Thought For Today

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knocking on Heaven's Door

There are so many people struggling with life, with death, with sickness, and hardships everyday. Family, friends, people I come in contact with, as well as myself, all have  difficult issues we are dealing with on a day to day basis.  Recently there seems to be many people I know of that are dealing with Cancer, Diseases, Death etc.... And it captures my heart deeply. ... I was driven to write this today.  May God Grant each of you Blessings of Faith, Hope, Health, Love and Light, now and always.
Knocking on Heaven's Door

Here we are on this earth each day,
knocking on Heaven's door
We live our lives from day to day
 as no one has before

Our souls are filled as we live,
 and breathe through every day
Like leaves on the Tree of Life,
 we're blown around  each way

The challenge is to do our best
 with all that we are given
For that's the quest for all of us
 before we go to Heaven

Sow kindness along the path you walk,
as everyone needs love
Then look around and  you will see
the Sun shining from above

Water often with compassion
and soon your seeds will sprout
Fertilize with Faith and Hope,
and watch them grow about

With every sunrise the sun also sets,
 a revolving  fact of life
Out of  darkness there comes Light,
 Hope for all life's strife

So as we knock on Heaven's door,
let's focus on life's best
Make Peace, Hope, Love and Light,
your every day request

For when we live each day so full,
that we  are all we can be
It's then that we can figure out,
the Circle of Life you see

Shine your Light for all to see,
live as no one has before.
Then with certainty and clarity of Life;
go knock on Heaven's door

written with Hope, Love and Light
by Nina Pauline