Thought For Today

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Day of Thanksgiving

A Day of Thanksgiving

A day of Thanksgiving and making amends

Where everyone's family and all of us friends

A day of abundance and such gratitude

Sharing and giving's the new attitude

A day for laughter and maybe a tear

As we remember those far and near

A day to tell stories and "Remember back when?"

Boy am I grateful I'm not a turkey hen

A day to wear stretch pants and that's no bull

As we eat in abundance and get over full

A day to say "Please" and "Thank You", and rest

Let's praise the cooks for doing their best

A day to be Grateful for all that you've found

Just open your eyes and look around

A day to give thanks but also to pause

And pray for Peace, a much needed cause

A day to bow heads and Thank God above

Blessings to all as we share with great Love

A day of Thanksgiving we can all be a part

With an attitude of gratitude from the heart

Happy Thanksgiving!
written with a Thankful heart
Love and Light Nina Pauline