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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Written for a friend battling Cancer.....

The only words that came out were, "this really sucks..."
Sometimes thats all that can be said to describe situations
beyond our control. Below is a result of the overwhelming
feelings that come up/out when life doesn't seem fair.


There are those times when life really sucks
And you just want to say "What the Muck!!!!"

At those times when all seems lost
You just want out regardless the cost

It's at these times you must let in
Those you trust that make you grin

When life gets hard just grab a hand
And hang on tight to make a band

Walk with Faith and look above
For even in hardship, you'll find Love

So shed a tear and curse a bit
If it were me, I'd throw a fit

Let anger fuel you in your fight
Faith and friends will give you might

Whatever you think whatever you do
Let in a friend, we care for you

You need a punching bag or a hug?
Or just to holler, you’re never a bug

A kick in the pants, we're there as well
Maybe a laugh..., oh what the hell.

We'll listen and be there through it all
With friends and Faith you won't fall

So, on this road when life's really a suck
Find Faith and know it's not all luck

With friends and family and God above
Through this fight you'll find Peace and Love

You'll win this battle and come out strong
And you won't be alone be it short or long

Just one last thing I want to say
You'll be in my prayers everyday.

Written with Love and Prayers,
Nina Ploetz (1/7/09)

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