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Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Silence...

When I really started feeling the "calling" to write poetry, it came from a need to express comfort to those that have lost. First with the loss of my father many years ago and then throughout the years with friends and family that have lost loved ones. Some one said my writings all "sound the same", and maybe part of that is true. As I look back on my old writings, there are many written to comfort people that have lost loved ones. By putting feelings and memories into words, I try to acknowledge the heart felt pain, and transition emotions to those that offer comfort, hope and acknowledge the joy of the life once shared.

This one was written for a friend who lost their spouse. You can exchange he or she for they if it carries more meaning for you. Originally it was she. In Love and Light, I share yet another...


What do you do when someone’s gone away?
Words seem shallow; so much more I want to say.

I sit and think, My heart aches for you.
Your pain, your sorrow, what can I do?

Everyone gathers the support is abound
Afraid to be alone yet don’t want anyone around.

It’s a pace with no name there’s nothing you can do,
For it’s nowhere at all but inside of you.

In silence you sit, watch, listen and wait.
You feel and feel and want out; there’s no gate.

The pain of the loss overtakes your breath
This place hurts as you feel their death.

It’s dark and damp and oh so cold
You can’t go on there’s no one to hold

A chill you feel then sweet softness so warm
Across your neck, your cheek, your lips…no form

In silence you see a light it glows
Your holding your breath, the silence grows

A thought it comes and touches you
A smile it brings as only they can do

Memories fly and laughter it comes
A fragrance you taste on your tongue

The light is bright as thoughts go by
Times together; they seem to fly

Memories flood in. Oh please let them stay?
Oh God why did you take them away?

A silent touch you feel; your heart skips a beat
A voice, their voice, you get up on your feet

You’re alone, you’re alone ;you tell yourself out loud
Your head spins, heart races, you feel as if a cloud

This place inside of you isn’t really that bad
It’s a place where it’s even ok to get mad

The loss you feel.. Once here… now not
Your gut wrenches with all the pain you’ve got

Let the silence come again inside of you
Listen, wait, feel; there’s nothing to do

Acceptance of all this, it comes with Love
Wisdom beyond ours; it comes from Above

Listen to your memories in sweet quietness
Look past the pain and the emptiness

Soon you will find this quiet place that you have
Has healing powers, much as a salve

Unnamed feelings with no way to express
Come, find Peace in silent reminisce

How great is the loss of your lover, your spouse
At times you may feel so alone in your house

In silence just listen, they’re there by your side
At the same table with arms open wide

They want you to feel and know their all right
As angels watch over you all through the night

I know I babble and make little sense
But feelings and words build life, not a fence

Raw emotions we have and don’t know what to do
Just listen and know that we are here for you

To walk and to talk or just sit and be
You’ve touched many lives and are like family

I don’t sit and judge that’s not who I am
I’m a watcher of life and try not to condemn

I offer to you myself as a friend
To hold if you want when tears have no end

You don’t know me that well but know this as true
As a friend in your life, I’m here for you

I believe in this place as I’ve described above
I found it first with loneliness, anger; not love

As time passes on and fond memories come
This silent place actually starts to hum

The loneliness fades and so does the pain
Even tears of your loss come and go like the rain

Memories can hurt as they pull at your heart
You’ll always wish that you’re not far apart

Times a great healer as is God Above
Hang on to your friends and gain strength from their love

Remember in silence your lover’s right there
By your side blowing kisses that brush through your hair
They loved you, and love you with all of their heart
Just know in your silence, you’re never apart.

Written with Love and prayer by Nina P. 12/2000

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thought for the Day: Courage, Determination and Love

Fill every thought with determination, every step with courage and every word with love. from: Thought for Today

As newborns we rely on others to change our destination. Slowly we learn to move, to crawl to investigate the world around us; for it is a story yet untold. One day, with great determination, we take a tentative step, and then another, and another, trying to reach what lies ahead. With each step we gain confidence and courage to take another step. Soon we’re running without fear, investigating the wonders around us. We feel the Love and support of those around, encouraging us to keep going. With the Love and Light around us we seek knowledge and truth, walking , even running with Faith towards unknown adventures. We giggle with glee and express our excitement to others with overabundant Love and Joy! As little children we can’t wait to talk about our adventures and get others to watch us, or even join us. Remember reaching out to take someone’s hand and pull them along? “Come see!! I’ll take you…. See it’s not scary…. Look!!!” The excitement of these words are filled with such great Love, Courage and Determination.

