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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is there a Higher Being.... or Free will... my answer to a blog

I've been on a writing hiatus of sorts. Winter taking it's usual pull on me and my going inward to hibernate from the "cold". But in doing so, I hibernate and make myself  "cold" to those around me. I can easily isolate myself in my thoughts and loose track of what I need to do for me, and that is talk, communicate, write.... So here I am actually starting to thaw out and "flow" again. But it is not the new that I share, instead, I choose an older writing.... my thoughts have been inspired by none other than you and your blogs, your words, photo's, paintings, poetry, philosophy.... here is one such inspired thought... I believe it was in response to DB's site Vagabond Journeys
Is there a Higher Being.... or Free will... my answer to a blog 

Ah, I do believe there is a Director of sorts. Creating scenes, backdrops, and timing entrances and exits. And maybe even prompting a line or two, or encouraging a shy new actor to take up their place and be the story, feel the part, and act the depths of the scene.

I feel the Director has great confidence in the actors and allows their interpretation of the play to proceed un thwarted.
Yet if miscued on a dark stage, the Director might shine a Light to highlight a mark, accentuate the plot, and cast shadows away.

I believe there is a Director that applauds the improvisation and imagination of the actors, yet, The Director is there, timing and guiding the show.

So it is without farther adieu, I embrace my part in this play called Life, won't you join me?

with Light and Love, Nina P.

Take a look around, and be amazed!!! There is intricate beauty in all things... a flower in the spring, a butterfly in the summer, the multitude of colors in the fall, or even the beautiful patterns of frost on a car in the icy cold of winter.....  Is there a Higher Being?..... I for one, Believe So!
(amazing frost patterns on the car) 

 I hope each of you are enjoying yourselves this winter (or summer for those in the other hemisphere) I send Blessings to each of you and each of yours. Love and Light, Nina P