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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Ellen

First I want to wish Everyone a Very Happy New Year filled with Blessings of Love, Hope, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Abundance, Health and Laughter.

all photo's are from Camp Jack's website you can see more there!

I was reading Camp Jack again today. This is an excerpt from Camp Jack’s site :

“… So, here's my idea, and I'm not sure how to go about it, but know y'all will be brilliant... What if we could get some real exposure for Childhood Cancer in the popular media? No, I'm not talking about turning Jack into Ashton Kutcher, and twittering his latest chemo escapades. But, what if the world could just see his face --- The face of life and hope and compassion and humor, and really make the opportunity to embrace the humanity of this innocent sufferring? What if we could do it in a way that wasn't frightening, but rather engaging, so as to move people to open their hearts and big pharmaceuticals to open their wallets for research? WHAT IF WE COULD DO IT WITH LAUGHTER AND JOY?

What if we could to it on the Ellen Show? : )

Many of you probably heard how Ellen recently campaigned to be put on the cover of Oprah's magazine? She did something differerent and funny every day, until finally Oprah gave in! Ellen's goal was to make Oprah's magazine the biggest selling edition of all time! And, I'm sure it did, just by hijacking it! : )

So, my goal is to attempt to get the highest exposure of pediatric cancer of all time by starting a "Get on Ellen Campaign!" Besides, the similarities between Jack and Ellen are undeniable!

1. Ellen is a commedienne, and as you know, Jack LOVES to tell jokes!

2. Ellen grooves on her show, and Jack shakes his bum with the best of 'em! Heck, he has some cool Robot moves he could teach her to freshen up her routines a bit!

3. And finally, Ellen has a Porsha, and well, Jack has a Porsche Hot Wheels!

I'm telling you, these two would be a match in Heaven……

…you can send her mail at

…You never know, friends, it's worth a try! Perhaps I will be more inspired after I clean the fridge.

Have a wonderful New Year's All! Remember, love can move Mountains!


Camp Jack”

Maybe if we all write a note to Ellen, she will use her voice to help get the word out for more research and funding for Childhood Cancers: in this case, Neuroblastoma.

Ellen is a very Compassionate soul and already helps so many causes. Maybe, just maybe, she can fit in one more.

Please join me my friends, for Jack and all the other Children that are suffering from these terrible cancers.

So that is just what I did, I sent Ellen an e-mail:

Dear Ellen

Neuroblastoma a Childhood Cancer
Needs attention to find an answer

Little man Jack is a precious soul
Beating this Cancer, his greatest goal

So little funding means slow research
We need to get off our silent perch

Jack and his mommies need your help
Seems little voices don’t carry much yelp

So Please Dear Ellen, won’t you consider
To help out Jack with a little twitter

Your voice carries far, so please give it a go
Have Jack, Kate and Mommies on your show

Put a sweet face on this deadly disease
Maybe compassion will help? Won’t you Please?

See for yourself and you won’t turn your back

He’s the sweetest young man I’ve seen in a while
His sparkle and courage will make you smile

This cancer needs a face that people can see
His smile and eyes a poster should be

He’s one among many that need their voice heard
Won’t you, oh won’t you help get out the word

Thank you Dear Ellen, from my heart to yours
For being a Leader in Childhood Cancer Wars

Written for Jack and his family
Who are fighting the battle of their lives

With Hope, Love and Light,
by, Nina Pauline Ploetz

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May all the
Blessings of Christmas
Fill your Hearts and Souls
with Peace, Love, Hope,
Joy and Wonder
this Holiday Season and Always.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
With Love and Light,
Nina P

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jungle Dreams for Jack and His sister Kate

This was written for a dear young man, Jack, his sister Kate, and his parents.  He is an amazing young man fighting the battle of his life.  Please pray for Jack, and his family and for all those in need of Help and Healing.   The story is how he had his hair shaved and had some fun while doing it. They shaved a cross on the top of his head for a while and took pictures.... So of course I had to rite a little something to bring some smiles.  (His site didn't have spell check and cut and past didn't work so... sorry about the typo's on his site) You can visit CampJack here:

Jungle Dreams
I'm back again to tuck you in
And say I love your style
That handsome cross on your head
I bet it made God Smile!

