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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You again.....

There is this beautiful soul over at Shine the Divine that spreads such wisdom, love, hope and joy to the universe. Laura Hegfield fills the world with such wonderment through her stories, photo's and courage. She just finished up a month of Gratitude and asked various blogger's to share their experiences and wisdom. Please check out her site and enjoy!! :-) It didn't take long to write a poem inspired by Laura's passion for living in gratitude... Please visit Laura's site through the link above and enjoy this Light and Enlightened soul ....

Say Thank You and Thank You and Thank You again
An attitude of Gratitude comes from the heart
Regardless of how hard it is, to sometimes start

Most days I'm filled with all kinds of Bliss
I name things around me and try not to miss

The trees, the birds, the sun and the sky
horses and rabbits, even insects that fly

With the excitement of a child my list can go on
On the  days filled with Joy it is gratitude I don

Yet when my heart's filled with sorrow and pain
It's hard to feel grateful with inward disdain

A teacher just told me as recent as  today
Repeat the words Thank You  come what may

Saying  the words Thank You again and again
Repetition wins over and soon comes the Zen

For regardless the pain there are lessons to learn
It's hard to be thankful when for them, it's your turn

But Thankful I'll be as the words I repeat
For one day the lessons will just fall at my feet

Today let me start when  I open my eyes
Saying Thank You for giving me this day to rise

And may I remember all during the day
To be grateful for everything that comes my way

For people I meet and the lessons I learn
Even in darkness it's to the Light I will  turn

Say Thank You and Thank You and Thank You again
For my life is full of the now, not the when

And when it comes time to lay down my head
It's thoughts  of my Blessings as I crawl into bed

For the people I've met who touched my heart
And for the abundance I do have in my life's cart

For it's all how you look at it, that's just how it goes
When everything's a Blessing;  the highs and the lows

Your Life will seem Lighter I promise this when
You say Thank You and Thank You and Thank You again

written with a Grateful Heart with Love and Light,
Nina P 11/9/10