Thought For Today

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What really prompted this poem, were conversations I've overheard from couples of all ages. We are in the "techno" age and couples may even be in the same room yet are texting each other on their phones rather than talking to each other..., they sit each with their each with their computer in their own space and e-mail each other instead of having a verbal conversation and holding hands....  their partner is in the other room watching another TV program while they are on a "chat" site with people they've never met .... and for all these situations the closeness and connections that brought people together are being lost and people are drifting apart and even breaking up.... We seem to have lost the "art" and "magic" of communication, compassion, forgiveness, Love, etc.. of being a couple and enjoying the person that once stole your heart... and doing things together..
Seems everywhere you turn these days you hear, read, see or experience problems with relationships. Couples in the news breaking up, doing their own thing.... These are just some thoughts that came flooding in...

Have you ever felt you live together  yet you seem so far apart
Sitting in separate rooms desperately needing a heart to heart

Silently  you're yearning for personal communication
Hesitant to interrupt,  you  wait for such an invitation

The mind  creates much madness when silence fills the air
Inwardly   we wonder, "Do they even really care?"

Life is hard as we all have our own worries  and struggles
Frustrations come out sideways bursting the others bubbles

Instead of time together each one is doing  their  own thing
To busy with themselves to realize how big this does sting

Outwardly each is  growing their own inner frustrations
Instead of talking to the other, each has  Silent conversations

Ever speak out loud and say "remember?" and they haven't got a clue?
You say "yes we talked", they shake their head...then you think it through

Sure enough that conversation only occurred within your head
To busy were you both to talk,  you both went straight to bed

Silence kills relationships if you don't stop this trend
You may just find the loss of  your one true and dearest friend

Make time for each other, as difficult as  it might seem
Don't let your one and only, fall into just a dream

Look at happy couples that have stood the test of time
Regardless of how long it's been, they're always in their prime

Touch each other and hold hands whenever the chance arises
Give unexpected  hugs and kisses  and have a few surprises

Remember " Please" and "Thank You'" for everything that's done
And the magic of "I Love You",  can bring two back into one

Relationships can be good and in fact do ease much stress
Talk, forgive and share with Love don't hesitate to express

Don't let the act of living, separate your hearts too far
Make that extra effort; let them know who they truly are

Stop taking  the other for granted go show you really care
Reveal your secret goals and dreams, just  open up and share

Try giving  100% to the other, receiving  back the same
Cherish dear your  life together, make that your  highest aim

Spend quality time together and listen to their soul
Compassion is the magic and Love the ultimate goal
May you find the Joy of Communication, Closeness, Long walks, Long talks, connecting and/or reconnecting with the one you Love. Blessings to you and yours: 
written with Hope, Love and Light,
Nina P