Jump in bed you sleepy heads
And dream such great BIG dreams
Fly over stars to jungle lands
Slide down those bright moon beams

Prayers go up and pillows call
Angels watch close over head
When eyelids close the magic starts
Amazing dreams now fill your head

Leaves of trees look like umbrellas
And vines are licorice strings
A cute orangutan runs like a cheetah
Wow! So many mixed up things

Something swings from branch to branch
It must be some kind of monkey
Hold it now I hear it roar
It's got tigers stripes how Funky!

In the water a Hippopotamus
Gosh he's big and wide
But hold it now he's lifting his head
His neck looks like a giraffe I cried!

A hyena laughing what fun I hear
As I look up it just can't be
These animals are just crazy
It's a snake laughing up in the tree

What next I think. This is fun!
Let's explore and see some more
A big red frog opens its mouth
Hold your ears, Out comes a Lions Roar!

Such silliness, how it makes me smile
That panther hops like a frog
What's that pretty little bird I see?
A parrot that sounds like a Wart Hog!

Ms. Zebra's got an elephants trunk
And Antelope's with a lions mane
Great Rhinoceros has a Lemurs tail
Mr. Centipede has a head of a crane

A 3 toed sloth makes a spiders web
And now something's licking my toes.
Oh how cute an ocelot
But with an Anteaters nose!

That Gorilla's looking up at the sky
She opens her wings and flies away
I love this magical jungle I'm in
I hope to come back some day

Ahead I see a Light getting brighter
A tap on my shoulder I feel
I turn my head and rub my eyes
It's my Moms, and they are real.

Boy what stories I have to tell
In the magical jungle I've been
With Wild animals and Crazy trees
And our Kate is even a Queen!

Sweet Dreams to all at Camp Jack and Camp Kate.

Written for all Campers with
Love and Light,
by Nina P

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Celebration of all things December

A Celebration of all things

(These were found on-line when I typed in December Holidays.
They were all on various sites!!
Whew... I guess every day's a Celebration!!.. all as it should be!)

It is Winter, it is Summer depending where you live
It's day, night, snow, rain with sunshine oh so bright
There are births and deaths, things of great sorrow and joy
Come and see some of what we celebrate in December

Eat a Red Apple Day is on December 1st
And its  World Aids Awareness Day as well
December 2 brings National Fritters Day
and be Thankful for Roof Over Your Head Day next

Kids of all ages, you must make a list
for the 4th is Santa's List Day
But don't forget while doing this
to wear brown shoes on Wear Brown Shoes Day

Repeal Day is December 5th as Prohibition it did end
Then jump in and clean things up its also Bathtub Party Day
Put On Your Own Shoes and Mitten Tree Day
Both share the 6th with St. Nicholas Day

Pick up a pen and send a post, the 7th's Write a Letter Day
Then go fly as its International Civil Aviation Day
When you land go enjoy National Cotton Candy Day too
Slow it down as this day's not done but it does somber

Bow your heads and say a prayer as we honor those we lost
USA's Pearl Harbor Day "...a day that will live in infamy."
A Day to remember the military and more
And may I add a prayer for Peace and not war

On the 8th let's change the tone and have delicious fun
Cakey, chewy, chocolaty yum; today is National Brownie Day
As you write your cards on the 9th (Christmas Card Day)
The oven's hot once again on National Pastry Day

The Festival of Lights starts this month usually in the middle
These are the Blessed and Celebrated days of Hanukkah
Blessings are said while lighting the candles on each menorah
Dreidels are spun, joy is spread as holiday foods grace each table

The 10th it brings awareness too its World Human Rights Day
Respect all humans by honoring every child, woman and man
Maybe it's real or maybe it's not the 11th's Noodle Ring Day
Not to be outdone the 12 brings along National Ding-a-Ling Day

Poinsettia Day or as some say Point-seta, is on the 12
December, 13th brings a Favorite as it's National Ice Cream Day
Pick up the bow and a violin on Violin Day this day as well
And near about the second Sunday is International Children's Day

Now grab a pot it's time to cook on 14th's National Bouillabaisse Day
Turn on the oven on the 15th for its National Lemon Cupcake Day
The USA protects our rights of freedom of religion, speech and more
The 15th we honor and respect these rights on Bill of Rights Day

We're just halfway through and this is getting long
This is fun, but some are missing, so here we go again
The 16th is sweet and gives you permission...
it is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

December 17th is sticky sweet its National Maple Syrup Day
Then bake and roast on the 18th to celebrate Bake Cookies Day
Take out the cookies and put in a pig it's also Roast a Suckling Pig Day
Who comes up with all of these crazy days anyway?

