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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Diversity of Trees

The Diversity of Trees

There is something in the beauty of a tree
Branches reaching together for all to see

Hand in hand strolling,  a path they create
Strong and alone, a sentry  at  gardens gate

It's mountains they climb on a forest run
Carpeting valleys, united, they act as one

The beauty of all with their leaves so unique
Needles cover like fur and each looks so chic

Colors are brilliant with foliage and flowers
Spring brings growth with its sun and showers

Look over there as trees brightly glisten
Branches sing in the breeze just stop and listen

As Shade, food or home there are uses galore
No wonder trees have so many hues we adore

So many differences  yet so much the same
A multitude of types, too many to name

United, all branches grow towards the sky
Reaching with glory to see just how high

Such variety of trees, yet everything's all right
Separate and together, they reach the same light

Look around, see their vibrant beauty with ease
Now go and Celebrate the Diversity of Trees

Written with Hope, Love and Light,
by Nina Pauline 3-14-10

And I dare add, we could all learn a lesson or two from a tree...
The photo's are by Marilyn P, Erin P or Nina P. I had to add this little cutie that came into our back yard yesterday. I'd never seen such a thing, but my Mother and older brother both say this little one is called a piebald deer... Cute little one! even has a little overbite going on....