Thought For Today

Friday, September 11, 2009

Scattered Thoughts; Scattered Mind

Scattered Thoughts; Scattered Mind

Scattered thoughts; Scattered Mind
Everything at once

Think of this; Think of that
How to keep it straight

Do this; Do that
Hands are flying high

Go here; Go there
Which way is up

Crazy life; Crazy world
How to slow it down

Breathe now, Breath deep
Focus on the breath

In slow; Out fast
Calmness entering

Quiet mind; Quiet breath
Mindful meditation

Open heart; Open mind
Peace is coming now

Noises come; Noises go
A humming in your ear

Letting go; Letting God
Welcome serenity

Light comes; Light shines
Listen to the earth

Heart beat; Heart felt
Music of the soul

Peaceful day; Peaceful night
Spirit's soaring high

Trust Light; Trust Love
All the chaos gone

With Love and Light;
by Nina P (9/3/09)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best of Show!!

My Photographer Brother in-law Just won Best of Show at The 2009 Old World Wisconsin Foundation Photo Contest! You can view his winning photo on their site:

Congratulations Lawrence!!
You can also purchase his photo's! Check out his site:

Can you tell I just Love his photographic art! Lawrence uses shadows to give depth to the story within the photo.

Keep shooting Lawrence!
and of course you know I had to add my 2 cents:

Best of Show

Lawrence is a person that looks and shoots

Stories in pictures in his cowboy boots

He captures a moment or an event

Forever in time for he's quite a gent

His talent is big as his smile is wide

He's always got a camera by his side

Off to roundups or rodeos

Always a picture wherever he goes

He's rounding up cattle or a horse or two

Working hard as cowboys do

Yet up in his saddle views catch his eye

He quick draws his camera and shoots, Oh my

A rodeo clown or a barrel racer

Careful he'll shoot, he's a photo chaser

A handsome cowboy dressed in his chaps

Shutters ready and off he snaps

With eyes of an artist and cowboy hands

His camera it follows his commands

With boots and spurs and his trusty horse

He'll capture your heart with a picture of course

Keep your dreams and hold onto them high

Cowboy, keep shooting in the blink of an eye

This is only the beginning of that I know

So Congratulations on your Best of Show

with Love and Light,

Nina P.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


A child plays and bubbles fly
up into the air
They hesitate and dance a bit
as if they have no care
They swirl around with rainbows hue
giggles on the ground
Children run and try to catch
these playful little rounds

Playing with the wind
they dance a little dance
Arms reach up with screams of glee
little feet begin to prance
Gliding down, fingers touch
then gone within a flash
Smiling faces little feet run
and soon more bubbles dash

The grass is green, the sky so blue
rainbow bubbles high
They sail along as if with wings
no limits only sky

Try to touch on tippy toes
bubbles just out of reach
Jump on up and stretch so far
"come back" little voices screech 

Running fast and looking up
someone points and stares
A look of wonder in their eye
as bubbles touch their hair

Fun and laughter fill the air
children and bubbles play
seems no end to the fun
till evening ends their day

Little feet come running in
Bubbles on their hands
Water cleans Bubbles goodbye
Slumber now commands

Children fed ,sleepy heads
Sweet dreams fill their mind
Angles play with rainbow bubbles
imagination, what a find

written with Love and Light
by Nina P.  (finished 9/6/09)

all photo's from search under images: Bubbles