The 19th go out and Look for an Evergreen Day, how fun
Then come inside and eat again as Oatmeal Muffin Day it is
Practice your scales and warm up your voices
Go Caroling Day is the 20th grab some friends and go

December's Solstice celebrates Life and astral changes
Four more things come on the 21st
its Humbug Day and Look on the Bright Side Day;
National Flashlight Day and Forefathers Day (Pilgrims Day)

National Nut Bread Day, a favorite of some, is on the 22
Festuvus for the rest of us, is on Roots Day December 23rd
The 24 is Christmas Eve but also a couple more
It's National Chocolate Day and National Egg Nog Day too

The 25th is a Holy Day for Christians around the World
On Christmas Day Christ was born so we Celebrate His Birthday
On this night the Angels came singing of His Love
Jesus message is of Peace, Love, and Compassion for all

The 26th is Boxing Day, St. Stephen's Day, for Charity and good will,
and the start of Kwanzaa: A celebration of Family, Community and Culture
Some people like it & others make fun, but the 27th is National Fruit Cake Day
The 28th is Card Playing Day so relax and have fun

Let's spice things up with Pepper Pot Day on the 29th.
Then comes the 30th which follows the 29th well
It's National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
Now I know there are more all around this globe

But I'll end with what I have on The last day of the year
Unlucky Day is celebrated I guess as is Make Up Your Mind Day
and also on this the 31st day, New Years Eve where old becomes young
Have a Joyous, Safe and Happy December whatever the day

Love and light, Nina P

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Fabric of Love

The Fabric of Love

Two people come together
From different walks of life
Each one has a path
That carry both joy and strife

As hearts began to beat
They search out each other
Two parts make one whole
While learning about another

Weaving with Compassion
A Love that runs so deep
To make our fabric strong
Forgiveness we must keep

Love can last forever
If we learn to communicate

Fully Loving one another

Each new day is a first date

Life it brings its trials

Its' patterns make us strong

The journey is much sweeter

When we bring Love along

Two hearts beat together
We walk along our way

Interlacing fingers
Encouraging come what may

Love it is the answer

With it you cannot fail

Show Compassionate forgiveness

Together on your trail

Celebrate with passion
The soul that lives in you

Sew everything with Love

In all you say and do

Together life's a journey
With valley, twist and turn

Heading for the mountain top

Through Faith and Love you learn

So on this day together
Stand at the top and see

The beauty you've created

Love's journey can always be

Focus on where you are
And where you want to be

The past we cannot change

The future we've yet to see

Individual strands of Love
Knitting patterns every day
When Pure Love's the Weaver
You fabric's strong in every way

written with Love and Light
by Nina Pauline

My mother is a wonderful seamstress, knitter, baker, cook, and all around do it yourself kind of person. She carries so much Love inside it shows in all she does. She enjoys quilting and has made wonderful creations for: friends, family, various charity auctions, and a few for people on request. She truly puts Love in every stitch. These are but a few of her lovely creation, she's done hundreds but I, unfortunately, don't have pictures on my computer of them.

Thank you Mom for all your dedication and love you are truly one of God's Angels here on earth.

I just read an update of Clytie. The power of Healing Thoughts and Prayer do work. Her sister Beth has her update here:
Thank you God, Your Light always Shines, showing the way out of the darkness.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Please Pray for Clytie

Our Dear friend Clytie has fallen ill.
So please all help if you will

Say a prayer to send her healing
Bless the family who all are reeling

Guide them safe as they travel
Keep them all from unravel

Grant them Faith and Understanding
When life is hard and so demanding

Guide all those that care for her health
Give them all Your Spiritual wealth

Now bow our heads and say a prayer
From heart to heart lets all be there

Lift up our voices all as one
Pray for Clytie that healings begun

We lift our hearts to you Above
God Bless Clytie with your Healing Love

May God grant His Healing Power and Grace to Clytie. May Peace and Understanding Guide thoughts and prayers. May God Bless Family and Friends as we gather around in Thought and Love. May you feel God's Power within you today and may He grant you Healing in every way. Healing Thoughts and Prayers go out to each and every one of you. Faith, Hope, Peace and Love be yours today and always. God, Bless all that are in need of Your Healing Power and Grace. May Your Light shine down upon them and give them Peace.
Love and Light, Nina P

You can keep track of her progress and send Healing thoughts, prayers and wishes to the following sites:

 Grannie Anne's Place:

Beth Niquette Fine Art:

Clytie at Random Hearts:

Clytie @ Random Stuff:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

When people say your name how does it feel? How does it fit? Does it make you smile? What's in a name anyway?

