Thought For Today

Monday, May 2, 2011


 Happy Mother's Day!

I write sometimes with ease
Yet when it comes to Mothers
They have  many complexities
Not found in many others

Do I write about their beauty
They share with those around?
Or do I focus on their strengths
So many it's profound

Like gardener's in the world of life
They cultivate and grow
Weed and feed and water
Nurturing what they sow

I can talk about her heart inside
Surrounding yours with Love
Always there uplifting you
Like gentle wings from above

And then there is such strength
Found in a Mother's soul
Standing strong in her convictions
Raising us well is her goal

Like a faithful tree she's there
Her arms outstretched and open
We run to her Love and Strength
When feeling frail and broken

A Mother's hand can be firm
While teaching right from wrong
Yet when we need her soothing
She's there singing us a song

And what about her inner child
Sharing Joy, laughter and fun
Mother's will go outside and play
Hitting softballs in the sun

I know there is a fragile side
When things are out of her control
That melancholy moment
When a Mother can't console

Life is sometimes harsh and hard
A Mother's heart can break
Pain can touch her  inner soul
Bringing tears and heartache

A Mother's spirit won't stay down
Perpetually it grows
Spreading Love and Compassion
Nurturing as she sows

Such complex Beauty's in a Mother
We honor you today
I guess I found my words
Yet there's so much more to say

Thank You hardly seems enough
For all that Mother's do
So I add I Love you Mom
From my heart that is true

One wish I have is just to be
Half the woman that you are
Then I'd be Blessed beyond my dreams
As you are my shining star

So I'll end where I began
Wondering how to say it all
With all your Love and Caring
You taught us to stand tall

My heart is filled with Gratitude
So I say it in my way
For being the Wonder that you are
Have a  Happy Mother's Day!
Written with Love, Joy,  and Thankfulness to Honor the Woman I Love and Admire, my Dearest Mother.  You've played such a major role in creating who I am today. This is one day (hardly seems enough) that is set aside to honor and thank you for all you've done and do.
Happy Mother's Day Mom! I Love You!
Love and Light,
Nina Pauline