Thought For Today

Thursday, April 19, 2012

When Hearts Collide

 When Hearts Collide
No one knows the time or place
When two hearts beat as one
But know this Truth that it is so
Just as the rays of sun

Reaching deep into the soul
It warms the places there
A brighter sky and dancing clouds
All suddenly aware
Moonbeams grace the evening sky
Feelings will not subside
All that you see and feel right now
You know that hearts collide

People search a lifetime
For such a dream to come
So when it does please cherish it
When two hearts beat as one

written with Love and Light by Nina Pauline 3-25-2012

photography by Karen Schiefer

Monday, April 2, 2012

Alone I wait

Alone I wait

Alone I wait in morning dew
Where all is soft and looks so new
I sit and watch and wait and stare
Thinking of all the things I care
Drizzling down this morning dawn
Thoughts of you have come and gone
Watching ripples by water's edge
Reflections of gray cross my ledge
How long I think until I hear?
The sweet sounding voice calling clear
Anticipation, beauty 'round
True love I wait, for I have found
Will you hear my soulful calling?
For it is you I am falling.
I call and wait for your reply
Until I hear I cannot fly
Soft feathers whisper back to me
Just wait my dear for all will be.
I'm Grounded in my love for you
Alone I wait in morning dew.

Written by Nina Pauline Ploetz 4-2-2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sun

The Sun

The sun; a star above the rest
Gives Light to all the living race
Without a thought of who is touched
It shines with Love and Peace and Grace

The mist of earth gives way to dawn
The water mirrors what's above
The trees stand guard with branches tall
Welcoming all with Light and Love

Sunbeam a brushstroke painting earth
With hues; a palette all its own
The beauty of this morning sky
Reflections of Love, God has sown

written with love and Light, 
by Nina Pauline Ploetz 2/26/2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Challenge You This Valentine's Day

I Challenge You This  Valentine's Day
We have this day called Valentine's Day
To honor  those we love
It's easy to remember them
Our soul's light as a dove

Were Love abounds and Angels sing
Emotions tender strong
We share our inner feelings
Showing loved ones they belong

We spread our wings as if to fly
And gently wrap them round
Embracing our very breath
As loved ones make hearts pound

If we could open our mind and soul
We'd find there's more to see
So many lonely people
Needing a hand from you and me

I challenge you this Valentine's Day
It's a perfect day to start
show the world compassion
Spreading Love from Heart to Heart

Giving a piece of  pocket and soul
Your spirit it will lift
Share your Love and Hope
Make this your new Valentine's gift

Give of yourself to people today
And you will find the key
A Heart that overflows
Will find Love that will always be

Happy Valentine's Day to One and All!
I wish you all Life's Best
A heart that's filled with Love
May you and yours be  Blessed

Written with Love and Light,
By Nina P

Sunday, February 12, 2012



Softly speaks the wonder of the evening sky
Listen to the sound, its' soft and cooing sigh
Evening racing day and day saying good bye
It's in this gentle calling we hear the evening cry

The message that she brings is one of mother's Love
The beating of her heart soft as a flying dove
The sight the sound the feel, is all encompassing of
A heart, a mind and soul, speaking softly from above

Now before you turn and go, listen softly to the call
The whisper's  meant for you, from Forever and the All
The time we have between the dawn and evening's fall
Is our time to live in Love, standing strong and tall

Don't look back to long you see, for its ahead we laud
It's not the road behind us that can trip us as we trod
On this road we travel, we're troubled or we're awed
So listen gently to the voice and hear the words of God

Then follow in the footsteps as you walk into the night
For God so loved the world, he gave Eternal Light
And even in the darkness, you'll have unending sight
Hand in hand you'll travel, with courage and with might

It's in this gentle calling we  live out each new day
Listen, heaven whispers, there's so much more to say
Evening falls, we bow our heads, say "Thank You" as we pray
For in the sounds of silence, we hear "Love: it is The Way"

written with Love and Light by Nina Pauline Ploetz

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Be as the water of Life...

photo by Sharon Forsythe Hinkson
There is a deep current that runs steady and true....when  obstacles are in its path,  water passes by seemingly unnoticed...  yet, quietly... over time.... the  water  changes, carves, smooths, ... water cleanses and purifies....water is soothing and soft spoken...... water is powerful energy and raging currents..... water is a necessity to our very being....  it sustains us, it cleans us, it lifts us, it energizes us...  
photo by Sharon Forsythe Hinkson
Be as the water of Life... run Deep... energize those around you.... soften rough edges....for one drop, and another, and another... can change the world.... Be the water of Life, Be the water of Peace, Be the water of Love ~ Nina Pauline Ploetz
photo by Nina P. Ploetz