Here's a fun little story that forever changed me ... and my name.

In highs school, I always had 2 choices for what I wanted to go to college for...(OK maybe more but Singer-Songwriter was already taken.) I went into healthcare but special education was always close to my heart as well. I choose healthcare and have no regrets as I love what I do. That said, I always wondered if I could have made it in special education. About 20 years ago now.. (Oh no... it can't be that long ago... or can it.. whew time flies) I had the opportunity to go for a day to my friends special education classroom (she was/is a dedicated, every student counts, Teacher).

What a treat for me to spend a day with a group of wonderful, truly special, children. We did math, read books, did crafts, and went to music class. Music class was one of the students favorites. They'd all walk (wanting to run) to the room to sit and sing songs with the teacher. This day the teacher was playing the piano and "talk singing" her comments and thoughts. She sang about the sunny day and all the students sitting so nicely and then she sang a song about the "stranger" in the room, ME! She asked me my name and I said Nina... She played the piano and thought then sang a song about how could she remember my name... She sang how she had a great idea, she'd think of her favorite number.... (thinking here and playing a little song....) ... then out she sang... my favorite number today is Nine..... so I'll say 9 and then add a great big "A" at the end... That's it that's how I'm going to remember her name... She made the kids sing my name a few times and then she went on with her class....

Later that day I went for a walk with the younger kids. One sweet little girl wanted to hold my hand while we walked. She was just a little cutie... My friend, the Special Ed teacher, came over and asked the little girl if she was enjoying the walk. The little girl smiled wide and said yes, as she squeezed my hand tighter and winked at me. My friend asked her if she remembered my name. Well that got this little girl. She stood there and got so quiet and serious... she scrunched up her face, thinking hard...... after a minute or so her face brightened up and she shook her head up and down... "I remember, I remember!!" She said excitedly. "That's Good" said my friend, "what is it, what's her name?" ..... This little angel looked up at me smiled so proudly and in her happiest voice said...."Eleven- A!" It was all I could do not to laugh out loud, she had in fact remembered what the music teacher had said; she remembered her favorite number and added "A".

To this day I tell that story and smile wide myself.... Angels come in many forms and this one touched my heart and soul forever.... So what's in a name?....... Everything!

May you find happiness, smiles, giggles and laughter in your name today. May the sound of your name bring you Joy, Hope, and Love. Remember when you hear your name(s), as it's being spoken, it comes from one soul into yours. The mere word conveys so much as it connects you to another. May your spirit be lifted and your heart smile as you remember and hear your name(s). Celebrate all that is you today.

Love and Light, 9 - A or maybe today I should say "Eleven - A"

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunset Skies are Calling

Sunset Skies are Calling

Sunset skies are calling as daylight greets the night
Songbirds fill the sky to nests they now take flight

Sails out on the water start heading towards the shore
Seagulls still are diving as they scavenge for one more

Signs of business booming as the city starts to glow
Such nightlife it does promise to put on a good show

Scents of daytime flowers fill the evening breeze
Swaying branches rustle as sunbeams tickle trees

Sweetly sun does kiss the top of horizons head
So softly the transition from day to night is spread

Symphonies are heard as music greets the moon
Sunset skies are calling "I'll be back again real soon".

With Love and Light,
by Nina Pauline

Photo's are my own except for the sailboat: Tatiana Zimmerman and the City sunset: Microsoft Clip Art search

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Day of Thanksgiving

A Day of Thanksgiving

A day of Thanksgiving and making amends

Where everyone's family and all of us friends

A day of abundance and such gratitude

Sharing and giving's the new attitude

A day for laughter and maybe a tear

As we remember those far and near

A day to tell stories and "Remember back when?"

