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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day One and All.  Let's heal the earth, clean the air and make this a better world.
 Earth Day
Come Play
Go See Nature's Way

 Trees Bloom
Winds Zoom
Let's Give Nature Room
 Don't Err
Be Fair
Nature Needs Our Care
 Go Green
Live Clean
Keeping Life Pristine
 Give Mirth
Love Earth
Life can now Rebirth
 We're Here
Let's Cheer
And Keep Nature Dear
 written with Love and Light by Nina P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joyously Dancing in Soft Petal Showers

Joyously Dancing in Soft Petal Showers

Love's me, love's me not, love's me...
My mantra of Hope from this child's soul
Excitement is high as each petal I pull
Round and round to what future it holds

Such emotions I feel as soft petals fall
My heart beats as I keep going strong
Everything is in this flower I hold
Each petal is life once here and now gone

High Hopes with each as I gently tug
Each one holds answers as I move along
The pile at my feet keeps getting bigger
Savoring each petal for the wisdom it has

I close my eyes praying with Faith as I pull
I take a deep breath as I continue my quest
Stopping I wonder, just a little, "What if?"
There's so many flowers I have yet to pick

As with the last petal ; "loves me" is heard
The heart of a child goes on with great zeal
Like falling rain I throw over my head.
Joyously dancing in soft petal showers

Written with Love and Light,
by Nina Pauline

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