Come and join me and be the waters of change, be the deep current of Love that runs in,with and through each of us... it is there... look and see... honor it and let it shine for we are the peacemakers, we are the storytellers of Love, Hope, Joy, Abundance, Whole, we are the Lights of God, shining in the wilderness... Let your soul flow as the waters of life and become the change that is needed in the world today... We are united as One humanity living in our home called earth.  Many Blessings to you and yours, always and all ways. Love and Light, Nina P

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Drums They Now Sound

Drums They Now Sound
 photo by Karen Schiefer
Drums they now sound
A Great Warrior cries
The beat of the earth
Is felt around

Heart of the land
And cry of the nation
Song of the ancients
So close at hand

Whisper of sky
Strong Wind is now calling
And clouds going dark
With tears they cry

Earth it must turn
Trading day with the night
Looking for changes
And ways to learn

 Open your eyes
And see all around you
War, bombs,  destruction
Hear all the lies


The mountains shake
Fresh water now tainted
People are dying
All is at stake

Much that is lost
Is humanities hand
Fighting for power
At any cost

Stop all  the hate
And end the pollution
We must do it now
It's not too late

Start now. Today.
Your home is in trouble
Your food and your life
Hurry don't stray

Drums they now sound
We can answer their call
Focus on sharing
All that's around

Earth is our home
Her rhythm is calling
Healing is needed
Peace must now roam

For One with All
Is a union that lasts
One family called earth
We will not fall

Focus above
And make heaven on earth
Let's make a difference
With Peace and Love

by Nina Pauline Ploetz 1-28-2012

This came to me  to help spark the Light of change in a troubled world.
Join me today and help create a world of Hope, Peace, Abundance and Love.
 If heaven is Love, and we pray, "on earth as it is in heaven"...
Than it stands to reason that Love is the way to "on earth as it is in heaven".

The Time is Now, The Place is Here, and the one to start is you and I.
Please, won't you join me in making this a place of Love: "on earth as it is in heaven"
Blessings t you and yours always and all ways.
With Peace,  Hope, Love and Light,
Nina P 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Seed of Life...

The Seed of Life...

The seed of life starts small, yet when planted and fed it changes and grows. As it sets its roots deep into the earth, it sends up a fragile shoot into the challenges of life. If kept in the dark, the growth will fade and not flourish. Add the Warmth of the Light and the fragile shoot lifts its head stretching, reaching, gaining strength and courage to grow. The Light invigorates the seed, giving it energy and the ability to thrive.... yet light without nourishment is not enough to sustain the seed.

Storms come and challenge the seed. However, with the storm comes the nourishment of rain. Even through the darkest and toughest storms, there is something that is given to the seed. When roots run true and deep , the strength is there to weather the storms of life. If the seed is never challenged, it may not be able to withstand the strains of the cycles of life... hence, from struggle there comes strength.

When the night  comes and  moonbeams shine, there is rest. A time and place for reflection, healing, change,  and growth. It is a time to contemplate and softly resonate with life.  A time to look to the stars and see the connections of life. A time to listen to the breeze and hear the wisdom of the ages. A time to dream, learn, and connect with the eternal. A place where new growth may want to stay and be held in moonbeams and dreams.

The seasons come and go and the rotation of life beckons our inner spirit. A new dawn awakens  and  the day begins  Blessed with the  power and strength  of Light. Stretching towards the Light, it nourishes through the leaves, to the stem and roots. Gaining strength and health, color and glory the seed of life is  nourished and grows.

Each day, each cycle of life, brings with it opportunities to persevere and grow. We are but seeds of humanity gaining from our earthly experiences. By learning lessons and growing In, With and Through the Light, we find Hope, Courage, Healing and Love. Through the diversity of experiences, we can live. Our soul grows in the Light, finds nourishment with the Spirit, and thrives through God's Love.

May you grow strong roots in the soil of the ONE Truth, may you germinate and grow ever reaching for the ONE Light, and may you Thrive with the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters of the eternal family of ONE God. May we all nurture each other and grow into the beautiful Garden of our Creators design.

Plant Peace, Sow Kindness, and Be Love.

Written with Love and Light by Nina Pauline Ploetz 1/7/2012