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Friday, September 25, 2009

Smiles and Sunshine!






Written 9-24-2009
with Love and Light,
by Nina P.

What brings you smiles and sunshine? 


Family? (yes that's me with my uncle)


 Old Fashion Fun and games?

Finding hidden treasures?

Teaching old ways to the young?

Simple Pleasures? (like rolling down a hill)




 Simple Beauty?



May Smiles and Sunshine Grace your life today and always.

Love and Light,
Nina P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

 This poem was inspired by a fellow blogger and life traveler at Middle age Ramblings. Her post from Monday September 14th, 2009 Titled What is Real....  Thanks Peggy for always inspiring me to ponder life a little deeper, a little differently, a little more enlightened... Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul... Please check out her site at






Written 9/15/2009
With Love and Light,
Nina P.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life: Trust Above; there's so much more

Life: Trust Above; there's so much more

 We start out protected, curled up if you will, inside a nurturing dark place; then the miracle of birth happens and we are thrust into a bright world of unknown. As a newborn we roll and cry unable to do much else and rely totally on the knowledge and compassion of others. We are not satisfied to stay still for long, so we  learn to roll over, look around and take in our surroundings. Looks like fun with all the shapes and colors coming into focus. Hey, let's go explore! Hmm... can't ...quite see that from here..How... can,...umm...get closer.... We wiggle and move and eventually crawl  to see all that's around us. Such excitement at our finger tips! Amazing colors and textures to explore. Everything is new as we start traveling around. So much to do, so much to learn!  ... so much trouble we can get into!... We're guided and encouraged, to go even farther, reach even higher, and do even more. Constantly we are watched from Above and kept safe.

Before long, we want more. We gain confidence and  get the courage to reach  out and embrace the unknown:  we touch,  grab and hold on to anything we can reach.  Wow isn't this grand? Exploring our world, our surroundings, yet, before long, it's not enough. We need more, we're evolving into something greater than ourselves. If we just hold on here, push off there... we start  pulling ourselves up trying to stand.  We focus hard,  try and try, legs not holding but our resilience is amazing so we try again, and again and again. Always with the encouragement from  Above.  On  wobbly feet  and a death grip hold, we realize our accomplishment and smile! We're standing so tall, smiles and giggles all around.  In our excitement we lose track of what we are doing, lose our focus, our grip, and fall. Startled that we're back down here, we sit there awhile assessing our wounds, checking our surroundings, contemplating if it's worth another try. After some "down" time,  finally we gain the confidence to  reach up and try again. We've  gained  knowledge  from what happened in our past so  this time we stay focused and hold on tight. Hesitantly,  slowly,  we stand again.  We did it!! We made it!! We're standing again!! We look around and are happy right where we  are. Sounds of Joy from Above fill our ears as we steady ourselves and gain strength and courage.

It's fun here, people cooing and calling, another perspective on life. But we must continue our journey as we have much to explore. We must move on, move up, and take that first hesitant step.  At first we are fearful as we remember our falls. But we call up our courage and resolve to  steady ourselves if we listen, we can hear that ever present encouraging voice from Above Guiding us forward. Slowly,  we slide our foot forward... balance..... slowly.... focus...slowly.... breathe.... we take one  step... breathe... good....then another...balance...  yes!... always holding on reaching out, reaching Up to a Higher force, a Higher being.

Before long, we learn we can do things on our own, so we let go and start trusting  ourselves. Stepping one foot in front of the other, out of our comfort zone, yet finding the challenge exhilarating and enlightening, so we keep going... Walking, watching, taking in all that we can, reaching for the next object. Yes we fall, sit, contemplate, only to reach Up again and grab that hand, hold on tight and try again.... We know that Higher being is there Above, encouraging us, guiding us, leading us... Feeling Love and support,  we continue to get up and try again. Our world has expanded tenfold.  Our excitement can't be contained as we evolve from walking, to running, to skipping and jumping. Life is full of amazements, knowledge, lessons.  We are  independent ,yet  Above,  watches and guides us; leaving us to play, learn lessons, fall, explore, see, feel, touch taste, experience life in all its grandeur, setbacks, and accomplishments.

