Thought For Today

Friday, August 19, 2011

When Loneliness Calls

When loneliness  calls in the middle of the night
how are we to answer?
It whispers in our very soul
An ache we cannot see
We push aside and try not to feel
yet it lingers there
Sending out its lonesome cry
of wilderness and despair
This calling creeps inside your soul
and won't let go its teeth
Yet we don't want its presence
and try to ignore it's void
When loneliness comes into ones space
It's wanting won't let go
Until you face the reasons
That called it to your soul
Like so many things it's an inside job
one of our own creation
for if we are not satisfied with ourselves
This monster in does creep
Once this knowledge is in the front
loneliness loses control
for now the power lies within
to change your very soul
Loneliness seems a void to fill
deep within ourselves
It calls to us a song of woe
A melody we sing or change
Instead of humming this old tune
get out of your own head
take a look around yourself
and see more than lonely dread
See instead the ray of sun
That wakes you every morn
The song of birds and sultry breeze
that brushes across your cheek
For loneliness is an inside job
it comes without gratitude
our head down and heart closed
it fills us seemingly complete
yet when we take that lowered brow
and turn it to the Light
our heart it beats a little faster
as the rays of hope seep in
So when you feel alone and sad
even in a crowded room
look instead into the Light
that lives inside of you
Melancholy  as no place
when you're dancing in the sun
Darkness has no sting or fear
when Light brings Peace and Love
No need to rely on human forms
to bring us happiness
It lies within each of us
Love and Light will open the door
Let go of all the self doubt and fear

and step into the Light
For this Light it reaches out for you
awakening yourself
For when your filled with Love and Light
you are never alone
Instead your part of this great puzzle
Your piece completes it whole
When loneliness calls in the middle of the night
Send Love into despair
And soon you'll see the glimmer of Light
you are never alone
Our place on earth is to love each other
as we love ourselves
Loneliness can't survive with Love
as Love and Light are ONE
So if Love and Light live  with you
you are never alone.
Gratefully inside each soul
lives the strength of  ONE

written with Love and Light

by Nina Pauline Ploetz 8/19/2011
This is a first draft of what came to me at 0 dark thirty this morning... As most of what I post, it has technical flaws and is raw... but, sometimes the need from my inspiration pushes hard to sare. The time is now, is what I hear, as to someone this must be heard... So I put it here in this rough form... to share inspiration to a soul....
We all have moments, days, times that we feel we are all alone in this world and lonliness and dispair can sneak in. These feelings tend to come when we forget to be greatful; to be breathing, to be able to learn the lessons from difficulties/pains/problems we face in our every day lives. We see others around us happy and seemingly care free yet inside there is a hole that eats away if we let it... When we compair, dispair, forget that even in the hardest strongest darkest storms in our life, the Light is always shining above the clouds... It lies within ourselves.... God, Creator, Source, I AM,  placed in each and every soul a Light that is part of the whole, the ONE. When we realize this, then we are not alone, as within each and every one of us, there lives this conective Light... It shines brightest with a greatful heart.
Once we recognize this Light, this Love, is In/With/Through  us; we realize we are ONE with Love, ONE  with Light. We learn that through this Love we must love ourselves and once we realize this,  it is then that we truly can love others. Loneliness is just a shadow of our own creation and Love is the Light that shines to illuminate the Truth.
Blessings to those you Love, including yourself.
May we all learn to love ourselves and each other. We are all ONE family living on this earth to share expiriences, share ideas, share friendships, share love.
Love and Light,
Nina P