Thought For Today

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Every day is Fathers Day..... (and Grandfather's Day, Step-Father's Day, Uncle's Day, etc...)


Family's start from the heart with a Father’s pride

All at once, it is said, two hearts they did collide

Thanks to you, a Dad was born to show us what to do

Hope you know how much we care, the love we have for you

Every thing you do for us, we Thank You from our hearts

Remember Dad we love you dear, our Love it never parts

Happy Father’s Day to Dad’s all over the world!
In honor of my father...

Written with Love and a Thankful heart;
By: Nina P. 5/23/09

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Building Bridges


Wide Gaps
Open Spaces
Nothing between place and places

Open Air
Deep Ravine
Both with scenes that are pristine

Countries Many
Connections Few
Each side has their point of view

You’re There
I’m Here
Can we make a bridge appear?

Open Hearts
Open Minds
Meeting people of all kinds

My Thoughts
Your Intentions
Growing knowledge sharing inventions

Strong Bridges
Closing Gaps
Making Connections that won’t collapse

Covered Bridges
Wooden Floors
Opening windows, opening doors

Arms open
People Meet
Shaking hands as we great

Opposing Sides
Joining Middle
Life’s about giving a little

Fears Lift
Hands Reach
Joining together we can teach

Shores Meet
Mountains Unite
Bridges Form as we look to the Light

Son Shines
Clouds Part
Bridges form from heart to heart

Rainbow Hope
Easing Strife
Common ground will make New Life

Look Within
Look Above
Fill the world with Unconditional Love

Peace Begins
Forgiveness Find
Bridges unite all Human Kind

Written with Love, Hope and Light by Nina P. 5/17/09