Thought For Today

Monday, September 6, 2010

Where Have My Tomorrow's Gone?

Where Have My Tomorrow's Gone?
I sit here and I contemplate
Where have my tomorrow's gone?
I once had so much time yet now it seems so late

I think of all that I have done
And all I have left to do
Looking up to the sky I see the setting of my sun
I look behind to all things past
My life has been so full
People, places and things, how did time go so fast?

When I was young my mind would wander
To the promises of tomorrow
Racing like a storm, loud with my own thunder
Now I sit beneath this tree
And see where I am now
The grass, the leaves, the sky, are here for me to see

I look into my soulful self
And see what is around
Reflecting on my life I've many trophies on my shelf
My past is what's brought me here
I'm thankful for all that's been
 Love and Hope within has chased away my fear

Life is what has brought me to
The best: The here and now
 Live in Peace and Harmony is all I have to do

Relax and let my Spirit soar
To float among the clouds
All that is before me now has never been before

So where have my tomorrow's gone?
Right where they've always been
Inside my heart  they're waiting for a another dawn
Written: with Hope, Love and Light
by Nina P