Boy am I grateful I'm not a turkey hen

A day to wear stretch pants and that's no bull

As we eat in abundance and get over full

A day to say "Please" and "Thank You", and rest

Let's praise the cooks for doing their best

A day to be Grateful for all that you've found

Just open your eyes and look around

A day to give thanks but also to pause

And pray for Peace, a much needed cause

A day to bow heads and Thank God above

Blessings to all as we share with great Love

A day of Thanksgiving we can all be a part

With an attitude of gratitude from the heart

Happy Thanksgiving!
written with a Thankful heart
Love and Light Nina Pauline

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love's a Butterfly

Love's a Butterfly

Always Resilient
A strong yet fragile wonder
Love is Beautiful

Hues so colorful
As wings of a butterfly
With Love there is Hope

Gracefully soaring
Changing metamorphosis
Love brightens the soul

Embracing your heart
Soft wings tickle your spirit
Love makes you smile

Caressing your life
Encouraging you to grow
Love's protective wings

Becoming New Life
Compassionate forgiveness
Love is eternal

Glistens in the sun
Full of possibilities
Love's a Butterfly

written with Love and Light

by Nina Pauline Ploetz

(ok so this is my attempt at Haiku...)
May each of you find that Love's a Butterfly

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beyond the Clouds of Death (the Shoah or Holocaust)

November 9, 1938, and into the next day, has come to be known as Kristallnacht or The Night of Broken Glass. Some say it marked the beginning of the Holocaust also known as the Shoah. In our studies: "The 2000 Year Road to the Holocaust" - An interfaith project of the greater Rochester community I'm finding that this road started many years before WWII.

I wrote this poem to try to honor those that suffered and died; honor those that fought to stop injustice against people; and to promote forgiveness and compassion for all people so this may never happen again...

May we all learn to Love our neighbors as ourselves. May we learn to Forgive. May we teach and Live Compassion and Tolerance, May we  learn to live in Peace for we are all brothers and sisters of the world. Once we realize  and incorborate these things into our lives, Peace may truly have a chance.

Beyond the Clouds of Death
(The Shoah or Holocaust)

Atrocities so horrible

make up the Holocaust

Where people were not people

And humanity was lost

Torture, Death, and Hunger

The Shoah's horrendous shroud

And in the background burning

The fumes of human clouds

To break the spirit and the lives

Of this almighty clan

It was power and insanity

That fed Hitler's plan

The devil came to life these days

the world came tumbling in

People blindly followed

Minds controlled from deep within

Lies and fears and blinded eyes

The massacre kept going

Like drones work was carried out

As hate and fear kept growing

The suffering unbearable

For people once so strong

Now shadows of their prior selves

How did life go so wrong?

Stomachs always grumbling

Little rest from dusk till dawn

A people thought forgotten

Their hope was all but gone

Yet in the bleakest darkest days

Within the souls of some

Remained the faith of ages

Though bodies beat and numb

For silent prayers not silent

They reached to God's own ears

He answered into hearts and minds

Gave courage to ease their fears

Where was God in all this horror?

Is what I hear some say

Just like the dove for Noah

He's there on the bleakest day

Look into the darkest corner

God's there behind the scene

He's teaching some compassion

Opening eyes to all that's been

Stars at night gave Peace to some

As silent prayers went up

Their twinkling light acknowledged

They'd reached God's holy cup

Like manna from the heavens

God is in the rain

Quenching thirsts and washing souls

Relieving some of the pain

Too many people did not survive

The hell that was around

Yet deep inside, lived a strength

A Faith that would astound

To honor those who's hope was strong

We must learn to forgive

In the end God's Law and Love

Will teach us how to live

Remember all the hate that spun

Out of control back then

But focus on God's strength that lived

Inside women, children and men

As in the Exodus of old

Tyrants are crushed and killed

Hope remains inside of those

That know what God has willed

The Promise of a better life

Like a phoenix in the sun

Out of the fires of hate and hell

With Faith in God, we've won

It's hard to see the rainbow

Beyond the clouds of death

Yet, in the deepest part of us

It's in our very breath

Let's heal the wounds of this hell

When insects fared better than man

Douse the hate and breathe upon

Forgiving embers if we can

Let the flames, this time, be from

Compassion and from Love

Melt hate and fear and intolerance

With God's Word from above

So live with God as Moses did

Beyond the trials of man

Teach the past but not the hate

and Honor the Great "I AM"

written with Peace, Hope, Love and Light

by Nina Pauline Ploetz

Acknowledge the Holocaust through the Strength of persecuted people

Morn those that died before their time

Honor the surviving hearts of Faith, to show their Hope survived

Thank all those who fought for Tolerance, Compassion and Love

Teach Peace, Hope, Love and Light to future generations

Let a quiet Healing voice be heard above the crowd of pain

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moon Light

(Photo's taken last night with my  Cannon Power Shot SX10IS. No tripod. This isn't  an add, I'm just shocked at the moon!! I've used this camera before and this is the first time I've gotten so much detail!)

