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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Ellen

First I want to wish Everyone a Very Happy New Year filled with Blessings of Love, Hope, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Abundance, Health and Laughter.

all photo's are from Camp Jack's website you can see more there!

I was reading Camp Jack again today. This is an excerpt from Camp Jack’s site :

“… So, here's my idea, and I'm not sure how to go about it, but know y'all will be brilliant... What if we could get some real exposure for Childhood Cancer in the popular media? No, I'm not talking about turning Jack into Ashton Kutcher, and twittering his latest chemo escapades. But, what if the world could just see his face --- The face of life and hope and compassion and humor, and really make the opportunity to embrace the humanity of this innocent sufferring? What if we could do it in a way that wasn't frightening, but rather engaging, so as to move people to open their hearts and big pharmaceuticals to open their wallets for research? WHAT IF WE COULD DO IT WITH LAUGHTER AND JOY?

What if we could to it on the Ellen Show? : )

Many of you probably heard how Ellen recently campaigned to be put on the cover of Oprah's magazine? She did something differerent and funny every day, until finally Oprah gave in! Ellen's goal was to make Oprah's magazine the biggest selling edition of all time! And, I'm sure it did, just by hijacking it! : )

So, my goal is to attempt to get the highest exposure of pediatric cancer of all time by starting a "Get on Ellen Campaign!" Besides, the similarities between Jack and Ellen are undeniable!

1. Ellen is a commedienne, and as you know, Jack LOVES to tell jokes!

2. Ellen grooves on her show, and Jack shakes his bum with the best of 'em! Heck, he has some cool Robot moves he could teach her to freshen up her routines a bit!

3. And finally, Ellen has a Porsha, and well, Jack has a Porsche Hot Wheels!

I'm telling you, these two would be a match in Heaven……

…you can send her mail at

…You never know, friends, it's worth a try! Perhaps I will be more inspired after I clean the fridge.

Have a wonderful New Year's All! Remember, love can move Mountains!


Camp Jack”

Maybe if we all write a note to Ellen, she will use her voice to help get the word out for more research and funding for Childhood Cancers: in this case, Neuroblastoma.

Ellen is a very Compassionate soul and already helps so many causes. Maybe, just maybe, she can fit in one more.

Please join me my friends, for Jack and all the other Children that are suffering from these terrible cancers.

So that is just what I did, I sent Ellen an e-mail:

Dear Ellen

Neuroblastoma a Childhood Cancer
Needs attention to find an answer

Little man Jack is a precious soul
Beating this Cancer, his greatest goal

So little funding means slow research
We need to get off our silent perch

Jack and his mommies need your help
Seems little voices don’t carry much yelp

So Please Dear Ellen, won’t you consider
To help out Jack with a little twitter

Your voice carries far, so please give it a go
Have Jack, Kate and Mommies on your show

Put a sweet face on this deadly disease
Maybe compassion will help? Won’t you Please?

See for yourself and you won’t turn your back

He’s the sweetest young man I’ve seen in a while
His sparkle and courage will make you smile

This cancer needs a face that people can see
His smile and eyes a poster should be

He’s one among many that need their voice heard
Won’t you, oh won’t you help get out the word

Thank you Dear Ellen, from my heart to yours
For being a Leader in Childhood Cancer Wars

Written for Jack and his family
Who are fighting the battle of their lives

With Hope, Love and Light,
by, Nina Pauline Ploetz