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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Be a Servant:

Be a Servant:
Be a servant of  service for a Higher Calling, A Higher Power, a Higher Cause.
So much negativity is associated with the word servant. It may bring negative emotions to some as they remember times of people in power forcing others to "serve" their whims of greed and ego.  These people use(d) hate and fear to control others to make themselves feel superior, powerful, important.... They use(d ) other human beings to fill the hole within themselves. If they control others they never had to look within to see what was there, or rather, what was not. They could be above others (in their mind at least) making others do whatever he/she felt they wanted done. They felt or feel  if they humiliate another human being by making them servants, they could be and feel whole.... However, in the deepest segments of their soul... they were still hollow, for nothing can fill a void that is created by ego and greed except the realization that once we let go of ego, let go of greed, let go of the need, or wanting of power and controlling others..... it is then, and only then, that we begin to feel whole. Then and only then we can feel as part of the Greater Collective the ONE that Unites us all as Spirits of humanity, as spirits of Love, as spirits of the Highest, God..... but that is for another topic, another day...

Today, I want to focus on being a Servant, being of Service. Take away the negativity associated with the word servant and look at it with a pure heart and being a servant with faith, gratitude and Love.  If you really think about it, that is why we are all here; to serve. And when we all realize this, what a better world it will be.

 If we are here to serve from/with a pure heart, than we are here to give.  We are here to make things better, to be a bridge between issues and problems and find solutions. And by giving freely of our individual talents without ego, without greed, without expectation; we open to the Light, to Love and we also receive. For it is impossible to give through Love and Light and not also receive. Receive without expectation, receive with an open heart and mind that which returns through being a servant of Love and Light.

This concept was hard for me at first. for "isn't it better to give than to receive?"  A true statement if you are talking about "receiving" that which is not yours to receive; If you are "receiving" that which is not yours to take; if you are "receiving" for the sake of ego and greed; if you are "receiving" to obtain power or control, than you are actually not receiving at all but rather taking from or of another. And, no, this is not part of the Masters plan, this type of receiving or rather taking,  is always ego driven, power driven, again as I mentioned before, trying to fill a hole rather than find what is truly missing.... but that  is another topic for another day.

For those of us who have a hard time receiving; it is OK to receive. Because through giving, you have no choice but to receive.  A dear friend of mine shared this little story with me that went something like this:

            When you go and give freely to help another human being, you are giving, serving from the soul. You may give of your time, your money, or helping to build or rebuild something    that was lost.  The person/people you are helping are in dire need of this help. For some   of them too, it is hard to receive; as they may not feel worthy of such gifts, they may not     be able to return the "favor", they may have the same problem of receiving as you do, yet their circumstance makes it impossible not to accept help.  So they do, with a heart so full of gratitude and maybe unworthiness, they accept the help so they may survive.
            As a thank you for what you have done, they may take of what little they have and  make, or give you something that is precious to them to give to you in return. Your heart is such that your immediate response is to say: " no thank you, you keep it, you need it."  Did you Look at their faces when you said no to their gift of gratitude? Did you see you  see the hurt in their eyes? I know your heart was saying, they have so little, they need  this, or this belonged to their ancestors, their family, they should keep this... but at some level, you dishonored them by not accepting their gratitude. You put yourself, your ego, above them by saying no thank you.

          Next time, think of this before you turn away a gift of gratitude: Remember how good it             made you feel when you freely gave/helped/served  someone in need? ... well, when you do not open to receive their gift of gratitude, of love, you are actually depriving them of  that same feeling... and what gives you the right to make that judgment and take away   that gift, that feeling from them?" So accept the gift with a humble grateful heart and honor their spirit as they horror yours... and say Thank you.

True story and powerful words. They hit me in the heart like lead. There is a difference in taking for the sake of taking and receiving that from another that is given with gratitude and love. For one is ego, greed, and self serving and the other is an honoring; a union of souls through Love.

 How can we be a servant? Serve without expectation, serve with an open heart, serve in, with, and through Love.  For if we all serve, give of ourselves, of our talents, of our soul we are serving the Higher Being, God, Creator, I AM. Giving of your time, your talents your money, your prayers, etc.. there are many ways to give. Random acts of kindness, letting someone in line, picking up garbage, opening a door, holding the elevator, paying for coffee, groceries, etc... the list of service is endless. We can give of our time to help rebuild homes, churches, hearts. We can comfort those in need, we can rebuild what was lost, we can replenish pantries, plant gardens, spread Light and Love wherever we go... We can be Servants of the Eternal.

Be a Servant of Light and Love. Serve with an open and pure heart. And by doing this, you will have no choice but to receive. For we receive so much gratitude, so much Love from the universe, from animals, from nature and other human beings in return for  whatever our service may be. I feel the world, this community and ourselves would be so much better off if we learned to be True Servants of Life, of Eternity, of the Higher being/God.

 Take away the mindset of ego and greed, the "what's in it for me" and replace it with a pure heart of Love and you will have no choice but to be a servant of Life, of Hope, of Love. And by giving, you will receive so much more than you can ever imagine. Try to give and not receive something in return. Try it and you will find out you can't. For when you give freely from the heart of Love, you receive a gift of the soul.
Still don't believe you can't give from a heart of Love without receiving? Than here is my challenge to you: Open your heart to pure Love and give a little. It doesn't have to be monetary however it can be if it is what is in your heart to do. It can be your time by helping out someone in need. It can be of prayer or meditation by sending healing or the highest and best to another, others or the world.... It can be as simple as a smile. A smile from the soul filled with love. Just try it: if you see someone looking sad, depressed, troubled, worried... give them a soulful smile. Not a fake one but a true soulful smile, one you find deep in your heart and give it away... not in pity but in, with and through LOVE... than imagine what that person may feel, do and on a greater level the world, when they receive a genuine smile... heart to heart, spirit to spirit, soul to soul... Just give it freely and watch it bloom...

 We can all be part of the whole, the ONE if we join together and have the Service mindset, for we all have many talents. So our services change and are varied for mine is different than yours, and his from hers, and theirs from ours, etc... But if we all come to it with the same mindset: being a Servant of the Eternal, being here To Serve in with and through Love; what a Glorious World it would be! We would each then Serve joyously from the heart  and receive joyously from the soul. For when we join  together our services we join as our part in the ONE as servants for the Higher Good, the Higher purpose; LOVE.
This is one of the lessons we are meant to learn as human beings of the Divine, of Spirit, of Love. We are meant to be beings of service and through service we perpetuate Love, Hope, Peace and Harmony; Together we are ONE. And through service, we gain by receiving. For as we give in, with and through Love; the Infinite Spirit, God, replenishes it  tenfold. The gifts we receive through giving cannot be measured or taken away, for as we give with Love, we receive Love, and this cycle of Life of Love is eternal.

Many Blessings of Love, of Life, of Service, of receiving, of Light to you and yours, always.
Love and Light, 
Nina Pauline  (written first from thoughts given to me while driving and then put on paper 9/17/2011)