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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Seed of Life...

The Seed of Life...

The seed of life starts small, yet when planted and fed it changes and grows. As it sets its roots deep into the earth, it sends up a fragile shoot into the challenges of life. If kept in the dark, the growth will fade and not flourish. Add the Warmth of the Light and the fragile shoot lifts its head stretching, reaching, gaining strength and courage to grow. The Light invigorates the seed, giving it energy and the ability to thrive.... yet light without nourishment is not enough to sustain the seed.

Storms come and challenge the seed. However, with the storm comes the nourishment of rain. Even through the darkest and toughest storms, there is something that is given to the seed. When roots run true and deep , the strength is there to weather the storms of life. If the seed is never challenged, it may not be able to withstand the strains of the cycles of life... hence, from struggle there comes strength.

When the night  comes and  moonbeams shine, there is rest. A time and place for reflection, healing, change,  and growth. It is a time to contemplate and softly resonate with life.  A time to look to the stars and see the connections of life. A time to listen to the breeze and hear the wisdom of the ages. A time to dream, learn, and connect with the eternal. A place where new growth may want to stay and be held in moonbeams and dreams.

The seasons come and go and the rotation of life beckons our inner spirit. A new dawn awakens  and  the day begins  Blessed with the  power and strength  of Light. Stretching towards the Light, it nourishes through the leaves, to the stem and roots. Gaining strength and health, color and glory the seed of life is  nourished and grows.

Each day, each cycle of life, brings with it opportunities to persevere and grow. We are but seeds of humanity gaining from our earthly experiences. By learning lessons and growing In, With and Through the Light, we find Hope, Courage, Healing and Love. Through the diversity of experiences, we can live. Our soul grows in the Light, finds nourishment with the Spirit, and thrives through God's Love.

May you grow strong roots in the soil of the ONE Truth, may you germinate and grow ever reaching for the ONE Light, and may you Thrive with the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters of the eternal family of ONE God. May we all nurture each other and grow into the beautiful Garden of our Creators design.

Plant Peace, Sow Kindness, and Be Love.

Written with Love and Light by Nina Pauline Ploetz 1/7/2012