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Friday, December 18, 2009

Jungle Dreams for Jack and His sister Kate

This was written for a dear young man, Jack, his sister Kate, and his parents.  He is an amazing young man fighting the battle of his life.  Please pray for Jack, and his family and for all those in need of Help and Healing.   The story is how he had his hair shaved and had some fun while doing it. They shaved a cross on the top of his head for a while and took pictures.... So of course I had to rite a little something to bring some smiles.  (His site didn't have spell check and cut and past didn't work so... sorry about the typo's on his site) You can visit CampJack here:

Jungle Dreams
I'm back again to tuck you in
And say I love your style
That handsome cross on your head
I bet it made God Smile!

Jump in bed you sleepy heads
And dream such great BIG dreams
Fly over stars to jungle lands
Slide down those bright moon beams

Prayers go up and pillows call
Angels watch close over head
When eyelids close the magic starts
Amazing dreams now fill your head

Leaves of trees look like umbrellas
And vines are licorice strings
A cute orangutan runs like a cheetah
Wow! So many mixed up things

Something swings from branch to branch
It must be some kind of monkey
Hold it now I hear it roar
It's got tigers stripes how Funky!

In the water a Hippopotamus
Gosh he's big and wide
But hold it now he's lifting his head
His neck looks like a giraffe I cried!

A hyena laughing what fun I hear
As I look up it just can't be
These animals are just crazy
It's a snake laughing up in the tree

What next I think. This is fun!
Let's explore and see some more
A big red frog opens its mouth
Hold your ears, Out comes a Lions Roar!

Such silliness, how it makes me smile
That panther hops like a frog
What's that pretty little bird I see?
A parrot that sounds like a Wart Hog!

Ms. Zebra's got an elephants trunk
And Antelope's with a lions mane
Great Rhinoceros has a Lemurs tail
Mr. Centipede has a head of a crane

A 3 toed sloth makes a spiders web
And now something's licking my toes.
Oh how cute an ocelot
But with an Anteaters nose!

That Gorilla's looking up at the sky
She opens her wings and flies away
I love this magical jungle I'm in
I hope to come back some day

Ahead I see a Light getting brighter
A tap on my shoulder I feel
I turn my head and rub my eyes
It's my Moms, and they are real.

Boy what stories I have to tell
In the magical jungle I've been
With Wild animals and Crazy trees
And our Kate is even a Queen!

Sweet Dreams to all at Camp Jack and Camp Kate.

Written for all Campers with
Love and Light,
by Nina P