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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mastery is a Journey.... ...

As part of a "martial arts/meditation" class I was taking, we had to read and write our thoughts on George Leonard's book: Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long Term Fulfilment (If you have the chance, read some of his work...very insightful...)

Below is my interpretation inspired by George Leonard:

Mastery’s a Journey

Written by Nina P. (4/1/2007)

Inspired by the book:
The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment
By George Leonard

Life, it is a journey
of Mastery or not
A choice that is all ours
of many that we’ve got

Like a child learns to walk
at first it seems too hard
Letting go of inhibitions
to change our inner guard

Step by step you’re on your way
Small steps are for a while
Persistence and with patience
you’ll be walking with such style

The path it may be long
like some great distant star
With consciousness, awareness
you’re sure to get that far

Practice and then practice
the art of your own walk
Finding Joy in the journey
that’s walking with the talk

The Master he continues
learning as he goes
Loving all the pathways,
even the plateaus

The Dabbler he may start,
and stutter, and then stop
The Obsessive feels that he
must always be on top

The Hacker may just settle
for the middle ground
Never reaching deep inside
to see what is around

The value of this Mastery
is not just a quick fix
If that is what you want,
then you can call it nix

Try patient dedication
I know you’ll persevere
For what was once so far
is simply now quite near

it is what our bodies need
Finding our own balance
it is our soul to feed

There are five keys,
to unlock the Master’s door
Keep on the path, be patient,
and there will be much more

Key one is find a Teacher
one that you do trust
Knowledge, values, and great skills
they all are a must

Then you must be willing
to learn from their command
For Master, Teacher, Learner
they change from hand to hand.

Practice and then practice
is key number two
It’s try, and try again
in everything you do

The Journey for the journey
not the goal at the end
Loving all the practice
is the message that we send

Surrender of yourself
as your Teacher has taught
Surrender your successes
is to farther your own thought

Be a fool and be humble
and surrender all your pride
Wobble and then weave
like on your first bike ride

The key to surrender
is key number three
No experts, only learners
surrender and you’ll see

is key number four
Practice in the mind
that’s it, and so much more

Meditate, relax
be mentally aware
See yourself doing it,
as if you’re really there

This technique has been tried
and always proven true
A Master uses vision,
can that Master be you?

If Mastery is practice
and enjoying the plateaus,
The Edge is then a catalyst
that changes ebbs to flows

Lest we be the Dabbler
or Hacker deep inside
We must reset our limits
ride the wave in the tide

For in this last key,
we challenge of our self
Striving harder, reaching higher
towards the upper shelf

Plateaus they will shift
as we reach for higher ground
Safely practice with great purpose
your presence all around

Mastery’s a Journey
a Peaceful way to live
So lift your feet, start walking
the paths not mine to give

Your life will change immensely
such energy you’ll see
Use mind and body fitness
for that there is no fee

Get up, get out, and do
procrastinate no more
Face your fears and change,
be different than before

Acknowledge all the negatives
and put them in their place
Accentuate the positives
let Truth be your new face

Be gentle with yourself
but oh not too sincere
Prioritize your life
stay focused on what’s dear.

Look down into your dark side
but not to point of fright
For humor is a gift
that turns darkness into light

So keep on with commitments
take action step by step
Set goals and keep on moving
for pep begets more pep

Put all things in perspective
keep flow of energy
Rest when it is needed
it’s all part of Mastery

Follow rest with action
keep motivation strong
A Competitiveness nature,
keeps pulling you along

The pitfalls there are many
of self they do arise
Acknowledge them and move along
for you are not their prize

Take pleasure in the practice
each moment great and small
Be fully aware of everything
use your senses all

Nothing in life is commonplace
and nothing’s in between.
There are threads that join our every act
can infinity be seen?

A Masters Journey has no end
perfections never serge
For all the paths of Mastery
eventually do merge

Relax and Center
be Fully Present to begin
Feel power, life’s force energy
your Chi from deep within

Now Practice with Great Purpose
find Joy along the way
Mastery is Balance,
Awareness, and Learning everyday