Thought For Today

Friday, October 16, 2009

Unicorn Ride

Remember when the world was magical? When a walk in the park was a mysterious fairyland of play? A tree became a fortress, the flower beds a magic carpet? A broom became a trusty steed? A gate became an entrance to a courtyard of possibilities?

If only we could capture that whimsical innocence again. Free ourselves from the day to day and let our imaginations soar again, dream again, live again, if only for a moment....

Come join me while we travel to a land far, far away.... or is it?...
A trip to a Wonderland called Imagination....

Unicorn Ride

Such magic lies within the park

A mystical beast I've found

Imagination as the spark

Let's take a ride around

Prance among the flowers

Looking up to see the sky

No cares about the hours

As trees and shrubs go by

Capture every scene there is

With Joys that fill the soul

Forget the reigns trust in his

Sit back, take in the stroll

Beauty's all around I see

As magic fills the air

Over there I see a tree

Clothed in such festive flair

Standing out amongst the crowd

Vivid colors shining bright

Not so tall but oh so proud

It shimmers in the Light

Our trusty steed, a unicorn

mystifies the day

High stepping over newly born

Grass and flowers come what may

Soak up the sun and take this ride

Dance with natures glory

Feel the energy deep inside

For now you're part of life's story

Written 10-2-09 with a whimsical heart

With Love and Light,


Nina P.

(photo's are from microsoft office clip art downloads online or google image search images/ unicorns. if you click on the image, the location is there)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Sorry to people who read this earlier. I hadn't proof read very well. I was just going to post the photo's and then words came to me so  fast.... but it takes longer to post than you think and I ended up posting a little too fast. .. I went in and re wrote a few things. This is a little better. (No more trying to get a post off quick before work... )
All the images are from this past weekend either at the family homestead in Little Valley or the Fall festival in Ellicottville, NY. The leaves were just about peak and BEAUTIFUL!


Autumn  Leaves

Autumn leaves are shining bright

shimmering in the breeze

The colors bold and worn with pride

A coat for all to see

The twilight of their life it seems

yet the best of times

Showing off their wisdom

with colors of every kind

A celebration of where they've come

and what their life has been

Droughts, and winds and heavy storms

 they've made it through them all

So shine with pride and  wear your colors

You've earned them every one

Let's walk a while and reminisce

and celebrate  Autumn's Splendor

Written 10-12-2009

With Love and Light,

Nina Pauline