Thought For Today

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Mother's Love

This was written today for a friend of mine that recently lost her mother.

A Mother's Love

While raising children
she did her part
A Mother's Love
comes from the heart

Changing diapers
and cooking too
A Mother's Love
shines through and through

Keeping us safe
teaching right from wrong
A Mother's Love
is oh so strong

As teenagers
we tested her will
A Mother's Love
guided us still

The college years
brought her new trials
A Mother's Love
kept hopeful smiles

Finding love
a new life did begin
A Mother's Love
welcomed them in

Starting a family
gave new appreciation
A Mother's Love
such steadfast dedication

Busy lives
yet never far apart
A Mother's Love
always dear to our heart

Age advances
we come back and embrace
A Mother's Love
wrinkled, yet full of grace

Elderly frail
mother changes her style
A Mother's Love
come sit for a while

Twilight's near
as we hold hands
A Mother's Love
our heart commands

At her last breath
Peace and Comfort come
A Mother's Love
we gain strength from

Feathered wings
surround us with love
A Mother's Love
now comes from above

Grief is short
when we remember when
A Mother's Love
is free to live again

Find comfort
in God's Love and Light
A Mother's Love
still hugs you every night

Written with Love and Light,
by Nina Pauline Ploetz (8/28/09)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open My Heart

This one is more of a morning prayer, meditation, song...


Open my heart and let me see
The Lights that are dancing inside of me
My joys and Hopes they laugh out loud
My Love for Life as high as a cloud

Open my hands and let me build
Bridges to people as You have willed
Building homes with Light and Love
My hands are guided by Yours Above

Open my mouth let my voice sing
Songs that take flight as Angels wings
Let my message be strong and true
May Your melody shine through all I do

Open my ears and let me hear
The wishes of nature soft and dear
Sounds of the earth come talk to me
I hear His voice say "go out and be"

Open my feet so they may dance
Moving in Glory as I start to prance
Lift my feet up off the ground
As I dance with Angels all around

Open my eyes and let in Your Light
I see the goodness in all of Your might
Such beauty You paint with Your feather brush
In meadows and forests oh so lush

Open my senses and let me feel
The Glorious warmth of all that is real
Faith in what is and yet is unseen
With Light and Love all is serene

Open my soul and let Spirit soar
Inside I want so much more
Made in Your image of Love and Light
With Guardian Angels I now take flight

Open my mind that I may know
How to reach others as Light I sow
Your knowledge is vast as Your Love is wide
Guiding my life is God by my side

Open my life that I may see
The Glory of Spirit inside of me
Bless my words that they may teach
Love and Light to all they reach

Written with Love and Light
by Nina P. 8/25/09