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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Through a Pilot's Eyes

I wrote this for a Dear, Dear friend of mine, Dr. Morris Wortman. He's been extremely supportive of my writing and introduced me to Brenda J. Washington (Photographer Extraordinaire) She is a fantastic photographer and a wonderful person. You can Visit Brenda: 
to see more of her wonderful photography.
We teamed up together for our first project. I wrote the poem for Moe with Brenda's photo's in mind. Brenda and I  did some creative work with Rick at Scale 2: Display and Graphic Solutions
(visit:      and you can see all the other things he's done)                       
  Rick was instrumental with the design and outlay of the project. The finished size of the "poster" was about 20" X 30" .  He was so helpful and as you can see, the project came out Magnificent!! So here goes our first collaborative work.... 
For the "kid" in all of us..... Here's Through a Pilot's  Eyes (click on picture to enlarge)
With Love and Light,
Nina Pauline
All work is protected under ©2009-2010
Please abide by all standard copy right laws. For those that can't read the poster:
Through A Pilot's Eyes
Days of possibilities
Fill up each morning sky
A question always asked
"I wonder just how high?"
Childhood dreams come flooding back
With each rising of the sun
Stretched out arms are my wings
I take off at a run
I soar over sidewalk cracks
My valleys, great, below
Jumping over rocks I see
Above mountain tops I go
Instead of arms outstretched back when
Today my wings are real
Yet when I fly my heart still beats
Like a kid again I feel
Over peaks and valleys
I really now do soar
Zooming through cloud figures
Like a child, I explore
Excitement fills my heart and soul
Of that there are no lies
Each day's a possibility
Through a Pilot's eyes
With Love and Appreciation
for a Dear Friend
Written  by: Nina P. Ploetz
Photographs by: Brenda J. Washington