Thought For Today

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Night Sky Beckoning

Night Sky Beckoning

Night sky beckoning

That playful little star

Shimmering magic all around

Wonders near and far

Take me far away to play

Mysterious clouds of night

I hear your silent calling

"Get up and take up flight"

Soar up to the galaxies

Slide down the Milky Way

Play hide and seek with Mr. Moon

He's made of cheese they say

Play ball with all the planets

Pluto's on my team

Saturn kicks a field goal

As it glides through Neptune's seam

Twinkling with delight

Stars cheer on the game

I wave good bye and fly along

Leaving Saturn to her fame

I fly into infinity

for this is where I find

Nebula unfolding

Shapes and colors of every kind

Some stars are birthing new

while others burn out so old

Each a part of life itself

or at least that's what I'm told

I sail up to the black hole

Where fears and darkness lie

I choose to go around instead

As I've been through that dark sky

I turn my back and say so long

I'll play that part no more

Tonight I fly with Angels

I take their hands and soar

The vastness of their beauty

Surrounds me on this night

I'm filled with Spirits wonder

A place that's filled with might

For even in your bleakest hours

Just look around and see

Beyond shadows of darkness

A Glorious Light will be

There's knowledge deep within

that's spoken from Above

In my soaring heart I know

Life's filled with such great Love

The stars they flicker just a bit

Reminding me it's time

to come back from my journey

now earth seems so sublime

So long my nighttime wonderland

I'll visit you again

We'll explore some more tonight

A new game we will begin

I wave good bye and look around

A new dawn is almost here

I'll see you in my day dreams

Until the night draws near

Awake I must to start the day

Adventures never gone

In my heart they're always there

Till tonight, it won't be long

Written on a starry night

@ 3:00am on 8/22/09

with Love and Light,

by Nina P.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guardian Angels

Have you ever had self doubts and fears? Fears of failure, of success, of change, etc...? They can sabotage you and it's your own doing. I've been having this inner battle with sharing my writing on another level .. Despite myself, things are falling into place for a joint venture to possibly put together a book of poetry along with another's wonderful photo's. I have lots of support from the outside; it's my inside that holds me back.... "am I good enough?", "am I worthy?" , the "should I's?"..... I was away at a kind of a Spiritual Retreat this past weekend and was given even more positive reinforcement on this potential venture.... After I attended a workshop on Friday night, I couldn't go to sleep so I sat on the porch to meditate. It wasn't long before I had to find pen and paper..... So here goes another one.....

Guardian Angels

Of Love and Light and Spirit be

Forever fighting to be free

Let go of fear and let go of fright

Guardian Angels guide me tonight

Be still and go inside and see

The Light of Hope that lives in me

My fear it stops me from my gift

If I would let go my fears would lift

Look to the Light that shines from above

Let in the Spirit, be filled with Love

So write dear pen and open the mind

Let me see Light and not be blind

Please guide my hand to touch your face

Fill my heart with your Healing Grace

For with you my Angel as my guide

I know God's Light will now abide

You guided my hand and my heart it follows

Gliding across paper as a flight of swallows

Let my imagination take wings and fly

As to doubts and fears; I say Good Bye

For my Guardian Angels to do their task

I get on my knees, open my heart and ask

I thank you dear Spirit with all of my heart

You've Blessed me and now I must do my part

written with Love and Light and a Thankful heart;

by Nina P. 8/14/09