Thought For Today

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Labyrinth of Life

The Labyrinth of Life
The labyrinth of life seems a mystery
Yet we walk it every day
Each step we take we contemplate
As we wind about our way

We gather thoughts and visual things
Along this walk of life
We even meet others along the way
Walking through joy and strife

We may stop sometimes just to see
If we can glimpse the end
It may appear close or faraway
There always is a bend

For Labyrinths' being what they are
Paths with many turns
We journey on and meditate
Even pray about concerns

There is a pathway we all must take
Before we reach our goal
Gaining knowledge from each step we take
It touches our very soul

So look around and then look up
you'll see what's always there
The glory of your inner Light
You'll soon  become aware

That the Light that shines inside of you
Comes from the Light above
It guides you each and every step
It comes with perfect Love

So walk your Labyrinth of Life each day
Be proud of who you are
For with each step you take you'll find
The strength of a shining star

For God lives in  and shines through you
Just as a tiny seed
Nurturing  and feeding  your thirsty soul
You have  all you need

You'll  grow in Spirit with Light and Love
An inner strength you'll find
A tranquil Peace will prevail your thoughts
As you line up soul and mind

So come on and take the labyrinth of life
Walk  in your  own way
Each step  is a sacred journey to take
As night turns into day

Written with Hope, Love and Light by Nina Pauline 10/9/10

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

God gave us a man, I called Uncle Bud

A loving tribute I wrote  for a loving man. A man of a generation that is dwindling yet their legacy lives on in those they have touched, nurtured, and cared for... Their physical presence may be gone... but they will never be forgotten as they live on in in our hearts and souls... Rest in Peace Dear Uncle.... however I fully expect a little fun will be had by all those that have gone before.... a softball game, basketball, horseshoes,... Uncle Bud did love life!!   

May we all learn to live and love life to the fullest... after all.... it's the best show on earth.
 God's Blessings to all.

God gave us a man, I called Uncle Bud
He loved  life and served the land
With a wink and a smile he worked each day
So much more than just a farm hand

He toiled and tilled and milked the cows
Such hard work and yet he knew
When all was done in the barn and field
It was home to his family he flew

To a beautiful wife he cherished dear
She was always by his side
They'd talk and laugh and share ideas
Their love they could not hide

Wasn't long before the family grew
With children they had four
Three girls and a boy made up their clan
And all they did adore

Uncle Bud was loved by everyone he met
He was a giant hearted man
He'd lend a hand no matter the task
Helping others was part of his plan

What I remember most was he liked to have fun
Catching  fish or throwing a ball
Finding kids of all ages he'd get them out playing
And he was the biggest  of  all

Yet when it required a serious touch
He'd be there with heart and soul
Giving support with whatever it was
He could take on most any role

Strength, hope and courage he brought to his family
A man of such faith and much love
With God by his side and deep in his soul
His guidance came from above

What a legacy he leaves to his family and friends
As he was kindness inside and out
He taught many lessons by example I know
Of that I have no doubt

So I say thank you dear uncle for just being you
For men of such stature are few
Your Love will live on in the hearts of us all
For now we must bit you adieu

God's called you to your  Heavenly Home
A Homecoming with family and friends
We will grieve just a bit then celebrate your life
Sharing fond memories and commends

God's holding you now in His heavenly hand
You may rest as your work day is done
Your family and friends will carry on here on earth
Through Christ your New Life's begun

Written with Love and Prayers

 by Nina Pauline 9-24-2010