Thought For Today

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time for the MS walk!

It's that time of year again to start lacing the shoes and stretching out. The MS walk is around the corner. This disease affects so many and hits close to home. I have family and friends that have been diagnosed. They are so close to a breakthrough, and some day I am faithful it will happen. Until then, I walk, putting one foot in front of the other each step a step closer to a cure. With your Prayers, Healing Thoughts, Well Wishes and Donations, it will happen... it will happen that some day where the diagnosis of MS instead of bringing fear and despair, will be like a flue and the docs will say... OK this is what you have and here is the CURE..... Each step we take brings us closer to finding a cure...  Can you see that day? Can you dream that dream? I thank you for any and all help and support.

May you be Blessed, may your family and friends be Blessed. And may everyone that suffers be Blessed with God's Healing Power and Grace.  Love and Light, Nina P

There is this disease that's called MS
It effects the kindest souls
People with such promising lives
MS can put on hold

No one shares quite the same story
Yet a common thread prevails
In Hopes and prayers for a cure
The research is almost there

So open hearts and generous souls
And lets help fund a cure
With every gift there is new Hope
For  a happy healthy tomorrow

I walk each year to spread the word
And shine a little Light
Prayers, healing  thoughts and donations
Will help to  find a cure

I Thank you for your kind support
Regardless of its type
MS will meet its match one day
Because of all your help

written with Love and Light, and Hopes for a cure
by Nina Ploetz 1-18-11