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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life and Rainbows (inspired by an e-mail)

The rainbow pictures are the only ones I took. The others were in the e-mail that was sent around a few years ago.... I hope you enjoy!

I had to write this poem below; a Hand touched mine, so here it goes:

Life and Rainbows:

When you look at life with hateful eyes
all you see is fear and lies
If you look at life with eyes of fear
bleak and hopeless are always near
So look at life with Faithful Love
the Son shines on you from above
Your fear will fade and so will hate
look around and you'll see your fate

For on the bleakest of your days
you'll find something to be amazed

With one special moment or maybe event
like a family of ducks is what He meant

To look at life with Forgiving Grace
the wave you missed, the dolphins raced

When angered over catastrophic things
you survived because of Angels wings

So turn your stresses inside out
helping others is what it's all about

Look around when you're lost and alone
many new friends are near your home

Luck comes from love and those you touch
your life will change I know that much

When some look on and laugh and point
stand strong in Faith for He anoints

With Power and Grace you'll carry on
His strength you can always rely upon
His Rainbow is there we just have to look
after each hardship as He wrote in His book
So when life's been hard and you’re feeling down
that "Rainbow's" for you just look around

It may be a smile, some food, or His great art
a feeling of warmth that fills your heart.
Look at life with open eyes
a rainbow's there, it's His surprise
So let your breath be taken away
look for His Blessings in every day.
Written by Nina P. Ploetz 12/9/2006

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