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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ripples on a Pond....

Ripples on a Pond

We go to water our soul to feed
Seeking it out when we're in need

A stone is thrown and circles form
From calmness now we have a storm

These ripples how they mesmerize
Each circle spreading before our eyes

The stone once thrown now is still
Yet its effects will test your will

The ripples move us on instead
We do not know what lies ahead

So as we move on towards the shore
Please anticipate so much more

Our ripples spread until they touch
Then we seem to change so much

With added strength, our path is new
God has plans for us to do.

Our circles spread and move us on
Connecting with others we come upon

As with the water, we can't stay still
Stones move us on against our will

We can sink below the surface
Or sail each wave with a new purpose

Look at the horizon and see the Son;
Brightly Rising; life's just begun

So travel each and every wave
It started a ripple just yesterday

We never know our journeys length
But God will always give us strength

So go beyond what you feel you can
His guidance for every woman and man

Travel in Light and live Gods way
Your circle grows stronger everyday.

By Nina Ploetz (10/26/05)

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