Thought For Today

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random thoughts while in a Waiting Room

Random thoughts while in a


Music Playing
Fish Dancing
Sunshine right outside

Voices heard
Papers rustle
Sounds seem so absurd

Lights flicker
TV's on
Someone's cell phone rings

Faces smile
Stomachs growl
Computer tapping keys

Tense moments
Nerves high
People wait in line

Pages flip
Quiet talk
Waiting for my turn

Toes tapping
Beverage sipped
People sigh out loud

Hearts race
Feet move
As they call my name

Waiting's over
Fears ease
Glad I am all done

Pay bill
Almost faint
I'll wait again someday
written patiently
and with Love and Light,
by Nina P.

all photos from search:waiting rooms

Sunday, August 30, 2009


There is beauty in the complexities
There is beauty in the simplicities
There is beauty in all creation
Ruth was written to open our hearts so we may see
the beauty and perfection in ALL God's Glorious Creations.
Ruth is a kind and gentle soul
that nobody understood
Before her time she came and went
as if covered by a hood
She lived her life as different
she stood up strong and tall
Yet family kindly shunned her
keeping her from one and all
She found a love so tender
yet could not shout it out
For secret lives kept secret
was what it was all about
Few books her name is written in
of pictures there are few
When asked about this person here
it's as if no one knew
I feel a kindred spirit
with this name I found
Color prisms in this world
where black and white abound
So as I reach on out to you
for Ruth's around the earth
Don't look at what you're told to see
let your heart and eyes rebirth
See the soul inside of Ruth
the spirit deep within
God created her with His Love
to condemn is such a sin
Please look beyond myopic eyes
and see what's truly there
Each person has a story
though life be hard or fair
Ruth may be your neighbor
or a person down the street
Please look inside their eyes and see
a story not complete
Just because they're different
doesn't mean that they are wrong
God made us in His image
which makes us each so strong
So take a picture and share her life
put Ruth on your family tree
Add her name into the books
it's her place in history
We all are in this world alone
to live the life we can
So show compassion and some Love
to every child, woman and man
Once we realize we all are one
together on this land
A family of the universe
held in His Great Hand
Thank you to the Ruth's around
who lived despite the shun
For you are not forgotten
your history's just begun

Written 8/17/09
with Love and Light,
by Nina P.

This was inspired by family trees that have broken, neglected, pruned out , branches.