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Monday, March 16, 2009

Anniversary Rose... One of my first musings....

This was originally written for 2 dear friends of mine for their 10th anniversary! L & V I hope you don't mind my sharing......

The Anniversary Rose

Love is like a rose garden
Adventurous beauty to behold

Each petal differs’ us apart
Soft beauty and imperfection

Focusing on the single
Some see all that’s wrong

Negatively they have focused
On the blemishes we have

Same petals viewed with different eyes
The positive is seen

The silk, the hue, the glory shine
Gentle beauty all within

We see you both as beautiful
Soft petals that you are

Distinct is each, and yet together
More precious than a rose

Many years you have in common
To compliment each other

To share life’s gifts of love and joy
And all its many laughter’s

As roses do, we too have thorns
Sorrows, anger and resentments

Together you have grown through these
And focused on life’s best

You are roses with such color
Your growth forever shines

Your garden it has flourished
You’ve nurtured it with care

So tenderly you cultivate
To forgive with thoughtfulness

Each of you so wonderful
Individuals you are

May your love continue growing
With all the joy you have found

Written for 2 dear friends
by Nina P. Ploetz 1995

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