Moon Light

Full Moon

Hearts swoon

Night begins to croon

Night's nigh

Clouds fly

Moon controls the sky

Stars glow

Beams flow

Magic starts to grow

Just be

You and me

Let's go out and see

Moon Light

So Bright

Dance with me tonight

written 11-4-09

With Love and Light,

Nina Pauline

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Harmony in the Symphony of Life.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. from:

See the Sweetness
No matter how bad people may seem, they possess at least one virtue. Be like the humming bird and pick out the sweetness of everyone's character.

Someone who cannot tolerate small ills can never accomplish great things.

In the ocean of silence you may discover your eternal treasures of peace, love and happiness. In silence, you can let bad feelings and past sorrows dissolve. In silence you can hear the whisper of God saying "Come child and rest with Me. You are a peaceful soul."from:

Thoughts And Actions

The thoughts you create and the actions you do have to be the same. Create good thoughts and bring them into action. Your actions will then be successful. from:

Create Harmony
To create harmony I have to co-operate with everyone. Through co-operation there is success. For this, I have to have the firm determination to keep working with love. Keep doing everything with love. from:

After a busy week, I try to take a few moments of reflection before I start the weekend. This morning I went back and re-read the "thought for today", one after the other. Wow, how the week progressed and linked together. From Forgiveness to Harmony... here's my thoughts and musings:

Forgiveness. What a great foundation for the week and for life. We all have been hurt, wronged, tormented, etc... by another/others as individuals or as a culture. It hurts and is easy to hang on to the negativity and hate that is generated from such wounds. However, if we can't find forgiveness, we remain stuck in the past, unable to be truly in the present or look toward a better future. The past keeps us buried and stagnant, each step is through the mud and muck of anger, the darkness of hatred and a fear and pain of a hurting heart.

When we open our hearts to forgive we are allowing Peace, Love, and Compassion into our souls. The moment this happens, there is a feeling of lightness, of wholeness. The heart stops aching, and starts healing. The thoughts start changing and happiness fills the void that once was there. Now there is a feeling of Hope, Compassion, Peace and Love. Possibilities unfold before you. You are able to walk on firm ground and take your place in the sun. When we look with forgiveness, we start to see the goodness (sweetness) in others. We can celebrate our differences and see similarities we all share. There is a unity, a wholeness, a foundation, if you will, of humanity.

Once we build this foundation of forgiveness, we begin building a better, a stronger world. We see the sweetness and goodness inside each individual and find tolerance there. I may not live or believe everything as you do but, we can accept our differences and live together, as brothers and sisters of the world. It's in joining together that we become strong. Just like building a strong building, you have to have a firm foundation or all will eventually fail. Each and every individual part of construction must work side by side, together, to create a structure that will withstand the elements. Each individual board, each brick, each nail fits together, one next to the other, in this building called life.

Forgive, See the Sweetness and Tolerate each and every "brick" in this building of humanity. Then sit in silence and take in all that's around you, in you and let your thoughts go through you. Hear the rhythm of humanity pulse through you: each beat of Forgiveness, each beat of Compassion, each beat of Hope, each beat of Peace, each beat of Love ... listen to the Harmony of life. In this silent place you are not alone. There is a Guiding force, a Guiding Light, that envelops you, holds you, carries you, walks with you.... In Silence, listen, hear, feel, and know... it's there, it is part of you guiding you out of the past, into the now, giving you the knowledge and wisdom to create a better future. Listen.... to the Silence....The voice of the soul..... The Conductor of Life.

By listening to the Silence and hearing the voice of Love, we find a way to let our thoughts take form through our actions. We can take these Forgiving, Hopeful, Peaceful, Loving Compassionate thoughts and turn them into our daily actions. By doing this, we take our place next to our brothers and sisters of the world and create such a strong, wondrous building called Life. In, With and Through each of us, we join together in the Unity of Love and build a stronger world. With a Loving Heart All Things Are Possible.

May each of us find forgiveness in our hearts and see the sweetness in others. May we find tolerance; to accept with a loving heart, the differences we have and celebrate our similarities, and take our place next to our brother and sisters of humanity to build a stronger world. May we listen in silence to the wisdom of Life and hear the beat of our being, our soul, our unity. May our thoughts and actions be out of Compassion and Love to create Peace and understanding. May we each resonate our uniqueness, and join together in Harmony in the Symphony of Life.

We are all part of Life's Story, let's make sure it has a Happy ending.

Written with Love and Light, Nina P