Thought For Today

Monday, July 12, 2010


There are times when we sit, watch, contemplate, observe, Reflect... It's funny how our minds can take something so simple as a focus of beauty, thought, expectation. Ev en something as simple as a dinner glass can share so much wisdom and excitement... if we let it.... 
May your days be filled with the simple pleasures of Love, Joy, Hope, Peace...
Reflections in a dinner glass
Bring wonderment around
Reminding us of all that is
yet somehow it's profound

There is a little sparkle
A Light that shimmers and shines
That glimmer of expectation
Is there and yet sublime

The ambiance of what's around
As seen from where we sit
Yet wonderfully it's different
As only reflections get

There also is a feeling
Of what may lie ahead
Maybe romance in this glass
As in the books I've read

All this from a little glass
That reflects all that can be
Smile warmly and contemplate
There is so much more to see.
Written with Love and Light,
by Nina P 6/26/10     

(all photo's taken from Microsoft clip art)