Thought For Today

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God Graced The Morning Sky Today

God Graced the Morning Sky Today

God Graced the morning sky today
As I opened sleepy eyes
The sun it warmed my soul a bit
as I heard the bird song cries

My Spirit lifted as I woke
my arms up high I stretch
I look outside my heart it beats
As I see God's Glorious sketch

The colors such that I've ever seen
a mosaic of beauty changing
The glow starts soft as I watch
constantly rearranging

As I look upon the morning sky
I'm overcome with feeling
God's Grace it touches me
I feel His Wondrous Healing

This day is New and so am I
with each morning sky
God's plan for me is waking
I no longer wonder why

I look at all His Blessings
He's given me this day
I see His Love in everything
God's here in every way

I lift my eyes up to the Sky
and say a Thankful prayer
This day begins with God and I
I feel Him always there

God Graced the Morning Sky Today
With a New Spirit I soar
As I walk with Him in my heart
I find Life is so much more

I wish for you a day so filled
with all God's Glory and Grace
May your heart be filled with Love
His warmth upon your face

written with Hope, Love and Light,
Nina Pauline 3-9-10

All Photo's are by my niece Erin P. ... Thank you Erin. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Mirror

The Mirror:

In the mirror it's the self we see, looking back at us

At first it's only a face and hair,  all frazzled in a muss

Then I look at the person, that's looking back at me

Questions come into my mind, like who can that be?

Am I just the crows feet, creeping towards my eye?
Or am I all the gray, that's chasing color goodbye?

I see a weathered face, that has seen some better days

My pallor looks anemic, needing some of sunlight's rays

When I stare at outward things, this is what there is

Questions keep on flooding in, my life is it the quiz?.

My mind puzzles and  I see, someone's questioning back

I see their contemplation; "Are you having a panic attack?"

Then I look into their eyes, and see a soul within

A sparkle in their eyes, a Light that makes me grin

The grandeur of their  inner self, and inner Joy of Spring

The depth of Spirit and Compassion, I see they now do bring

There is wisdom in those old eyes,  as I see a dear lost friend

It's then I see acknowledgment,  I finally comprehend

The face I see is like a mask, it's not my inner wealth

In the eyes is my soul, that's where  I see my  health

I am not my outer shell, I've grown to so much more

Experience has taught me, but  Faith does make me soar

Age may change my outer self,  but inside I stay young

A friend is looking back at me. My  life has just begun

Written with Love and Light,

by Nina Pauline

I've always been told I look like my mother's side of the family. A few years ago I took half of my face and put it on my mother... (mind you she wore glasses at the time and I didn't) I was amazed at the similarities. To the point where depending on who I showed the altered photo too some would say, "oh that's a nice picture of you" and others would say "that's a nice picture of your mother"... Both compliments and both, obviously, my mother's side...
Yet when I started fooling with the contrast, color, tint, brightness etc..( trying to just see/highlight the eyes etc.. I don't have a photo-shop or anything so this was the best I could do with the effect I was trying for).of this mirror photo I took with my phone today.... I may have my mother's face... but,  I see my father's eyes looking back at me.
 May you look in the mirror and see your shining soul reflected back at you through your eyes.  
Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P