Thought For Today

Friday, June 26, 2009

Awake My Soul

Awake My Soul

Awake my soul from its slumber
Step out and great the day
With all its stories yet untold
Join in; is what I say
Stand back and be the casual observer
Or step in and join the play
Your piece is needed in this puzzle
Connecting others come what may

The actors all , they fill the stage
Each performing their own part
Each thought and movement braids the air
Such wondrous glorious art
Awake your soul and fill your space
Let Life’s story fill your heart
Your gifts are needed here and now
To fill Life’s Abundant Cart

Written with Love, Light and Hope
By Nina p. 6/26/09

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lessons from a Broken hand....

We've all had one of those days where you just think you should be somewhere else, farther along, etc...
Well this morning was one of "those" days for me... only to be turned around by my hand therapist..... (My injury is healing in its time; not mine, and frustrating more than anything.)
I count my blessings every day, and Pray and send Healing to those less fortunate... here's my turn around day....

Lessons From A Broken Hand
I had a bout of energy
To get out side and walk
I took the dogs and off I went
To walk my very talk
Got'em ready and “We’re off!”
For me the race did start
Walking fast for this ol’ broad
Happy dogs were walking smart
Walking by I say “Hello!”
To an old neighbor gent
Heard a noise and turned my head
Mistake!! as down I went
A crunch and splat is what I heard
Oh my, what did I do?
I turn on over and then look up
8 paws, 4 eyes say “just look at you”
I sat on up and looked around
To hear, “why miss are you all right?”
I lied to him and said “why yes”
As if I did this every night
It was 2:30 on march 15th
The day of my swan dive
A day I still remember
As to make a fist I strive
10 weeks in a cast and now PT
I work out every day
This morning she asked me how I was
“Very sore” I said with dismay
“I’m NOT where I want to be
And it just hurts. What can I do?”
She looked at me and then she said
“It takes time , I’ll work with you”

“Look not where you think you should be
But rather, how far you’ve come”
Deep down I think I knew this
But today I was just that dumb
An easy road’s not promised
It may take a horse and plough
The joy is in the journey
Is what I remember now
But every step is worth it
As we reach for rainbow skies
A changing of perspective
Turns doubts and fears to lies
From where I was to where I am
I’ve come leaps and bounds
I just needed a reminder
Lift my head and look around
I now can use 2 hands to type
And can even tie my shoe
For these little mountains I climb
I Thank God that I can do
The healing is in my mind
As much as in my hand
For I needed that reminder
I’ve come far despite the sand
Try walking up a mountain
Sifting sand under your feet
Each step ahead slides back a bit
Yet a forward motion you keep
I thank my therapist today
My catalyst in rhyme
With Faith we can move mountains
One fistful at a time
Written with Love. Light and Hope; by Nina P.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Create Love

Thought for Today:
If I learn to create love in my heart and silently share it with everyone I meet, Love will grace every corner of my life.

How true is this. If we can only find it in ourselves to Love ourselves, Love life, Love each other,….just Love. Let it fill every part of you, show Love, be Love….

Remember the feeling of being on cloud 9? Maybe it was a crush or first love… Maybe it was that gift you always wanted…Maybe it was going on that vacation of a lifetime… Your first pet…. Basking in the Light under the cool shade of a tree watching clouds go by…. We’ve all felt it at least once, that unstoppable excitement in the soul, that energy, that Love of/for life… Everything was possible… Nothing can stop us… It’s an amazing feeling!.. Whatever it was, remember how everything seemed right!?!

No one could take that feeling away from you. You walked a little higher, smiled a little broader, no one could break that inner “cloud 9” glow. You want to know something? It was contagious… That Love you had so great inside, exploded outside and no matter who or what you touched, it was affected by it!! That Light inside touched a spark in everyone and everything around you!

Love, is an inside job. True Love for Life, for Spirit, for God, Love for ourselves and another, it fills the soul and can’t be contained! It’s like trying to hide a powerful flashlight that’s turned on… you can’t. You can try putting your hand over the light to hide it’s glow; (We’ve tried this as children. If not, go try it now! Find a flashlight, turn off the lights and try to hide the glow with your hand..) The light is so powerful it shines through your hand, through you.

The Light glows through you and makes you glow too!! You’re alive with the Light; it’s changed and you can’t hide it. It glows!

If you are filled with Love, your inner Light shines, as a matter of fact…. It Glows! You can’t hide it, you can’t contain it. You can’t keep it to yourself, it’s impossible.

