Thought For Today

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Memorial Day Tribute


Hear the sound of soldier's boots
That marched for Freedom strong
Hearts in cadence echo true
Whether it short or long

In the wind we feel the breath
Of those that died for you
In the fields where poppies grow
We see their valor too

Soldiers fallen in the fight
With loved ones left behind
Would do it all again you see
To free all human kind

Soldiers know that freedom reigns
When peace will fill the earth
Until then they carry on
Knowing what life is worth

Stand with me and honor those
That gave their life for all
Bless all those that now do wear
Our country's flag; their pall

Place your hand over your heart
Stand quiet if you please
Close your eyes and see them there
"A-ten-hut"; now "at ease"

Place your flowers and a flag
To honor those that passed
Then turn and thank a soldier
Pray for peace that will last

written with Love, Honor and  yes, a Hope someday for peace.
by nina pauline ploetz
To Thank and Honor  all the men, women and children
that gave their lives for the freedom of others..

Thursday, May 9, 2013


When we open our eyes and see...
God's gifts are here for you and me...

So open your heart and feel...
Gods love around you is real....

Hear the songs of angels wings...
Heavens voice on earth it sings....

Touch the earth, water and sky...
Feel the Holy Spirit in you fly...

Breathe the wonders of God Grace...
Then go and teach the human race...

May you be Blessed by God Above...
And your heart filled with Peace and Love...

With Love and Light,
~nina pauline ploetz

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Harmony Day

What would happen if every single day we celebrated Harmony Day? Celebrate our combined uniqueness that unites us together... A symphony of colors and a pallet of sounds mixed together on ONE parchment called earth... The stars, the sun and moon shine on each of us;  together. The air I breathe you also breathe... My heart beats a rhythm that echoes yours... The harmony we create turns the world... Let's join together feel, see, hear, touch, taste, BE the harmony with the ONE in with and through the eternal..the UNIverse...My heart joins with yours with the rhythm of life... in harmony ~nina pauline ploetz

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Morning Dew

Morning Dew
Like morning dew the day begins
with its silent symphony
Open up your mind and see
the sounds the sights the songs
Hear the beauty of the hues
as colors reawake
Feel the rhythm in the songs
when birds they serenade
 Smell the sunshine peeking out
over horizons crest 
Touch the wonder of the breeze
caressing to aware 
And taste the splendor in this day
as God touches your soul
 For like the morning dew we find
the synchronicity of life
Reflecting back on all that is
we see the Masters hand
The perfection of each hue each line
a canvas filled with love
 See the possibilities of each day
unfold with morning dew
  ~ written with Love and Light
by nina pauline ploetz


 Reflections of life follow us though
Our actions our words, all that we do

When beauty is found deep in our heart
The ripples that flow are just a  part

Harmony in each Echo of Love
Reflections, a gift from God above

written with reflections of Love and Light
 ~nina pauline ploetz

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flowing River, Guiding Light

Life is precious,  hold it dear.
Live with God and have no fear.
All we need is in our hands
Ask and receive; God commands

 Grace is given, Mercy too
Guiding Light for all we do
Answered prayers while on our knee
God's pure Love will always be

Faithful servant loving life
Learning from our joys and strife
To give Love, also receive
Gifts from God when we believe

Grateful hearts open with Love
Filling with Peace from above
Hope springs forth as soft as dew
Souls rejoice as they renew

Beauty of Life glows inside
When in God's Love we abide
Flowing river, guiding Light
Feel the power of God's might
written with Love and Light by
~nina pauline ploetz 4-3-2013