugh and point
stand strong in Faith for He anoints

With Power and Grace you'll carry on
His strength you can always rely upon
His Rainbow is there we just have to look
after each hardship as He wrote in His book
So when life's been hard and you’re feeling down
that "Rainbow's" for you just look around

It may be a smile, some food, or His great art
a feeling of warmth that fills your heart.
Look at life with open eyes
a rainbow's there, it's His surprise
So let your breath be taken away
look for His Blessings in every day.
Written by Nina P. Ploetz 12/9/2006