Have you ever sat next to a stranger yet feel the joy they bring? They don’t have to say one word, you just know and feel their glow. All the sudden you’re smiling, or laughing, or just feeling better for just having been near that person.

Create Love in your heart and silently share it with everyone!! Be “that” person, fill your heart and soul with the Light of Love. You will find that when people come up they’ll see and feel the Love and Joy, the Positive Energy around you, and smile. Watch as they walk by,.. their step is a little lighter, their face a little less stressed… God works in wondrous ways! The power of Love is unstoppable, it will grace every corner of your life.

May you be filled with Love and may you glow with inner Light that shines today and always filling every corner of your life.

Thank you all for sharing your glow, your Light, your Love with me and making my day a little brighter, my step a little quicker, my smile a little broader… You are truly a gift to me and others.
Love and Light, Nina P

Monday, June 22, 2009

Words Inside are Dancing

Like I've said in the past. Sometimes I just have to grab pen and paper and it's as if someone else is writing... This came so fast this morning, I had to grab a pen and the back of whatever was in front of me and jot it down... Talk about Random!!! :-D Whew!....
Oh well... I share it here anyway....

Words Inside are Dancing

Words fly across the page; Dark lines dancing by

First a funny jig; Then mixed in with a waltz

Words come in my mind; As music from the soul

Words are painting pictures; Though I can not draw

The paper fills up quickly; As the words keep dancing by

The music is internal; Illuminating from Light and Love

The image that I’m painting; Comes flooding in like thunder

Yet the flow is rapid; The music can’t be stopped

Spring, Summer, Fall; Give way to Winters cold

Yet every season too must come; To be a part of life

Today my thoughts are abstract; Yet to someone may make sense

I can not stop the flow; Of this almighty pen

So dance your inner dance; And feel your song inside

Your music’s just beginning; the tune is yours unique

Paint your life so full; With things that fill your soul

Go look outside and see; All the glories that there are

Then paint your song; And sing your pen and dance your inner dance

It’s love and Light that guide me; From thought to ink to paper

And then into your life I send; These words in random order

This must be my Picasso; Abstract in thought I paint;
I sing this song on paper; With ink and pen create;
These words inside are a dancing

Written with Love and Light,
By Nina P. 6/22/09

Since this poem is so random and abstract... I'm sending out a random heart!! I found it on line in the local newspaper section of photo's. I can't find it again to give proper credit :-(

Either way, the photographer caught an amazing "wild" heart....

I found the pgotographer!!! cheychey37 can be found @

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Story

This came flooding in today. I think I have so many young friends going through tough times (tween and teens) right now, I felt the need to share this little piece of me.
Sometimes young people don't realize other people might have fears and negative, depressive thoughts too. I know when I was younger I didn't. And, although I came from a very loving, caring family, I felt I couldn't share this "secret" I was holding on to. My family had nothing to do with it, this secret was an inside job.... It was me who couldn't or wouldn't share it. I was afraid...
I see my young friends struggling with life and having the same questions as I did. "Who am I?, Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where do I fit in? Why?" I'll admit I didn't have the violence these kids face in the inner city life they have, we didn't have the 2012 scare (which I will share my thoughts on in a later post..), etc...but, the questions about life and self still remained today....
And, just like I wasn't alone (even though I felt I was), I want people to know they're not alone either and it's OK to share their fears, demons, hopes, questions.....
Here's my story.... (at least so far. I still am finding new roads to travel!!)

My Story

Just about a year ago
I was told to: “tell my story to myself”

“Then look at it and share it too
Get it off that old dark shelf”

“Look back”; he said, “and you will see
What needs to come on out”

I looked at him and saw 2 heads
What on earth was he talking about?

It’s only now that time has past
I know what I must do

Share a piece of my darkest self
With the one and only you

So here I take a breath
And say a little prayer

That the sharing of my story
Will bring Light and not despair

I went on back inside my head
To my earliest memory

Of shadows, shapes and scary things
That where inside of me

I had such terrors in the night
I remember them today

Shadowy shapes; “their after me!"
“Come help me!” I would say

Next thing I remember
I was held in tender hands

Wake up dear it’s only a dream
Was my Mom’s commands

A little milk and I’d wake right up
And I just realized this now

I still love milk as much today
And have a relationship with cows!

