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Saturday, August 6, 2011

We are ONE IN the Spirit, We are ONE WITH the Light, We are ONE THROUGH God

This literally came flooding in so fast my hand could not keep up writing... I could barley read what was written.. today I feel the need to revisit and edit and add to the message that came... So, it is with gratitude and humility, I shine this Light for others to see...

We are ONE IN the Spirit, We are ONE WITH the Light,

          The Great Divine, Creator, God, Infinite Intelligence, Master, Trinity, Teacher, Light, ..., "I Am",... has been and always will be in-with-and through us. This "Light" (if you will) is part of each of us and will be in-with-and through us throughout eternity.

Do we let Light shine?

Do we put restrictions on shining our Light?

Have we hidden the Light?

Have we dowsed the flame to accommodate others beliefs?

Are we afraid to let it shine for fear of retribution?

Do we shine only for some and not for all?

Do you look for the Light in others?

Are you able to look beyond the shadows and darkness to see the glimmer of Light in others? yourself?

          The Light that is part of each and every soul is eternal. It cannot be put out. The embers are always there, ready, waiting, willing to shine. Even the seemingly darkest people have this Light, this ember. They have just hidden it so deep covering it with fear, hurt, anguish, hate, greed, resentment, ego, etc... They have placed and ocean of darkness within themselves trying to put out the Light..... BUT, the LIGHT cannot be stopped.

Hate CANNOT devour Love and Love IS Light

Fear CANNOT douse the knowledge/the faith of eternal Light

Ego/greed/power CANNOT defeat the embers of Hope, Love, and Light that survive eternity.

Light is there, waiting at the door... waiting for the opportunity, the inquisitiveness of the dark to open the door to see what is behind it. It is this small breath of movement, of hesitation from the dark, that gently blows upon the eternal embers.... the darkness has no choice but to see, feel, know.. this small indiscernible glow is there... pure darkness is no more... the ember of eternal Light never sleeps. Even the smallest breath warms the darkest coal. For deep inside that coal, the Ember of the Spirit Lives.... Waiting with Love... to warm even the coldest and darkest of hearts. Once awakened, this ember, this Light will never again be dimmed. It starts to warm, to glow, to thrive.
          What about those in the Light? Those who's flames already shine? True Light has no ego... it does have self worth... self awareness... but ego has no place... for ego places one above another, ego seeks power, ego is destructive of the True Light. So why this warning of ego? Why not cry out " My Light shines so bright!!"? No, be humble in the Light, for the Light works in you...with you... through you... it shines in and of itself. It magnifies what is needed from you to shine to the world. Light, does not need our help, our ego, to do the work that is needed... Instead it needs our self esteem, our self worth... to know, we are worthy of the Light.... we are worthy of being, doing, sharing, shining this Light allowing it to work in/with and through us, not us using it but rather, the Light (so to speak) using us for the good of all. For we are ONE with the Light.

          Where and when does ego affect our Light? When we judge others... "oh did you see so and so"... "can you believe that".... "OMG what a blank that person is"... the list is endless and we all do it at one point or another in our lives... it is part of our learning process of being human...

ego vs. self esteem the wrestling match of humanity.

· EGO wants recognition

· EGO wants reward

· EGO, second guesses

· EGO hesitates to offer help

· EGO worries

· EGO judges

· EGO stops the flow of Spirit

· EGO stands in the way of Light

Who are we to stand in the way of the Light. For when we stand in the way of the Light, we cast shadows of darkness. We inhibit the breath of Life that we so want to share... for when we stand and speak, act or react with EGO, we are tainting and changing the True Light's purpose into that of our ego's.

          How can we overcome ego? First by remembering that the Light doesn't need our help to shine. Rather it needs us to put aside our ego and let the Light emanate from our soul, our spirit... allow the Light to be ONE in, with and through each of us... There is the thread that combines.

          True Light needs no help to shine. It needs no boast of how much it can do.... it only needs a source, a conduit, a vessel (if you will).. it needs one soul to shed Light/Love onto another.... souls equal, souls worthy... all souls ONE through the Divine, God, Creator, "I AM".

          It is without ego, that we, as Spirit beings of Light, must respond, without hesitation or fear and reach out, through the darkness to touch the spark in another. Let them know they are also children of the Light. The ember is there waiting, for that moment we can take away the cloak, the cover we ourselves as humanity placed, .. peel away the hate... throw out the hurt, the fear that keeps us in the dark.... It does not serve us well... It makes us cold, hungry, hateful, angry and bitter. Turn out the demons of the darkness and feel the ember inside grow...... let it chase away the shadows that seem so powerful in the dark... Feel the Light Lighten your load as the shadows fade from the form of our own creation.... Let the Light take over... and illuminate what is truly there... open the possibilities.. the hopes... the joys.... the LOVE that is part of our eternal soul...

          Once Spirit's Light ignites we must nurture it with mediation, prayer, time with nature; sprinkle it with Love, Hope, Joy and Laughter.... watch it grow.... and let it shine for others to see... share your Light as it is endless and no one can take it away from you... the more you give away, the more you have... the more that join in the Light, the brighter it shines.... for as ONE with the Light, we are ONE with the Spirit, and we are ONE through God/Divine/Creator/Infinite Intelligence/I AM.

          It is with Gratitude and Humility that your Light will shine bright. A selfless act of loving kindness, no matter how small it may seem, is all it takes to spread the breath of Light... that one seemingly small action, may be the air needed to enliven the ember that lives inside another soul...

          ***It is with Humble Thanksgiving that we can Forgive, Live, Love, Laugh through life and share Joy, Hope, Compassion and Love with ourselves and others... for we breathe from the Light of Spirit that lives In-With and Through us every day... every way.... Join with me... as ONE in, with and through the Eternal Light ***

Embrace the Light of eternity for it is Love... You are Love, I am Love, WE are LOVE... Spirit, God, Eternal knows no less.

Spirit is Light

Spirit is Love

Spirit is IN, WITH AND THROUGH each and every one of us.

We are all part of the whole. ONE in, with and through the Spirit of Light, of Love.

Live in Light, Live in Love, Live in Spirit.... You are part of the Divine, created in, of, with and through the Light..... You are One with the Spirit, You are One with Love, You are ONE with the Light... You are ONE with God

Live in the Love and Light of the Great "I AM"... Shine your Light Always, and All Way's.

Blessings of Love and Light to you and all of humanity.

And always remember: 
 We are ONE IN the Spirit, We are ONE WITH the Light, We are ONE THROUGH God.

All words above were inspired and written down with Love and Light, by Nina Pauline Ploetz 7/10/2011 with edits 8/6/2011 (I took the photo in my front yard of the magnificent sunrise on 8/1/2011)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Photo

The Photo

The camera sees things we don't
yet we know they're there
Like Guardian Angels all around
or someone's lonesome stare
The smile that is not quite real
as worries fill up minds
Or glances filled with admiration
romances of all kinds
Birds or trees, or maybe a scene
no matter what the view
Emotions shared forever more
for part of it is you
So next time you snap a photo
look at what you've found
For locked in time for all to see
is Life that's so profound
written with Love and Light
by Nina Pauline Ploetz