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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Beauty of Life Begins

I'm trying my hand at some new styles... So here goes: Enjoy!
This was written after seeing some amazing photo's of expecting Mom's. What must go through their thoughts etc...
I had a friend read it without explaining what inspired it and she thought the poem was about inner growth, acceptance and confidence...  What are your thoughts?

The Beauty of Life Begins

A Life, begins oh so small
What adventures lie ahead?

This seed inside starts to grow
Anticipations high

A little one, a sprout of sorts
Changing with each day

Young Life growing deep within
Questions fill my head

Will I be able to nurture
This life that's just begun?

Can I teach the best of me
To share the Love I have?

Should I falter at my task
Will they understand?

I stand here and I wonder
Am I ready for this task?

Shedding doubts that I have
I fill instead with Hope

The answers come as from above
Compassion, Love and Light

If I use all these and more
There's Promise in this life

I will do my part in this
With a  grateful Loving hand

The beauty of life that is inside
Is waiting to be born

So take your place in this world
And fill an opening

Now I feel such Hope and Love
As Beauty rests inside

Questions still reside in me
I'm ready for this Life

Breezes come  refresh my soul
Fill me with such Joy

For Hope it springs eternal
The Beauty of Life Begins

Written 10/2/2009
with Hope, Compassion,
Love and light
by Nina P

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Bench

Have you ever looked at empty benches and wondered what all they know, what all they've witnessed, what all they've done, provided,  lived through? Here's a story about the bench....


  The Bench  

Lovers holding hands;
lost in starlit eyes
Explorers planning trips;
flying  distant skies.

Talking suits immersed;
politics all around
Echoes of once was;
shadows on the ground

Worried contemplation;
questioning ill health
Youthful anticipation
spending future wealth

Bended knees propose;
Love's the driving force
Angry hearts divide;
planning for divorce

Fragile mournful souls;
reminiscing the past
Expectant parents smile;
making memories last

Bench turned into bed;
dreaming better days
Strangers having lunch;
soaking up some rays

A soldier sitting tall;
serving  country proud
Gangs that disrespect;
music turned up loud

Whimsical graffiti;
artistically fun
Diversity now unified;
friendships now begun

A mother and her child;
such poetry in Light
Students sharing knowledge;
   future's looking bright

Written with Love and Light,
by Nina Pauline