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Friday, September 30, 2011

Choosing Your Path

 Choosing Your Path
Do I take the road that lies ahead or do I forge a brave new path?

Do I follow my heart to where it leads? Will I find Peace or wrath?
Choose to follow the road to Light, though it may twist and turn.
Walk your  path to Love and Light, and Together we can learn.
Follow your dreams towards Higher ground, walk in Angels hand.
And be the change you want to see, Across this earthy land.
Time will come when we'll see, all paths follow the same Light.
 God's has many names and forms,  yet has One Great Sight.
Let's unify this world we're in, and find the common ground.
For brothers and sisters  all are we, to see this just look around
We are more alike than we differ, open your senses and  know
We're all created in the Light;  all seeds  that God did sow

Each of us has a place on earth, and also a  place Above.
As One let's  walk on our paths and  Unite through Infinite Love.
 Written with Love and Light, by Nina P. Ploetz 9/30/2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morning Fog

Morning Fog
Night lifts its sleepy head
Fog, a blanket drawn
Darkness lingers just a bit
As night turns into dawn

Shadow hues of black and gray
Contemplations strong
Hidden thoughts of the past
Will they linger long?

There's a shift as light it stirs
Colors on the ground
Greens stand as sentry guards
Water central with no sound
Staring at the hazy view
Transfixed on what we see
A pallet changing all its color
As we awake and be
Fairy tales are in this place
Misty silence; contemplate
Reflecting on the stream of Life
And the paths we take


 Past  to present stories told
But what does lie ahead?
Through the mist a river bends
Is there hope or dread?
With fearful eyes and lack of hope
Color loses its hue
Stand firm in Truth and the Light
Darkness leaves only dew
Thoughts of Love, Hope and Light
The colors they do change
Watching the fog as it lifts
See colors rearrange

With faith and Love in your heart
Possibilities can come true
Opening up your hearts and minds
Imagination takes its hue
So lift the fog that blinds the soul
The Light; it shines and warms
Colors change within the heart
As Love takes many forms
Next time you see a foggy stream
Watch the shadows lift
Reflect on Life with Love and Light
And open up your gift.
written with Love and Light by Nina Pauline Ploetz 9/24/2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clytie needs our healing thoughts and Prayers.

Our dear Friend Clytie is in need of your Healing thoughts and Prayers again. She is in the Hospital and needs the Love and Healing thoughts and prayers from All. May God Bless Clytie with Healing Power and Grace, Bless the Dr.'s and nurses and health care workers taking care of her, May her family and friends be Blessed and my God's Healing Love spread over all. Blessings of Love and Light. This was written for Clytie 2 years ago, but it is time ot re-post.

Clytie see's hearts all over the world. Lets now pray for hers to heal

Our Dear friend Clytie has fallen ill.
So please all help if you will

Say a prayer to send her healing
Bless the family who all are reeling

Guide them safe as they travel
Keep them all from unravel

Grant them Faith and Understanding
When life is hard and so demanding

Guide all those that care for her health
Give them all Your Spiritual wealth

Now bow our heads and say a prayer
From heart to heart lets all be there

Lift up our voices all as one
Pray for Clytie that healings begun

We lift our hearts to you Above
God Bless Clytie with your Healing Love

May God grant His Healing Power and Grace to Clytie. May Peace and Understanding Guide thoughts and prayers. May God Bless Family and Friends as we gather around in Thought and Love. May you feel God's Power within you today and may He grant you Healing in every way. Healing Thoughts and Prayers go out to each and every one of you. Faith, Hope, Peace and Love be yours today and always. God, Bless all that are in need of Your Healing Power and Grace. May Your Light shine down upon them and give them Peace.
Love and Light, Nina P

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