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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Take Time....

Inspired by the Thought for Today:

Take Time: Take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul. Take time to think, it is the source of power. Take time to read, it is the fountain of wisdom. Take time to love and be loved, it is a God-given privilege. Take time to work, it is the price of success.
From: Thought for Today

Two very different days ..... you choose....

Alarm goes off you hit snooze (“just a few more minutes...”). Alarm goes off you hit snooze (“I need just a few more minutes…”). Alarm goes off, “Oh @#&^*!!! Look at the time!!” You fly out of bed grab your coffee (you set the night before to go off this morning to save you time). Take a sip, HOT, HOT, HOT…. Take another sip, jump in the shower, shampoo, shave, rinse, jump out dry off, hair dryer?… No time, it’ll be the put the car vents on high hair dryer again today,
Get dressed, breakfast?.... grab a breakfast bar and fly out of the house, get in the car and race off…

“Did I lock the door?” Back up put car in park… get out of car check door, yep it’s locked. Rush through traffic this lanes faster, good I’m in it, Look in your old lane and see a familiar car, hey, that car was 3 behind me…. Get back in original lane…

Made it! Finally at work, now to find parking… Around and around, there in the back… I’ll take it! Run… no… walk fast (it looks better) punch in just made it… whew…. Rush, Rush, Rush, time for lunch, grab a quick bite if your lucky, rush, rush, rush, Wow where did the time go? ... Punch out; find your car, “now where did I find that spot?”… Beep the key fob to hear where you parked it, listen, nothing…. beep again, listen… there I heard it….walk towards sound. Still don’t see it. Beep one last time, Ah, there it is tucked back in the corner, right where you left it…… get in buckle up and off to fight the traffic home…. Sitting in traffic now, “I have to remember to do this tomorrow, call so and so tomorrow… I should have done it today just didn’t have time…”

Finally, h o m e… Walk the dog, take out the trash, play with the kids, listen to my partners day, eat diner, oh that’s right I was supposed to stop and get dinner… @$*#&^! Forgot again, oh well grilled cheese and soup, not bad… help kids with their homework, watch a show or two, play on computer, time for bed…. Set the coffee for the morning…. Try to sleep...……

Sound familiar? ???

What would it be like if I set the alarm 20 minutes earlier and/or Got Up without hitting the snooze? Wow almost an hour earlier! (20 minutes you set it for and at least 20 for not hitting snooze twice)..... Try it...

Alarm goes off, get up get your cup of coffee... Sit by a window and drink your coffee. Wake up with the birds; listen to the sounds of morning….Eat Breakfast, read part of the paper. Take a long hot shower, get ready for work. Smile! Laugh at your pet looking at you with those pathetically cute eyes! Kiss the family and wish them a good day…

Get in the car and notice the sky, the colors, the trees, the buildings, think about the funny story you heard or read about yesterday, chuckle… “Oh I’m here already, wow that was quick!” Drive around and hey there’s a spot, I’ll take it. Hum your way into work, smile and say good morning to people, (hey someone smiled back)… get busy doing my work, and it’s time for lunch already. Ask a co-worker to join you maybe even take the long way back just to get in a short walk, back to work…. Wow it’s quitting time already…. Pick up everything…. Say “see you tomorrow” to your co-workers, walk to the car, yep right where you left it! Get in, turn on your favorite station and sing along on the way home, stop and pick up dinner or groceries...

Home already!?! Hug your family; ask them how their day was. Listen. Play with the kids. Have a family dinner talking about what good things happened today and what plans they have. Help with homework and chores, play a family game or go for a family walk before dark. Laugh with your family and or friends. Watch a show together, get ready for bed. Talk with each family member and tell them “Good night, sleep well, I love you”… Set coffee to go off an hour earlier….Go to bed, read a favorite author or write in your newly started journal….. Turn out the light and have the most restful sleep you’ve had in a long, long time…

The choice is yours and mine my friend; the choice to Take Time:

Take time to breathe... Take time to Love… Take time to listen… Take time to work… Take time to laugh…Take time for family and others…Take time to play… Take time to be with yourself… Take time for your spirit, your soul….. Take time to meditate, pray…Take time to live….

Take Time....

by Nina P.

I'm not sure why I changed from "I "to "you" while writing this.... except that thats how it came to me; the interchanging of perspective I sometimes get on life....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful Photography filled with Depth and Emotion!

Hi everyone, I'm passing along a website you might want to look at.

Simply put:

Beautiful Photography filled with Depth and Emotion!

Some will take your breath away, some cause you to reflect, some bring you back to a simpler time of honesty and hard work, most will make you smile,
and all are filled with depth and emotion

Each photo tells its own story......

If you like something, go ahead and contact Lawrence, and make a purchase.
Tell him you heard about him here; from Nina P.
(It might not get you a discount, but it will get a smile!)

Thanks for looking and sending it on.

May your day be filled with reflection on the goodness in life and the fullness of the beauty of nature. May you see the world around you and find something that fills your heart and takes your breath away. And may your heart be touched by Love and Grace today and always.

Love and Light,
Nina P.

Happy Graduation


Graduation is here and it’s time to say
God Bless your future come what may.

The roads been hard but you’ve made it through
Since it’s done, now what to do?

The classes, the grind, and teachers comment
Stand in your mind no more to lament

The world’s your oyster, is what some say
What ever that means, just seize the day

Life is hard but you can win
Trust in the Lord and try not to sin

He said; “ask and you shall receive”
To do this, you must always believe

College or work, or whatever‘s your lead
Doing your best you’ll always succeed

You may be tempted by many things
Trust in the Lord and all that He brings

Through ups and downs, He is your guide
Stand strong in Faith and feel His Pride

Your life’s a canvas, a painting in part
God’s own masterpiece; you’re His Great Art

You don’t know what the painting will be
Walk with the Lord and you will see

All of your moments keep adding a stroke
The painting’s yours, no one can revoke

Dark lines are added not to give fright;
Instead they give depth to all that is bright

Your painting is crafted by His Almighty hand
To deepen our lives as is His command

So stay strong in Faith, Courage and Love
Know that His guidance comes from above

Graduation’s a time, a Journey to start
Have fun, enjoy and keep God in your heart.

Written with Faith/Hope and Love,
by Nina P.

United Way - A good cause

United Way

"Live United"

2009 fund raising campaign

United Way it’s time again
To give a little Hope
To show we care and want to help
Find ways for them to cope

Times are hard for all this year
We must dig a little deep
Find in your heart a way to care
Be a leader not a sheep

“My life’s hard too” Is what I hear
Sadly all to true
But find that place to give a little
There always things to do

Every dollar every cent
May mean a life to someone
So count your cans and save them up
Turn them in and you’ll be done

So Live United and help them out
By showing your compassion
That even in the toughest times
Giving is in fashion

Fill out your forms and hand them in
And give a little change
Send a check or volunteer
I know this all sounds strange

But helping’s what it’s all about
It gives the inner grin
Now start the clock the challenge is on
Ready, Set, Begin!!
By Nina P. 2009