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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I was out on 12/21/10 having some fun trying to photograph the moon. What a magical night... the clouds kept a playful vigil... I am posting these for New Year's.  A time of reflection and a time of awakening possibilities... a mystical time to live, be, grow...  When you look up, you have no choice but to feel part of something much greater than ourselves..... The first photo of the moon peeking through the clouds at about 11:00pm didn't look extra special until I downloaded it... Then... it had its own message to tell.... it tells of the greatness of all that is, all that was, and all that is yet to be. We are part of  something grand.... In, with and through us... there is something so magnificent.... we are part of a whole that is simply amazing... Hence my title of the first photo.. "God is watching us"   or maybe I should revise it and say "God is watching over us"... 

 The eye of God

The moon can change the tides....

 Stay focused above...

 The mystery of life....

 As above so below... a reflection of the Light...

Moon shadows, moon shadows....

Remember that every breath you take is a new beginning filled with possibilities and opportunities....

May your New Year be filled with the wonderful magic of Life, Possibilities, Hope, Love, Peace and Joy. May you and yours be Blessed and my you find Peace and Understanding as to tap into the wisdom of Eternity.   Blessings to you and yours.Love and Light, Nina P

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the Season for Love and Caring

 Tis The season for Love and Caring 

Tis The season for Love and Caring
And sending a gift or two
To share the Joy of Life around
For that is what we do

So light your candles and don your tree
Whatever your heart's content
Just celebrate this winter time
Compassion’s what is meant

To new beginnings and joyful ends
Reflecting on the past
Keep only what is good for you
And your life will last

Look to the heavens and follow the star
Peace comes from above
Then share the Light with those around
It leads you to such Love

Be thankful for what's given to you
Sometimes we may not know
What blessings hide within the things
That life to us bestow

So take this time of promises true
Listen and then live
Receive with humble  gratitude
And then go out and give

Be it snowflakes or sunshine you have
The season is complete
When we spread God's Light around
With Love to all we greet

For in the season of peasants and kings
Gifts from different hearts
Are given with such Joy and Peace
As Love to all imparts

May your life be filled with Amazing Grace
As only God can do
Many Blessings be to you and yours
Is my wish for you

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Kwanza...
 Happy whatever you celebrate this time of year...

And a Very Blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

written with Love and Light, Nina Pauline Ploetz 12/14/10

Friday, December 10, 2010


                *                        *
                  *                   *
                      *            *          
   **********  LIGHT ***********
                  *** SHINES ***
                       *              *
                     *                  *
                 *                         *
Miracles are around
us every day if we but open our
hearts and souls to God and His Almighty
Blessings. The bee that buzzes by our ear, is a
blessing; the grass under your feet, is a blessing; the
song of a bird, the sound of rain, the smell of fresh cut hey,
the sun and clouds, the rainbow, the snowflake, all are
blessings; Miracles from above. Look around, feel around,
smell around, sense around you , you'll find your miracle
everyday. Its right there as God's gift to you......... Go to
a window and look out, or go outside if you can. If that's
not possible, you can still imagine a peaceful place,
so go ahead, Close your eyes, breath deep, feel the
fullness of life in that breath, open your eyes, and
open your heart, there it is, your very own
miracle, given to you by God's Blessings
every day. Did you find it? :the leaf

of a tree,
a whisper,
a flower,
a tear,
the wind,
the sun,
a smile,
Did you
find it?
Did you
find your
daily miracle?
:the inch worm, a puddle, you can hear, you can see, you can feel, you can breath, you woke up, you can smile, you can laugh, you can cry, you can read this e-mail...
Did you find your miracle? Did you find it?
If not, just open up your heart and soul and it will find you.... 
Blessings to you and yours.May you find what you are looking for right where you left it....deep  inside your heart, just open up to the possibilities of life and you will soon be soaring above the clouds
Written with Love and Light, Nina P. 6/28/08

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sunshine and smiles to one and all,
In a day and age where people seem to find flaw in most everything and are not satisfied with much of anything.... This is what came to me... see what happens when I am without a internet for 3-4 days. (smiles) 
Since this reaches people of many faiths and beliefs, may the words fit your own understanding. 
Enjoy and Enjoy life with it's perfect imperfections....
Blessings to you and yours.
Love and Light,
Nina P

Ever notice those perfect imperfections
that surround us every day?
Those little things that tell us
life will have its way.