As adults we can loose some of our enthusiasm and determination. We get sidetracked, procrastinate, turned around, and/or even fearful to take another step. Settling for mediocrity, we fall into a trap of hesitant starts and stops, of fear and insecurities, of self doubt and lack of motivation. We sometimes loose our love and excitement of and for life. We stagnate in the development of ourselves, of life, of Light, of love. We get stuck in the shadows and have fearful perceptions of what’s around us and what may be lurking ahead. Complacent with ourselves and our life, we can’t seem to see a way out so we trudge through blindly; in the dark.

If we look beyond the dark, beyond the shadows, there is a Light. It glimmers just ahead like the dawn of a new day. We can face the corners of darkness, or we can turn to the Light with wonder and excitement! “What is it? What will happen?” That little ember of Hope, that little Light becomes brighter. The darkness gives way to the Light and the Light continues to grow. The shadows fade and a world of wonder is unveiled: the warmth of the Son, the song of a bird, the soft breeze of an angel kisses your face. The Light shines deep and brightens even the darkest corners of resolve. A new world of Hope lies ahead. Your hand reaches up and says: “Take me, help me…. I want to see, feel, touch, explore….show me the way…” Feel the warmth in your hand gently guide you, encourage you, give you the strength to move forward… have Faith in the Light for it shines for us all. Let us once again open our eyes to see; open our hearts to feel; let go of our fears; learn to Love; learn to see the beauty around; and run again hand in hand with joy and excitement towards a glorious future.

May we once again find the wisdom of our childhood. The determination to take those first tottery steps out of the darkness. May we once again learn to run with courage towards the Son Light and the life we have in front of us. May we not look back at the darkness, the disappointments, sorrows or shortcomings; but instead, look towards the future with its rainbow of Hope. May we speak with Love and Light and may the son shine upon us warming us deep to the soul. May each day bring us a Spirit of wonder and Enlightenment and may we find true Peace and joy spreading it to all we meet and in all we do. May we once again take someone’s hand with Love and excitement and say; “ Come See!!… I’ll take you… See it’s not scary….Look!..” The Light shines for All. A hand is reaching down to you, take it and run with Courage, Determination and Love.

Written with Love and Light, by Nina P.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


From “How we feel about ourselves, the joy we get from living, ultimately depends directly on how the mind filters and interprets everyday experiences. Whether we are happy depends on inner harmony, not on the controls we are able to exert over the great forces of the universe.” – Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

Denny had a blog page with a question: How Do You Realistically Get Happiness? I posted a response and was suggested to post it here as well.

Here's my response:



Laughter exercises the soul.
Smiling Lightens the Spirit.
Hugs bring Love to heart.
Play brings togetherness.
Fun brings sunshine, giggles and grins!

How did the song go...."don't worry, be happy!!!!"

Love and Light,Nina P.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life's Ramblings...

Life’s Ramblings…
Written many years ago in the early dawn while camping by a lazy stream…

Life just keeps repeating… over and over… breeze after breeze… wave after wave…
like water chasing the shore… each ripple sounds alike…
The wind it rustles the leaves, sweet music in the air. A bird it cries in the distance, calling for rain. Squirrels chatter as they scurry along, playing with each other. A leaf falls by my head, no sound it makes at all. It catches my eye as it blows along. Into the rippling water it goes, riding the waves; up then down, then up again… it gently flows along.

A rock is there and changes things. The leaf it changes too. It stutters and then stops… a moment is all. Then waves, they carry it along. The stream flows on endlessly, or that is what it seems. With little effort it lilts along; it sounds so merrily. Wave upon wave it ripples on. The tune of Life it sings….

If only we could live as this, adapting all the time: A stream it never stops; it keeps flowing every day. Day by day it moves along taking things in stride.

Obstacles, like the rocks we see, sometimes we can’t get through. We push and push and push some more and yet there seems no change. We try again without much luck, whatever can we do?

The stream it teaches not to try to push the rock at all. For gently push and move aside; for now, just go around. With persistence as with change, both rock and water live.

The water keeps on moving by with gentle rippling licks. The rock it thinks it can not budge.; after all it is mighty strong… and Yet… look what happens over time… the rock, its had to change. For rippling water moved aside and continued on its way. It changed its course and compromised after touching the solid rock. The rock has stayed, but over time it’s showing sings of change. It’s edges smoothed as pieces felt the need to join the stream. For obstacles, like rocks, do change, they can’t withstand the waves. The repeating, rhythmic, rippling path has affect, and persuades the rock along.

If we try to be like the stream; water flowing, with life’s changes, we adapt to each and every obstacle we meet. Like the stream we to can flow, regardless what rock comes in our way. We forge ahead, we move on by, not stopping for too long.

For life you see repeats itself, the rocks, they always are. We must adapt and change a bit as we move along. The rocks sometimes will move or change, other times they never will.

Keep rippling like this stream, a never ending wonder.
Ramblings written with Love and Light by Nina P.