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Saturday, October 3, 2009

City Lights, Suburban Life, Quaint Small Towns, Country Dreams

City Lights, Suburban Life,  
Quaint Small Towns, Country Dreams

Cultures Intertwine Touching You

Life Itself Gives  Happiness Through Smiles
Suns Up Before Us. Ready? Begin Activities Now!

Listen Inquisitively For Everything
Quiet  Unified Always Interesting  Nostalgic Times

So Much  About Living Life

Teaching Ourselves We Nurture Spirit
Count OUtopian Nature To Replenish Yourself

Discoveries Radiate Enlightenment  Advancing MSoul

Written 10/3/2009
with Love and Light
by Nina Pauline

(A country girl, growing up in a small town,
moved to the city, and ended up in suburbia)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fog is Lifting on Life Today

The Fog is Lifting on Life Today

The fog is lifting on life today
The Light is burning through
Life takes form within the mist
The ground is filled with dew

I stand in awe and look at life
Its beauty all around
The fog once hid the Masterpiece
Yet hearing every sound

The birds they sang such Joyful songs
While hidden in the trees
Fragrances so soft and sweet
Refreshed me  with each breeze

The fog is lifting on Life today
My spirit feels the stir
Vision's clearing with the Light
I'm sure you will concur

There're lessons to be learned I say
With how the fog does lift
From ground to trees to sky above
Learning is such a gift

Such magic held within the ground
Where water it does seep
Seeds once sown now grow strong
Faithful roots are running deep

Little sprouts start showing green
They grow up from the ground
Healthy trees grow strong and tall
Natures beauty all around

This is where some time is spent
Living with the land
A Spirit grows inside the Soul
Fed from Nature's hand

To reach up to the sky with Love
Branches stretch and grow
We're changing with each season
Our leaves they come and go

But at the core are faithful roots
That guide us from within
To grow and reach beyond ourselves
We truly can begin

Reach up towards the sky above
Towards infinity
For there  you'll find enlightenment
 With new clarity

The sky and sun are beaconing
For us to come and play
Hide and Seek among the clouds
With Angels every day

A wonderland awaits  for us
Past the clouds and sun
Stars encourage prayerful thoughts
New Life's Just begun

The fog is lifting on Life today
 Light Shines Bright as gold
All this I get from foggy mist
A story to unfold

Written 9/23/2009
with Love and Light,
by Nina P.