Thought For Today

Monday, March 16, 2009

Moonlight Glow

The Moon is high
Lighting the sky
With mystical mist surround

Full moon’s bright
And gives off light
Illuminating all around

Moonlight glow
Falling snow
A nighttime wonderland

Rabbits play
Tree branches sway
A deer stands oh so grand

Snow, it glistens
Animals listen
A fairyland of play

Owls hoot
As chipmunks scoot
Without the light of day

Another world
Is unfurled
In this nighttime splendor

Passing time
Life’s sublime
As daylight starts to render

Peaceful night
Turns to light
While moonbeams meet the sun

Moonlight snow
Starts to glow
Good day to nighttime fun

Bye moonbeams
To owl dreams
The birds begin their song

We’ll meet again
At daylights end
‘Til then…it won’t be long

By Nina P. Ploetz 1/12/09