Now back to my old feelings
Of how I didn’t fit in

I’d look around and see others play
I would join in and grin

But deep inside I didn’t feel
Connected with the rest

My feeling was I didn’t fit
Though I always tried my best

I was always a “big girl”
A bit on the “husky” side

Usually last to be picked
When the captains did decide

A square peg I felt I was
Out side a big round hole

No one knew my secret
To them I was all whole

I wasn’t always nice
To my sisters and their friends

I was jealous of how easily they seemed
To laugh and play until days end

My brothers for some reason
We played and did not fight

My little sister too
Was my ray of Light

I loved my family dearly
Do not misunderstand

Inside I felt so different
An outsider in this land

I kept my secret hidden
No one new my plight

How could I share this secret?
I was filled with such great fright

The story goes a little deeper
Before it comes out strong

Just bear with me a while
I promise it won’t be long

My teen years came with such confusion
As most teen years do

What is life? Why am I here?
My demons came right through

I don’t want you to think
My life was so depressed

I laughed and played and had such fun
It’s inside my head that was a mess

I don’t know why I felt like this
I guess that’s part of it

To me, I was the only one
That didn’t feel I fit

Feeling different I had such doubts
Mother Nature made a mistake

I dreamed it in my dreams
And felt it when awake

I had a revelation
When my mind was totally low

I had to make a decision
To live or just let go

It took a little while
While I lived inside my head

Outside all you would see
Is the happy, not the dread

In the darkness of my mind I saw
The Light under the door

To open the closet and see what’s there
Or stay and say no more?

Something stirred and so I took
A teeny, tiny step

Towards the door I crawled
Not feeling any pep

Each step I took came closer
To whatever lied beyond

Do I grab the handle and turn?
Do I leave my darkness bond?

I slowly gained the courage
To peek out into the Light

At first afraid to look
Slowly pushing off the fright

My life became so open
As I stepped outside to see

I saw a road not traveled
Could that road be for me?

I took a step so small
You might not have seen me move

But I know deep down inside
It was for me, I had to prove

Each step defined me more
Still different from the rest

But now I know the Light is mine
And for that I am ever Blessed

For each and every one of us
Must find their own way out

Just look out from that corner
And even give a shout

Chase back those dark, dark fears
A deep, deep breath, do take

Stand tall and keep the courage
Just a baby step; do take

For on the other side of darkness
There is a Great, Great Light

Through the ups and downs it will guide you
With Love and such great Might

And when grey skies come calling;
Look beyond the rain and see

That Rainbow of Hope is there for all
Even you and me

I celebrate my differences
And share this piece of me

For if it helps one person
That’s all that needs to be

And even if that person
Is only my true self

Than this story is still worthy
To keep off my inner shelf

Written 6/21/09
With Hope, Love and Light
By Nina P.

on Being Different!

Thought for Today:
Today I will enjoy the fact that we are all different.

We are all uniquely human! How wonderful is that? In a day of “knock off” clothes, toys, etc…, we are a one and only one of a kind! Twins, triplets, etc… that’s still OK, no “knock offs” there either; you’re unique as well.

We are all different, each of us has a place that only we can fill. Imagine a rainbow, a flower, or a sky with only one color… Kind of bland wouldn’t you think? Instead we have so many colors its hard to see them all. Like human kind, we are different. I may have blue eyes, limp a little and need to loose some weight; you may have dark hair, dark eyes, and wear a prosthesis; yet someone else may have a curved spine or missing limb; someone has cancer, disease or is crippled; and someone else is without external blemishes… It takes all of these differences to make a wonderful masterpiece called human kind.! We are each brush strokes in this wonderful painting called Life. Without you the painting would not be complete. Without each of us, with all our differences, there would be a gap, a hole in the world, the universe.

I want to thank you for being you. For being different from me, from your neighbor, from the person across the globe. You are here to complete the Masters mural of life. Sit back today and take a look. People watch if you can. If you can’t see, then just sit back and listen to all the melodious sounds around. Can’t hear than touch everything, feel the Master’s sculptures around you. Concentrate on the differences; then imagine life with only one texture, one shape, one smell, one color, one sound,…..ummmm …. Not very exciting is it?….

Now go and celebrate all the differences we have. Enjoy the symphony of life, the sound of rain falling, the warmth of the sun, the Rainbow after the storm, the taste of fresh spring water, the scent of life, a newly mown lawn, a barbecue, a flower, etc… Enjoy Life!! Enjoy today!! Enjoy each other, those close by and those across the sea. We are many hues and brush strokes in this Glorious Masterpiece called Life!

Now go Celebrate all that is different and Enjoy your Life!

Love and Light,
Nina P