Thought For Today

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I sit and Wonder What Life is About

I am wishing everyone a very happy and blessed thanksgiving. 
May travels be safe, food be plentiful and the joy of family and friends be cherished. 
bountiful Blessings to you and yours.
Love and Light,
Nina P

I sit and wonder what life is about

  I sit and wonder what life is about
And see a glorious place
A place where people, places, and things
Come together and contemplate

Where family, friends and those unknown
Each separate, yet as one
All live together on this great earth
A home we all must make

If we look to the heavens we would see
How night gives way to day
Then all to soon we'd see again
As sun and moon exchange

The one doesn't hurry the other along
They seem to share quite well
There are lessons taught to people here
We can learn to get along

So mingle a bit as do  dusk and dawn
It's something we can do
Just share the time and the space
There's beauty everywhere

For  in the morning and twilight
Such colors they create
The splendor of this blend in time
Could be the human race

Nature will teach us how to live
Let's follow in her wake
I sit and wonder what life is about
 And see a glorious place

written with Love and Light
by Nina Pauline (9-23 & 11-21-2010)