Thought For Today

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Angels and loved ones gather round
Sharing the Love they have found

Though we can't always see their face
They surround us with their Loving Grace

 God lends us to this place called earth
Until it's time for our rebirth

The song is soft, and gentle and sweet
Calling our heart and soul complete

In silence now we hear the call
A Light shines bright just down the hall

To those we leave their hearts will sorrow
But I know there's  another tomorrow

Where son shines down upon meadows green
And flowers of colors you've never seen

If only those we leave behind
Could know that heaven is oh so kind

Where Angels sing and dogs do dance
and people roam  and unicorns prance

For now I know my time is near
God holds my hand, I have no fear

I lived my life as I chose to do
Me and my family and yes, even Moo

So remember all the laughs and giggles
And then feel me next to you with all my wiggles

For my body may leave but my Spirit Lives
God keeps  All Promises that He did gives

So when I talk as if in my sleep
It's to  Angles as Guardians' they do keep

I Love you all with all my heart
And soon my Life I will have a new start

Remember I am only as for as your heart
And as God Promised, we're never apart

So now I lay me down to sleep
I pray to God, my soul to keep

The hand of God I now do hold
The Light is so Beautiful to Behold

written with Prayers, Love and Light,
for Jack and his family 
by Nina Pauline Ploetz

May God Bless and keep you, May God's Light Shine upon you and give you Peace and Understanding. 

Just some random thoughts running though my mind today:

Just some random thoughts running though my mind today:
Let your inner Light shine... God gave us each a Spirit filled with Love. Some have hidden that light deep but it still resides inside each and every one of us.... waiting for the opportunity.... for that gentle breeze to blow and start the embers burning again... Light can never be extinguished.... only hidden... so remember next time you see someone with a very deeply hidden inner Light... it is there just waiting for someone/thing to blow a gentle breeze and start the flame of Love again... So you see if we all are Love and show Love to others... you may just be that catalyst that helps to change the coals in another back to their original state of Loving Inner Spirit... My challenge for you today is to be that breeze of Hope/Love/Compassion one person, one situation, one event at a time and then watch God work in/with/through you/us....

Today is a day that God has made. Let us Rejoice and be Glad in it!! Spring has sprung and flowers are blooming... the sun is always shining above the clouds... Trust that all is right with the world.... Believe that God is working in, with and through you in all that you do... Love is always the right answer....

Love and Light
Nina P