Thought For Today

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flowing River, Guiding Light

Life is precious,  hold it dear.
Live with God and have no fear.
All we need is in our hands
Ask and receive; God commands

 Grace is given, Mercy too
Guiding Light for all we do
Answered prayers while on our knee
God's pure Love will always be

Faithful servant loving life
Learning from our joys and strife
To give Love, also receive
Gifts from God when we believe

Grateful hearts open with Love
Filling with Peace from above
Hope springs forth as soft as dew
Souls rejoice as they renew

Beauty of Life glows inside
When in God's Love we abide
Flowing river, guiding Light
Feel the power of God's might
written with Love and Light by
~nina pauline ploetz 4-3-2013