Your hair that won't cooperate
with water or with mousse
It waves and curls just a little
like the tail feathers of a goose

Yet walk into a room of friends
and no one will take notice
They just look at you and smile
and tell you you're  a lotus

There's asymmetry in nature
 it's perfectly put there
Go and  take a closer look
it has its own flawed hair

The beauty of a  fresh picked rose
has its pointy thorns
All part of the Master's plan
such fragrance it adorns

We all have those little things
we feel need correction
But crooked smiles and porcupines
are part of God's perfections

Don't look at what you think is wrong
it is only in your head
Start weaving  in your mind's eye
positive lines of thread

The pattern's that we see around
are oh so very right
This tapestry of Nature's soul
is God's affirming Light

Since all creation is perfection
it's perceptions we must heal
So Honor God's perfect imperfections
for  that  is what is real

written with Love and Light, 
by Nina Pauline 12/2/10

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You again.....

There is this beautiful soul over at Shine the Divine that spreads such wisdom, love, hope and joy to the universe. Laura Hegfield fills the world with such wonderment through her stories, photo's and courage. She just finished up a month of Gratitude and asked various blogger's to share their experiences and wisdom. Please check out her site and enjoy!! :-) It didn't take long to write a poem inspired by Laura's passion for living in gratitude... Please visit Laura's site through the link above and enjoy this Light and Enlightened soul ....

Say Thank You and Thank You and Thank You again
An attitude of Gratitude comes from the heart
Regardless of how hard it is, to sometimes start

Most days I'm filled with all kinds of Bliss
I name things around me and try not to miss

The trees, the birds, the sun and the sky
horses and rabbits, even insects that fly

With the excitement of a child my list can go on
On the  days filled with Joy it is gratitude I don

Yet when my heart's filled with sorrow and pain
It's hard to feel grateful with inward disdain

A teacher just told me as recent as  today
Repeat the words Thank You  come what may

Saying  the words Thank You again and again
Repetition wins over and soon comes the Zen

For regardless the pain there are lessons to learn
It's hard to be thankful when for them, it's your turn

But Thankful I'll be as the words I repeat
For one day the lessons will just fall at my feet

Today let me start when  I open my eyes
Saying Thank You for giving me this day to rise

And may I remember all during the day
To be grateful for everything that comes my way

For people I meet and the lessons I learn
Even in darkness it's to the Light I will  turn

Say Thank You and Thank You and Thank You again
For my life is full of the now, not the when

And when it comes time to lay down my head
It's thoughts  of my Blessings as I crawl into bed

For the people I've met who touched my heart
And for the abundance I do have in my life's cart

For it's all how you look at it, that's just how it goes
When everything's a Blessing;  the highs and the lows

Your Life will seem Lighter I promise this when
You say Thank You and Thank You and Thank You again

written with a Grateful Heart with Love and Light,
Nina P 11/9/10

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I sit and Wonder What Life is About

I am wishing everyone a very happy and blessed thanksgiving. 
May travels be safe, food be plentiful and the joy of family and friends be cherished. 
bountiful Blessings to you and yours.
Love and Light,
Nina P

I sit and wonder what life is about

  I sit and wonder what life is about
And see a glorious place
A place where people, places, and things
Come together and contemplate

Where family, friends and those unknown
Each separate, yet as one
All live together on this great earth
A home we all must make

If we look to the heavens we would see
How night gives way to day
Then all to soon we'd see again
As sun and moon exchange

The one doesn't hurry the other along
They seem to share quite well
There are lessons taught to people here
We can learn to get along

So mingle a bit as do  dusk and dawn
It's something we can do
Just share the time and the space
There's beauty everywhere

For  in the morning and twilight
Such colors they create
The splendor of this blend in time
Could be the human race

Nature will teach us how to live
Let's follow in her wake
I sit and wonder what life is about
 And see a glorious place

written with Love and Light
by Nina Pauline (9-23 & 11-21-2010)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Steady Light of Hope (revisited)

The Thought for Today is a rerun... but life has a way of going full circle. People I know are going though some very tough times right now. Health, financial, despair etc....  Yesterday I printed off a couple copies of the post I wrote last July to send to out to a couple people. I didn't get anything sent and was having second thoughts about sending it at all as it may be too presumptuous... and well... guess what the thought for today is? Exactly the same "Steady Light of Hope" that I wrote about over a year ago.... Coincidence? I think not.. I think it is the synchronicity of Life, a message of Life... to not second guess and just do.... So, with a few edits from the original version, here is my STEADY LIGHT OF HOPE-revisited:


 (This was my Steady Light of Hope the other morning)

Going through an old thought for the day I came across this one that unfortunately, sometimes hits home.

When illness strikes, loneliness, despair, pain, hurt, death, fear, etc….. Find your


“No Matter how dark the situation, let me always hold on to the steady Light of Hope.”
( )

When I’m right in the thick of things, my darkest moments, my deepest despair; it seems impossible to find a steady Light of Hope. All you see is darkness. No windows, no doors, just deep sorrow, loss, despair, pain, loneliness, fear…. How can they say there’s even a glimpse of hope let alone a steady Light of Hope?

