Thought For Today

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miracles...written after someone said "there's no such thing"...

Miracles are around
us every day if we but open our
hearts and souls to God and His Almighty
Blessings. The bee that buzzes by our ear, is a
blessing; the grass under your feet, is a blessing; the
song of a bird, the sound of rain, the smell of fresh cut hey,
the sun and clouds, the rainbow, the snowflake, all are
blessings; Miracles from above. Look around, feel around,
smell around, sense around you , you'll find your miracle
everyday. Its right there as God's gift to you......... Go to
a window and look out, or go outside if you can. If that's
not possible, you can still imagine a peaceful place,
so go ahead, Close your eyes, breath deep, feel the
fullness of life in that breath, open your eyes, and
open your heart, there it is, your very own
miracle, given to you by God's Blessings
every day. Did you find it? :the leaf

of a tree,
a whisper,
a flower,
a tear,
the wind,
the sun,
a smile,
Did you
find it?
Did you
find your
daily miracle?
:the inch worm, a puddle, you can hear, you can see, you can feel, you can breath, you woke up, you can smile, you can laugh, you can cry, you can read this e-mail...
Did you find your miracle? Did you find it?
If not, just open up your heart and soul and it will find you.... Nina P. 6/28/08

Goodbye to Someone You Love: was written for someone that lost their mother......A Sister's Love: was written fot the loss of a sister...


It’s never easy to say goodbye
It’s downright hard I will not lie

Your heart it hurts as if to break
Please take it away for goodness sake

For all you feel is pain inside
Why oh why did she have to die

To leave you here with all this pain
And all your feelings to many to name

Why oh why are some lives short
Why oh why is my retort

Thinking back on all we’ve lost
We realize life has such a cost

Have faith in God, for He is Love
Have faith He’s looking down from above

Find comfort in knowing she’s by His side
For it’s in His home she now abides

She’s gone but yet she’s right near by
She’s in your dreams singing lullabies

She may not be right here on earth
But she’s up in Heaven it’s her rebirth

When you sit quiet and are at rest
That’s when your memory is at its best

Remember the fun you both share
The Joy and laughter it seems right there

For in those thoughts she’s reminding you
How much you are loved in all you do

Time will heal your broken heart
And you will know your not far apart

The gentle breezes across your cheek
Are her angle kisses oh so meek

Her scent you smell you can almost touch
Her spirit is near you, know that much

And when your sad and missing things
Remember she’s in Heaven with Angel wings

Time will pass your life will move on
And there will be times you come upon

Smiles will come and warm inside you
That’s her pride in all that you do

For years from now you’ll remember when
She held your hand a way back then

Find comfort in knowing all of this too
That one day you’ll see her and all will be new

She’s waiting in Heaven with all that have past
With Love in her heart that will last and last

God promised us through the gift of His Son
Life in Heaven His free gift we have won

Grief is a part that we must get past
In order to find Peace in our heart that will last
So take time now and shed your tears
For God knows this and all of your fears

May God keep you and hold on to you tight
And may sweet dreams be yours through the night

May family and friends continue with Pride
Know that’s what she’d want deep down inside

Goodbye with Love is what I send
To Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend.

Written with love Nina P. 2006

A Sister’s Love

A sister’s Love is never lost
It stays right in the heart.

All you do is think of her
And you’re not that far apart

So grieve you must its part of life
It’s something we must do

Then take a breath and look within
She’s there inside of you

Her smile, laugh and things she did
You see her standing there

Her angel kiss you feel the touch
It breezes through your hair

So go outside and then look up
For that is where she’ll be

The promise of the Son it shines
For all of us you see.

Find Peace and comfort as she rests
She’s walking hand in hand

With loved ones that have gone before
They’re in the glory land.

She’s waiting there, you see, right now
She’s just behind that cloud

Close your eyes and listen well
It’s her sweet voice aloud:

The song within the birds you hear
And babbling of the brook.

So be at Peace and go within
She’s there just take a look.

Many Blessings be upon you now
And with your family

For God did promise with the Son
We’d meet in Calvary

Written with Love by Nina P. 9/19/08