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Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Thought For The Day...
Family & Friends:
It’s often said that charity begins at home. So let me first give respect to my family and friends.The above is the Thought of the Day from:

A simple thought yet how many times do we have a bad day and take it out on those closest to us? You got up late, you’re late for work, you spilled coffee/milk, the kids scream the dogs bark, traffic is bumper to bumper, can’t find a parking space, everyone comes at you with their problems (and you gladly and help them), your big project didn’t go over well, the boss was a bear, you can’t find your keys, the stores were packed, someone cut you off on the highway, you got a flat tire, etc…. you get were I’m going with this…. What a frustrating day…. At work, school, or in public, most people put on a good face and treat others with respect. We may curse under our breath at situations, but most of us don’t blow up at people. We treat them with respect and realize they are human and have bad days too. For the most part anyway…, I know I’ve let out a swear word or two under my breath (or out loud if I’m alone in the car) when frustrating things happen.

Have you ever had the day I just described? I think we all can remember “bad” days where things just don’t go right. We get home to our haven, our space, our family…… How do you treat them after a day like you just had? Do you greet your family with love and respect or give a quick frustrated hello when you arrive? Your pet greats you with affection, tail wagging, happy to see you….do you speak gruffly and push them out of your way? Do you go and change without talking to your family? Do you run back out without saying much? Do you find fault with the house, the kids, dinner, pets….? Do you still feel frustrated when you go to bed because you had such a horrible day?

It’s all too easy to take our frustrations out on our family and friends. Treat them disrespectfully or even hurtful. After all they’re your family and good friends, they won’t leave you… they’ll understand? Won’t they? You’ll feel better letting out/off your frustrations, won’t you? Well think about it, how do you feel when you’ve had a horrible day and took that terrible day to your friends and family? Did the horrible day disappear? Did your frustrations lessen?.....
Try something different next time… It’s not always easy but I promise it will be rewarding. Try giving LOVE & RESPECT to your family and friends and see what happens.

Instead of going out for a drink to wash away your troubles; instead go out and walk with nature, calm your soul, and find your ballance. What would happen if you came home and hugged your family and told them you loved them? Ask your family or friends, and then listen to, how their day went. Go out to dinner, or help make dinner, maybe set the table, how about helping with the kids…. Take a walk together, hold hands, play a game together, watch a movie together…. Treat them with Love and Respect and I think you’ll see, all the sudden your day has turned around…. Your focus has changed and your troubles seem to lessen and the Love, Hope, and Wonders of life seem to enter in and take over your mood…. Respect those closest to you; Respect yourself, Respect Life….

Just some thoughts by Nina P.