We walk, we run, we dance, we know so much....still, I feel from Above, there is so much more. We are being encouraged to go a little farther, reach a little higher... to the next level. It's time again to go within and hear that Voice of Encouragement, of Change, of Knowledge... Listen to the Guidance, Compassion and Love, and reach Up,  hold on tight, and take that first step into another dimension, another level, another perspective on life.... Above has never let us down.  We must find our inner courage, the Faith to conquer our fears , explore the wonders we just now can see, and step another step on our journey. The path may not be easy, but the Light is Great. Come join me, lets walk together for a while, learn and explore...

written 9-22-1009
with Love and Light,
by Nina P.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thought for Today

Just Having Fun
Work without happiness is like a burden that you have to endure, but when you are internally happy it becomes a game, and you're just having fun. from:

My twist and musing on this thought for today....
I think we've all had the "why bother" days, "I don't know why I even go to work, no one cares", "I gotta pay the bills somehow", etc.... The drudgery of facing another day. Just putting one foot in front of the other and going through the motions. I do think, sometimes, this is inevitable. We all get down and get the "why bothers". I'm very thankful, for me, these days are few. 

I know it may sound "Pollyanna" (I'm not sure what that means but I think she was eternally happy and optimistic about everything); but I really DO enjoy my work. Most days I thoroughly enjoy my job. It is in the helping (health) field and I love doing my part. Not all that long ago, I all but defined myself as/by my job. When people asked how I was doing, I always talked about work. This was my lack of me, of my true self, a lack of self worth, etc..I truly thought that what I did , was who  I was. If I did my job well, lived well, etc...then I was a good person.. (Ok that's being pretty simple, but basically, my thought was, it was outside stuff that "defined" me.)  I wasn't happy inside so my work wasn't joyful yet it is how I chose to describe myself anyway.


So now when you hear me say I love my job, also notice I don't  say I am my job. What I truly am, is  a joyful person, with a compassionate spirit and healing soul. I have embarked on new growth of self acceptance, self worth, and a Grateful heart and that is where the internal Happy starts. The Light that shines deep in my soul, at my core, gives me Peace, Love, Courage, Hope and Joy. When I allow my cup to be filled, I then have so much it bubbles over into all aspects of my daily life. And other aspects become joyful as well.

 I have people come up to me and say how do you do it, you're always smiling. Well I do believe that when your Heart is Filled with Light and Love, all is going to be OK. I face hardships, loss, hurt, pain, yet deep down, I know it will all be all right. That is not naivety, it is Faith, it is Hope, Grace, Compassion and Love. It starts with the inside job and flows from there. When I go to work, as soon as I step through the hospital doors, my worries leave and Compassion, Hope, Gratitude, Love  and Smiles fill my heart. It's almost as if I "have" to make eye contact, smile, say hello, touch someone's shoulder, hold a hand, give a hug, walk someone to where they are going, take time to listen to problems, concerns, smile,  and yes at times, even cry with people. It is part of my nature, myself, my Life, my Love, My compassion for Life, Others and myself. It is though giving, that I too receive; more than what anyone can ever know. My heart fills anew as I give of myself.

I like the thought for today but I would change one thing. I don't necessarily consider work a game; well maybe dealing with the politics and ego's are a game of sorts.  I do consider work to be a place of Joy, Fun and Laughter, as well as Love, Peace, Compassion and Hope. So pay attention to your inside Light and Happiness and Joy at work and for life itself,  will follow....

May Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Hope, Compassion and Laughter fill your heart, and soul and may your life be Lifted beyond all human expectation. May pain and sorrows give way to Good Memories and Hope; May Angels guide and protect you; May your spirit fill to over flowing and your Light Shine;  Love and Light, Nina P.