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Thursday, March 19, 2009

There is a Light in All of Us....

There is a Light in All of Us

There is a Light in all of us
If we but only look
So look inside it’s there you see
As written in The Book

When darkness comes as it will do
Rely on that Great Light
And soon the darkness fades away
As will that hard felt plight

Stresses come as life we live
It’s part of humankind
If all you see is dark and bleak
Desperation you will find

Pointing fingers all around
For isn’t that the cause?
“It’s him, it’s her; it can’t be me”
We say without a pause

It’s easier to look outside
Than to turn within
But when we look inside instead
The healing can begin

Self healing may be needed
But often we don’t see
Being part of us so long
It’s our only way to be

Let go of our complacency
Is hard but it’s a must
To lift that shroud of darkness
It’s the Light we must trust

Starting now we must look within
To heal us from the past
Cleaning out our closets
For healing that will last

Forgive yourself and others too
Feel changes come alive
For when our fear and pain collide
Only Hope and Love Survive

Remember after every storm
There is a rainbow of Hope
The Light beyond the clouds is there
Giving us ways to cope

So go on now and find the Light
It’s there inside of you
With Faith & Hope & Love you see
Grace and Light will see you through

By Nina P. Ploetz 3/19/09


Anonymous said...

As Winter begins to fade away, the newness of the World seems to be at our feet. As our feet walk (touch) the Earth, we feel all things coming alive. Thus feeding us (just like the plants take in water through their roots), giving us nourishment and the feelings of a new start (new hope too).

Nina P. said...

Thank you. What a insirational comment! Thank you.