A lot of twelve step programs say you have to hit bottom before you can start the healing. Sometimes, that’s all too true. When your down and out and you can’t get any lower, and all  you feel you have is this dark coal of despair... It is at this point you feel life isn't worth it and you feel you have no choices, ... so low you are that you  even have to look up to see the rim of the gutter….. And there it is…."Look Up"... When all seems hopeless/darkest and the pain is so deep it hurts and  your chest physically aches, that is when you begin to crawl… reaching for whatever you can grasp…. , and you reach up to grab the rim of the gutter… all the sudden you're on your knees… "looking up". You are reeling with pain and despair you can't even talk... It is then that the mind screams out  “God /Creator/Universe/Devine; WHY, HOW, WHERE, STOP… PLEASE!??” That raw guttural plea turns into a prayer of desperation. It’s in that asking for deliverance that healing can begin. That dark coal in your heart starts to warm and glow. The ember starts to take hold. Your hand reaches up to grasp Hope. It’s then that things begin to change. Once the “prayer” or “cry” of desperation is uttered, there’s no going back. Coal may take a while to warm and glow but its fire heats deep and its glow lasts long and can be seen through the darkness.

Even in the darkest of dungeons, there is a glimmer of Light (hope) when they slide nourishment towards you. There is companionship in the quiet mouse that visits you every night. There is communication with the cricket that sings to you. All these small Steady Lights of Hope are around you even though you may feel alone. Look around see, feel, taste, touch, hear the heart beat of life, of Hope in the silence of despair. You are not alone. The Great Creator puts these unassuming beacons to guide us, to be with us even in our darkest days.

Focus on the glimmer of Light. Find comfort in the companionship around you. Listen to the songs of nature, taste the cool water that washes over you, easing pain. Touch the healing hand reaching down.
Reach up to the Light. Look up and see the steady Light of Hope beaming down on you. You are not alone.
That comforting smile from a nurse; that warm cup of tea/coffee being offered; that phone call that comes with the hope of work, the driver that motions for you to go ahead of them; that unexpected coin you find on the ground; the neighbor that waves good morning to you; the sunshine that warms your face; the breeze soft as an angel kiss cool on your cheek; the coo of a newborn baby; the chirp of a bird; the unconditional love given by your most precious pet; ... the list is endless for examples of the “Steady Light of Hope”. We may not recognize them at first when we are in our deepest darkest place, but they are there: ever present, always waiting for us.

Focus on the Lights that are around you and the darkness and shadows will fade. For up above the darkest storm clouds lies a Bright and Glorious Universe of Light. A Light so bright that it will fill your soul with Love and Peace. A Light of many colors creating a glorious Healing Rainbow of Hope. Reach Up and take the Hand of Love and you will find your Steady Light of Hope.

May you find healing and comfort even in your darkest situations. May you hold on to your Steady Light of Hope and find Peace and understanding. May your dark clouds lift giving way to the Healing Rainbow of Hope.

Love and Light, Nina P.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Gift Of Light's In You

The Gift Of Light's In You

There is a power in each of us
We tend to over look
Getting  so busy to notice
We  don't even open the book

The day goes by with its busy mess
The hustle pulls us along
We fall into its ebbing pull
As if to it we belong

As problems get to much for us
Life goes every which way
The Answer' there's for  each of us
Gently calling everyday

It's when we're at our weakest point
The breeze of Hope comes through
Blowing on our embers
As only It can do

There is  persistence in this glow
That cannot be withheld
 Igniting up  our very soul
Its energy starts to weld

This offering's so freely given
To guide us every day
As we open up this gift of Love
Its Light  will shine the way

If  life seems dark and hard to live
Step back and listen dear
For in the echoes of your heart
You will surely hear

The whispers of a Love so strong
It's only just begun
For living inside each of us
God's Light's already won

Let go, Let God Let your Light shine
Life will follow through
Keep opening  your life with Love
The gift of Light's in you
written with Love and Light, 10/24/10 by Nina P

Sunday, October 24, 2010


 A Little Halloween Fun

It's Halloween come out and play
Ghosts  and goblins have your way

                                Gathering  in the full moon light,
 As owls hoot and bats take flight.

Witches come with cape and hat,
Eye of newt and cat of black.

Let's boil a brew and cast a spell
So all will be happy and all is well

We'll sit around  and cackle a bit,
Sharing our secrets and some wit

Then Fly around on brooms of old
Scare some people  if we are bold

Spend some time and reminisce
Of cauldrons past as dragons hissed

A night to be that witch we are
Fly the skies both near and far

Flap your wings or howl at the moon
Teeth grow sharp not all too soon

So phantom  friend come fly with me
We've tales to tell and sights to see.

This is the night that's ours to run
Just having a little Halloween fun

Written 2009 by Nina Pauline  (a.k.a. Nina P )
                              Original Artwork by Kyle Jackson (